Is It Ok to Have White Hair by Root and Black by Tip on Breast?

Updated on December 29, 2018
A.M. asks from Galveston, TX
4 answers

My age is 23 and I am so much confused because I noticed these white hair look like black

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answers from Philadelphia on

Is it in a cluster growing from a mole? If it’s a mole consult with a dermatologist, otherwise I wouldn't worry about hair.

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answers from Norfolk on

It's just hair and no big deal.
Talk to your doctor about it if you want to but you can probably just pluck it if it bothers you.

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answers from Miami on

It could be hair that has lost its pigmentation, happens to everyone eventually, in the form of "grey" hair (which is mostly just white hair, but known to us as grey hair). The root may be now coming in as white, while the older hair on the tip still conserves its color as it gets pushed out by the new growth. Hormonal imbalances and age can make you grow hair in the oddest places. I sometimes get hairs on my breasts and just pluck them out. I wouldn't take a few stray hairs growing on the breasts as signs of anything worrisome.

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answers from Wausau on

Individual hairs can change to grow lighter or darker over time. It is also common to grow hairs around one's nipples. You can pluck the noticeable ones out without worry.

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