Is It Chicken Pox???

Updated on April 02, 2007
H.P. asks from Gresham, OR
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Help, My son has a rash all over his chest, tummy and sides. They started out as small red bumps (almost like the start of a zit) and then started to look like a blister. He gained a few more on his inner thighs, groin area and a handful on his face. He has had some low grade fevers, but nothing big. I didn't really notice him scratching them but her also has had a cold and occasionally gets an antihistamine to help with that. Some of the bumps on his trunk are now starting to scab over, ever so slightly.

His Pediatricians office said its probably chicken pox, just a mild case since he had the vaccine. Chicken pox just aren't something you see much anymore, and this sure looks different from the pictures of me when I was 3 with chicken pox! Of course that was almost 3 decades ago...LOL...

Has anyones kids out there gotten chicken pox after getting the vaccine? And does this sound at all similar to it?

Thanks much in advance!

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answers from Spokane on

Both my kids got chicken pox right after Christmas! Santa brought us a little something extra! LOL. I thought my kids had the vaccine, but they didn't. It was something my Dr. office didn't offer. My son came down with it and it looked like little red zits as well, then they turned to blisters. My daughter hadn't got them yet so I took her for a vaccine. It didn't do any good. She still got them, and probably just as bad as him. Our Dr. prescribed Zovirax liquid medication for them, and it helped with it a ton! Most of their spots didn't blister, they just scabbed over. My kids gave it to my nephew (who is 9), and he only got 4 on his tummy, and he had the vaccine as a child. This sounds like chickenpox to me! Get that prescription, it will be a huge help in the healing time. :) The vaccine is designed to minimize the chickenpox, I don't think it fully protects 100% against it! Good luck!! :)


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answers from Anchorage on

Could be hand, foot, and mouth. Your pediatrician should take a look. If it is, it goes away on it's own. However, it also means either he got it from another child or could have passed it on.

S. P



answers from Seattle on

Hi, My daughter got the chicken pox, and even though it was made out to be no big deal, it became one. My daughter spent 3 weeks in Childrens Hospital with complications that turned into Encephlopathy(severe brain swelling from viral infection in the spinal fluid). She nerely died from what everyone thought was "just Chicken Pox". He should be looked at even if it is "just Chicken Pox". Your instinct is telling you that your not sure so, get some answers. At best it could be just a reaction to a new food or something pollenating, but at worst it could be something that needs attention. Always follow your gut.



answers from Anchorage on

Hi H., everything you are describing sounds just like the chicken pox but I would still take him in so you can get some kind of medication for the blisters and the ich. and you know with so much stuff going around its always better to double check than to be sorry later. but I would take him in.its miserable to scratch so much and besides you don't want any scarring. good luck



answers from Seattle on

Yes it does sound like what my daughter had about six months after her vacciane, same symptoms as your son. Went to the doctor and sure enough it was chicken pox. Suggestion get calamine lotion and qtips and make it a game of painting his spots.

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