Is It Pure Laziness or Just First Trimester?

Updated on March 11, 2011
B.S. asks from Tampa, FL
21 answers

I'm 9 weeks pregnant with #2 and I have no will to do ANYTHING. All I want to do is sit on the couch or lay in the bed. Today I pulled into the Wal Mart parking lot, turned off the car, turned it back on and left b/c I just didn't have the will to go in. I'm very nauseous all the time. I was working when I was pregnant with #1, so I'm not sure if I would have felt like this with her. Am I the only one who can't pull it together in the first trimester?

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answers from Nashville on

Wow, if it gets worse after each kid, I am in trouble. I was exhausted with mine, I worked full time but seriously, if I wasn't working, I was sleeping. I could barely function. Only because I had a job where I was on my feet did I keep from falling asleep at work. It was horrible. I did nothing. But as soon as I hit the 13 or 14 week mark, I felt better, and by 4 mos I felt great and had a ton of energy. It will get better. Just take it easy while you can and have a good excuse to do so.



answers from Lakeland on

No you are not the only one! My first pregnancy was nothing like my 2nd pregnancy now. When I was pregnant the first time, I thought to myself "What's wrong with all these women? They're just complaining all the time for nothing!!" Boy am I eating my words now! I am extremely tired and don't want to do anything. Just know that you are not alone. They say it will get better. :) Good Luck.

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answers from Orlando on

Aww...B., so sorry to hear that you are having a rough time with your pregnancy. There are so many factors that can be contributing to the way you are feeling. Since each pregnancy is different it is hard to say how you will respond to the raging hormones, plus life & other stress can be adding to the way you are feeling. Maybe working took your mind of the actual pregnancy with the first. Well I hope that this feeling will not stay with you long. Try and have a great weekend.


answers from Phoenix on

The pregnancy! And every pregnancy is different. I also worked through my first pregnancy... and with my second and third pregnancies I was a little more tired because I knew I didn't have to be anywhere- so I chose to take it much more easy.

It's only laziness if you choose it to be laziness.



answers from Miami on


I can tell you without a doubt that you are not the only one to go through any of this. I went through this with my second and third kids. It was very hard for me to muster up any energy to do anything. I was also very sick during the first and part of the second trimester. What helped me through was saltines and icetea. And for some reason both of those things helped me. So all I can do is wish you the best of luck and tell you to be patient and let you know that once I got through the first trimester I was back to my old self.

Good luck.




answers from Tulsa on

Thank you for asking this, I am 10 weeks myself with my second and I do have a full time job, I just want to go home, put on pjs and eat dinner with my family and sleep! I feel so lazy and my husband is having a hard time dealing with this but I just break down in tears when he confronts me about it. I'm exhausted and have just recently started to become nauseas again which might be the effects of some antibiotics I'm on but I'm not sure. I also worked with my first and I don't remember feeling like this! You're not alone!


answers from Detroit on

I was in the same boat now that I'm pregnant with number two, and like you, I never had such severe illness or exhaustion while pregnant with number one. Its almost as if the extra work of caring for number one made things more difficult this time around.

Not to worry you, but I also had major dizzy spells (had to sit down on the floor in the middle of cooking kinda dizzy spells) and horrendous headaches. You may experience these as well and it wasn't pretty. I felt so bad for my 4 yr old because he just started getting used to mom being completely useless all day (and it was summer while I was in the 1st trimester, so the poor kid barely left the house because of me).

It did get easer as time went on, but it is NOT laziness. Making a baby is hard work and your body is doing its best to handle it any way that it can. Hang in there and I'm sending good thoughts your way to help you through.



answers from Cleveland on

I feel the same way!!! I have been trying to force myself to at least have a phase of the day where I just get up and go, otherwise I will sit around all day feeling lousy. And I have a 21 month old, so I feel guilty about not playing with him as much. The first trimester can be really hard, just try to be more active if possible. But at the same time if you're exhausted, rest. You're not alone!! And hopefully the fatigue will be over soon :) Thats what Im hoping anyway lol.


answers from Chicago on

1st Trimester! LOL

I had the same experience with my 2nd child. I would get showered, come downstairs for breakfast and fall asleep at the table. I missed a lot of Sunday services at church! LOL But I couldn't help it. I found myself sleepy and tired more as a SAHM then I was when I was a working mom prego with my first.

I would say rest as you need to and when you really can. As you progress it should get better.



answers from Des Moines on

i had a "rough" 1st trimester in that since. i was nauseous but not pukey. i didn't feel like doing much on most days but i did find that if i made myself start doing things that i got the energy back. i am 13 weeks and still have some mornings where i just want to snuggle my son and sit on the couch. somedays i will do it but i wont do it 2 days in a row or i know i will get back into just sitting. few more weeks and you should get some of the energy back :)



answers from Los Angeles on

When I was pregnant in my first trimester I was so tired that I could barely function. It was a struggle to get up for work each morning and when i got home I would immedialty lay down and take a nap. My husband would wake me for dinner and then as soon as I ate I was back in bed to go to sleep for the night. Don't be hard on yourself. Each pregnancy is very different. If it is really bothering you, bring it up at your next doctor appt. Be good to yourself and congratulations on being pregnant!!



