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Updated on June 20, 2011
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Hello Moms I was wondering if anyone had the same or similair situation. Ok my story first. When my now 8 month old was born he wouldnt tolerate regular formula or breast feeding he threw up constantly we put him on soy but still spit up all the time then it got worse and he was projectile vomiting. The dr had us try every formula out there which landed us in the er looking for answers bc our son haas holding nothing down. Ok long story short he was diagnosed with protien intolerance and put on a hypoallergenic formula. That was at 3 months well 3 days ago he started vomiting again and i dont mean a little i mean think of the exersist or whatever movie that is. Very forceful projectile vomiting. Nurses say as long as he is hydrated its not an ER situation and to get him in to his dr monday(tomorrow). So thats what I amn doing but My question is this, Could it be reflux? could it be an allergy? Has any one been in a similair situation? He seems perfectly fine then BAM outta nowhere YOUr covered in puke the floor is covered he is covered YOur showering getting the shampooer out and Bam it happens again. Not all day long either mostly in the evenings. If you want an idea of how much think this way. go to your fridge get 3 cups of milk in a glass and throw it at someone Gross right! he is fussy and upset obviously when this happens but can be calmed down after a few minutes. I have spoke to nurses and they tell me it could be one million things and to see his dr. If you need more info or would like to ask me something PM me Im just looking to see if im alone or if someone else has had similiar experience.

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So What Happened?

So we went to the dr today and She confirmed the fact that it is Reflux and he is on Zantac to help it. Thanks everyone for all your responses.

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answers from Tuscaloosa on

Has he started eating solids recently? What you are describing, if not a stomach virus, could very well be a milk allergy. AND, many kids who have milk allergies also are allergic to soy. My nephew is severely allergic to milk/soy and my daughter and I are intolerant as well. The best way to find out is to remove all dairy from his diet and see what happens. It takes a few weeks for the body to eliminate the dairy from his system, so it may be 2 weeks before you see a big change. My nephew stopped projectile vomiting immediately when dairy was removed. He's now almost 2 and they have been able to give him cheese now without it hurting him. My daughter (age 2) and I can not drink any milk, but can eat dairy just fine. I didn't figure out I was intolerant until I breastfed her (at age 37) and had to remove dairy from my diet because it gave her reflux. When I started back drinking milk, it made me sick. HELLO...I've had stomach issues my whole life, and stopping milk actually cleared up my scalp dermatitis (cradle cap) as well!!! If he's started solids, read the ingredients carefully of anything he's eating. Many products you wouldn't realize have milk in them. Or, it could even be a different food causing an allergy. A friend's baby was allergic to rice, which is in almost EVERYTHING. Good luck!

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answers from Dallas on

He could have a bug or something more. GI Dr would be good for that to make sure. My sister had a problem keeping down any type of formula and she lost so much weight that the hospital thought my parents were trying to starve her but luckily they had medical records to show they had tried everything and even Dr.s couldn't figure it out, well my dad finally said give me that baby and put her on goats milk which she kept down and finally started gaining weight! So it is try things and see if they work but the GI Doctor is the place to start. Good luck to you!

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answers from Mobile on

I would guess a bug given that it's out of the blue (my daughter's reflux was nothing like that, but I know it can vary), but of course your doctor would be the best person to judge. Just be open to that possibility! At least it's not all day. I know my first had . . . can't remember the name so early (and after a sweaty run) . . . but she vomited everything everytime we fed her, but they vaccinate for that bug now. I'm with Marda for the temporary care--try tiny bits of water or Pedialyte to ward off dehydration and see what the doc says.

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answers from Allentown on

My 6 month old was diagnosed with MSPI and reflux at about 2.5 months, and you've just described him to a T, except for the fact that his vomiting peaked at about 4 months, and has been lessening every since, just as our ped GI told us was likely. At 8 months, I'd be concerned that it's still so much.

I'm assuming his weight gain is okay right now?

Our ped GI has been worth her weight in gold. We actually travel 90 miles each way to see her because we love her so much. Make an appointment. Demand answers. Also, check to make sure he isn't getting any hidden sources of milk proteins or soy proteins. I've discovered that even different flavors of certain products within the same brand can have some proteins sneaked in (like Gerber puffs).

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answers from Pittsfield on

Since your little guy has been having stomach problems for most of his life, I would ask the pedi tomorrow for a referral to see a pediatric gastroenterologist.

Hope your little guy feels better soon!! =o)

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answers from Portland on

Because this happened suddenly I would NOT think first of acid reflux. I doubt that it is. I would think he has a stomach bug. I would stop trying to feed him. I'd give him only sips of water or ginger ale so that he will stay hydrated. Just a couple of sips at a time. Or let him suck on ice cubes or a Popsicle.

Reflux is not this "violent." No projectile vomiting. Think of the cause of reflux and you'll get the picture. The pyloric valve at the top of the stomach and bottom of the esophagus doesn't close completely allowing food to rise back up into the throat and mouth. A baby may vomit because the food irritates his epiglottis, the tissue facing down in back of the mouth, but it's not time after time. It just happens sometimes.

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answers from Chicago on

Have your pedi get you a Gasto referral, they can do a test in the office that is fairly easy to do to test for a few issues. My son started to projectile vomit (it was reflux), however priloric stinosis (sp?) runs in our family so I had to get it checked out right away, we almost lost my nephew at a few months b/c the doc would NOT check for it then was put thru emergency surgery at 3mos!

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answers from Tampa on

I agree IMO not Reflux either my son developed it within a few weeks of birth, he would cry/scream after feeding, would arch his back, almost like he was trying to get out of my arms, he did better kept upright, spent a lot of time in his swing, would spit up a little (it smells acidic) and had a wet sounding cough. I hope your Doc can help u figure it out, must be frightening & scary, so sorry, best of luck;)

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answers from Washington DC on

I would ask to see a GI doctor to figure this out. They can do an upper GI (it is actually a very simple test where he drinks a bottle of dye-and they are so hungry that they gulp it down) to see if it is reflux. My son did have reflux and at 8 months when he started crawling the spitting up got a lot worse because he was on his tummy a lot. He could just have a virus, or maybe he is allergic to something. I work in an appeals dept and I have read accounts where babies end up on a prescription formula and have allergy testing to figure out what the problem is.

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