Is It Fifth Disease?

Updated on March 19, 2008
M.W. asks from Crystal Lake, IL
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My five year old son has had a rash for about 4 days. His cheeks are really red and kind of warm to the touch. He also has a rash on his trunk, arms, legs that is not as red. It is flat /slightly raised. It does not itch and he does not have a fever. He was sick about 2 week ago and was put on antibiotics(zithromax) for bronchitis. The rash did not appear until a week after he finished his antibiotic. So, I am not thinking that they are related. I'm wondering if this could be fifth disease. I did try Benadryl and it did not take the rash away. I plan on taking him to the ped. tomorrow. I would appreciate your input though if you have experienced the same thing with your child. Thank you in advance for your response!

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So What Happened?

Well, the doctor said it was a post viral rash. He called it viral exanthtem. I quess it comes at the end of a virus and is not contagious. He said it will start to fade where it first started and go from there. I first noticed it on his face so hopefully it will start to go away soon. He said to give a week. Thank you for all of your input. I hope this will be my last trip to the pediatrician for a while.

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It sounds like fifth disease. It is going around like crazy right now. Two of my children had it earlier this year. Body rash will be red and lace-like; similar to strep rash if you've ever seen that. Warm shower draws rash out so will look worse afterward. Rash will come and go for up to a month. Once rash appears, no longer contagious. Benadryl will not clear up rash. Typically looks much worse than is. Can be very dangerous exposure for pregnant women though. Good idea to have ped. confirm fifth disease though, especially since your son was sick and on med. not that long ago.

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Hi M.-

Is the rash kind of blotchy?? I do daycare and last week one of my kids had it and now another one today. It very well could be, it seems to be going around like crazy.

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My son had the same thing. He has had to be put in Zithromax so many times it's insane. The doctors just told me that it was mild exzema.... i've been putting Eucerine lotion on it, and it's getting better... slowly but surley getting better. Take him to your ped. anyways and see if they tell you something they didn't tell me. Best of luck!

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It sounds like an antibiotic rash. I would call the doctor to confirm. My son got an antibiotic rash once and the doctor confirmed over the phone. It doesn't necessarily mean they are allergic though.

If it is Fifths disease he is not contagious at this point. But regardless you may want to give a call to the doctor.



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It does sound like Fifths disease, my sister and 2 of her class mates just had that. It runs its course and there was nothing that they could put on it to make it go away any faster. Hopefully its that and nothing more serious due to antibiotics! Good luck!

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