Is It Ok to Mix Different Brands of Organic Baby Food?

Updated on March 17, 2011
S.D. asks from Belmont, CA
9 answers

I feed my 7 month old Earth's Best Organic but I see some other organic brands that have some different things I would like to try out. Is it ok to mix brands or should I stick to one brand only?

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answers from Chicago on

Perfectly fine! I used both Earth's Best and the grocery store organic brands :) My youngest is now 2.5 (not counting the baby on the way). Generally I went where the variety was or with whichever was cheapest :)

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answers from Dallas on

Why would it matter if you used different brands?

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answers from San Francisco on

There's absolutely no problem in mixing brands . When my son was a baby, I used Earth's Best, Gerber and also pureed some vegetables like beets ( cook the beets in boiling water until soft and then puree ) , Carrot+ sweet potatoes ( cook them in an oven and mash them with a fork or puree them ). I had fun feeding all sorts of vegetables and fruits with him.
Just make sure you watch out for allergies when you first introduce anything new. Go easy the first time and if he takes it well then give him/her a bigger portion next time.



answers from New York on

Sure - try them all!



answers from Austin on

Don't see why not, I did the exact same thing, used Earth's Best, Gerber Organic, and pureed food too.



answers from Dallas on

It's perfectly fine!!



answers from Minneapolis on

I use both gerber organic and earths best. Y do you think it's not ok to use two different brands? That thought never occured to me and my son(10 months) never had any problem. I have also now bought PLUM organic food too, yet to give it to my baby though.


answers from Houston on

It's fine to mix brands, or you can even make your own baby food, there are a lot of good recipes on line and even cookbooks. It's like asking if it's safe to use Luvs brand diapers with Huggies brand baby wipes, unless there is some kind of allergy, it's okay.



answers from Stockton on

It's not like formula that would cause tummy issues if you mix. make your own food by tossing whatever you make for dinner in your cuisinart or blender with a few drops of water if it's something thick.
The big goal is to get as many different things in your baby's list of foods he likes before you get to the picky toddler stage. ;)

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