answers from Tallahassee on

The fact that you are even asking this question tells me it is due to the pregnancy. :) People who are "lazy" to that degree typically don't want it broadcasted. ;) That said, I was miserable during first trimester as well. I did have to work at that time, so I came home everyday and took a nap, and was still able to go to bed early and sleep. :) My advice to you is sleep as much as you feel your body needs it, but you are also hurting yourself if you are not moving around and getting some sort of exercise each day. I say make goals each day to accomplish and then on top of that add a 30 minute walk. So, say this is your list for the day - dishes, 2 loads of laundry, bills and walk. Then the next day you can clean a whole bathroom and walk. And the next you can tackle bed linens and vacuuming and walk. You see? That way you can still feel useful, your home won't fall into disarray and the movement will be good for you. I think the walk will really help you feel better :) And congratulations!



answers from Tampa on

Get your nutrition checked- #2 is tough, because you may have given all of certain minerals to #1 and now don't have them for you or #2, and ytour body is trying to give you that message.
I found WestonPrice a great place to go for what real food is.
Typically nausea go after 1st tri, usually.
best, k



answers from Los Angeles on

Lord, both my pregnancies went like that. Soo tired and sick all day. I think it's healthy and makes for healthy babies. Your body is doing a tremenoud amount of work noe. You are making a human life !!!
I approached each pregnancy with the desire that I would write a nove, go back to school, paint the house. HA!!! But, I made really strong babies.
Don't be hard on yourself. Rest now.



answers from Fort Walton Beach on

Hi B.,

Each pregnancy is different but you need to examine everything about it. If you are this tired and have no energy you're little one may not be getting the proper amount of nutrition. It can be a tell-tell sign. Are you able to keep your prenatal vitamin down? Did you investigate the vitamin or are you just taking what the OB prescribed. Sometimes they give you what the pharmaceutical rep is repping these days. You need one that you know is absorbing so you have some energy and your little one is healthy. I actually had more energy with my second than with my first and I do believe it was because I was more active and I was more attentive to what the doctor was doing.

I can recommend one that I know absorbs if you like. Just let me know.





answers from Miami on

That is totally normal! Don't feel guilty at all! Relish every minute of it and give yourself permission to be lazy... ;)



answers from Washington DC on

It seems worse this time round as you already have a child to look after , I have had 3 kids and each time in the first trimester I felt significantly worse , so in answer to your question it is not laziness , the first 12 weeks your body is working overtime helping the baby to become a fully formed baby....take it as easy as you can because your second trimester is on the horizon.



answers from Atlanta on

This my first pregnancy, and I'm almost 11 weeks......and I feel exactly the same way. I am normally very organized and scheduled (laundry on Sat & Sun, groceries Sunday morning, picking up each evening, etc), but I don't feel like doing anything. I feel fine when I get up in the morning as long as I get breakfast pretty quickly, but after lunch, forget it! As soon as I get home from work, I just want to eat and crash because the nausea is miserable (I have Phenergan from the Dr. because Zofran didn't even touch it). Weekends, I can go in about two hours spurts, but then I just want a nap.....I feel so guilty because my husband is picking up a lot of the slack and without complaining, but I just can't seem to feel well enough to do more......Hope it passes in the next few weeks!



answers from Minneapolis on

Welcome to being pregnant again! I am only 3 years older than I was with my first pregnancy and THAT makes a difference. I wasn't a spring chicken with the first one either.

I am just entering my 3rd trimester with this pregnancy and still have no motivation, energy, or desire to do too much. It is all I can do to take care of my 2 year old, work a few hours a week out of the house, and pick up the house once or twice a week! It didn't help that I was still really nauseous up until TWO weeks ago! If I bent down to pick something up, I would find myself in the bathroom.

It has taken a few people to hit me upside the head and remind me I am growing a person while I'm trying to do everything else. Give yourself a break, literally. Rest as much as you can and do things when you have the energy. Hopefully, you'll feel better in a matter of a few weeks!

Side note: I heard a doctor on a tv show recently say that the first trimester is the hardest one on a pregnant woman...the time that no one would guess she is pregnant by looking at her. The second hardest time is the last trimester when a woman is off balance and becoming more miserable with sleep and discomfort.



answers from Miami on

Congratulations, I tried to write a post but when I pressed post, it sent me to FB.

You are not lazy; your body is trying to tell you to take it easy. My pregnancies were very intense; lots of vomiting; I felt so weak and dizzy, I felt like I had vertigo. It's all worth it. I have two beautiful healthy children.

It is very hard; I had to take care of my hubby who was out of work for 6 months; he got hurt and unemployed all at the same time, a 2/1/2 year old and the baby inside me. I also worked with my first but not my second.

I hope this is not repetive as I'm not sure that you got my first post as it sent me to FB as I said.

Enjoy this time as I'm not sure if you're having more children; it will be gone so quickly.

Also, when you give birth, I noticed this with both children, I have so much energy that I don't know what to do with it all.

Don't feel badly if you can't do much, to little things that you can and if you can't, you can't. Take care of yourself and that baby. My son really matured as he learned to become independent. He didn't have a choice as I just couldn't do much. I did try to do tasks but I was so weak, nauseous and just to tired to do anything and I survived. I do have alot of make up work but that 's ok.



answers from Miami on

I'm 11 weeks pregnant with my second and I totally feel where you're coming from. It's been almost 4 years since my first pregnancy but I don't remember having this little of energy the first time. When I get home I just want to lay on the couch and sleep. I try to stay up to help with our son (my hubby has stepped it up insanely to help me out during this time but I can't help but feel like a slacker when I see him doing everything). I'm JUST starting to feel SOME energy return and the nausea is slowly going away as well so hopefully I'm coming out of it and will be semi- back to myself soon. You'll get there's all just a matter of time.

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