Is It Normal for a 3Year to Have Blood Coming Out There Nose During a Cold

Updated on February 10, 2017
T.R. asks from Boston, MA
12 answers

She been sick with a bad cold for over a week

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answers from Springfield on

It's normal for anyone to have some bleeding in their nose from a cold, especially if the weather is cold.

Conditions are perfect for the membranes to be thinner and irritated. Very, very normal for there to be some bleeding.

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answers from Abilene on

Sometimes this happens due to the air being too dry. Heat and fireplaces are wonderful but tend to make the air in your home very dry. You might run a humidifier and see if you notice any improvement. It is important to clean the humidifier frequently to keep contaminants from getting started.

I also think if it persists you'd do well to have her checked by her doctor. You could always let them know what she's doing and see what they suggest.

Sorry she feels rotten and I hope she's better soon.

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answers from Boston on

Her nose could be irritated from blowing her nose so the little blood vessels in the nose could rupture causing a little blood to come out. Nothing to really worry about unless its a lot or it doesn't stop bleeding. Make sure she has enough to drink and maybe use a humidifier to help keep things moist and moving.

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answers from Boston on

Absolutely - the dry air and the irritated nasal tissues can easily cause bleeding. Ask the pharmacist, but you might try a little saline solution (easiest to squirt in when the child is sleeping).

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answers from Boston on

It's happens with colds and dry noses, dry air.. make sure to use a humidifier to keep the nasal passages wet. That should help her dryness..

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answers from Santa Fe on

Squirt in a nasal saline solution twice a day and run a humidifier in the house...especially in her room at night. It's always good to check with the doctor though.


answers from Washington DC on

Thank’s for your question T..

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answers from Springfield on

if it were me or my child i would say totally normal. since its not, it could be normal.. it might not be., call the nurse line at her pedis office to check with them.



answers from Denver on

More explanation needed. If it's a full fledged bloody nose...dripping with blood, that's different than a few streaks on a tissue. If it's just a few streaks, then it's probably just irritated from running, blowing and wiping.


answers from Norfolk on

If she's prone to nose bleeds and hers is irritated, then yeah it might be normal for her.



answers from Oklahoma City on

Could be medication you're giving her. Are you treating her symptoms at all? Allergy meds are extremely drying and will make her mucus membranes so dry they can rupture and bleed.

If you're constantly wiping or blowing her nose then it's irritated up inside.

I'd say steamy showers or sitting in the bathroom with the shower spraying super hot water without being in the shower. But some germs thrive in moisture and some get rinsed away with moister sinuses.



answers from Miami on

I would say yes, especially if she keeps blowing her nose. My kiddo gets nosebleeds sometimes when she is ill (granted, she is older). I get them too, even though as you know, it's not cold in South Florida. Even if we have a cold in the summer, some nose bleeding may occur. I have woken up with nosebleeds before, when I was congested, and have also ruptured a blood vessel after trying to clean boogers out of my nose and accidentally scraped the inside of my nose with my nail.

You could always call the pediatrician's nurse and run it by her, or you may just want to take her to the pediatrician altogether, if she is sick and not showing signs of improvement after a week. She may have bronchitis or an upper respiratory infection that may require antibiotics, which is why you may need to see a doctor to rule all those things out.

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