Is It Allergies or an Infection?

Updated on April 11, 2007
L.F. asks from Alvord, TX
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My insurance for Izzy doesn't kick in for a month so I am seeking medical advise before I decide to take her in and pay big $$$. About 3 wks ago her right eye started getting weepy, she spent the weekend on the farm-it was windy-we thought hay blew in her eye or dirt or maybe allergies. So I rinsed her eye with eye wash and it seemed better, but still weepy now and again- so we figured allergies because she had a runny nose too. But in the past few days it is watery quite often, weepy a bit and now the skin below is getting red-like someone hit her or poked her eye you know? The eyeball is not red or bloodshot or anything. Does anyone know what it may be or why-is it allergies, I don't think pink eye because she has only had the problem with the one eye.

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So What Happened?

Well, I talked to a pharmacist and she said it looks like allergies and this is the 1st spring she has spent in Texas (we're from Minnesota)so to put her on Benedryl for 3 days as this should start to clear it up more rapidly. Then start her on Clariten daily and in about 3 weeks it should be better and that we may have to keep her on allergy meds. But by then she will have her 2 yr check up. But, we are going home to MN for 2 weeks and if it is still bothering her or looks not so good I will make an office visit with her old pedi there, office visits are not so expensive and I know he will see her (great office hours).

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My daughter has had pink eye and a different kind of infection before. Both were just in one eye. Pink eye had the characteristic blood-shot appearance. The other one was just like what you're describing -- weepy with red below.

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Another possibility is that the piece of hay is still in her eye, even though it seemed better after you washed it. I'd definitely have it checked. I have a friend who's little girl had something in her eyes for days and they didn't think it was a big deal, but it scratched her cornea. Definitely not something to take lightly. If you can go to an opthamologist, that would probably be best.

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BEEN THERE DONE THAT- RECENTLY! Might be pink eye, most likely allergies. But then again, when they are costantly rubbing their eyes w/ no so clean little fingers...well, it's a good idea to have the Occuflux or whatever drop you get for the pink eye almost as a preventative. Take her in! Allergies are killing many folks lately!


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My son has both allergy eyes and recurrent pink eye. They both look alike, so it's probably a good idea to fork over the money now and save yourself some hassle later by getting her looked at. If it's pink eye, it will clear with some antibiotic eyedrops, however you don't really want to ignore it as it can get worse and spread to the rest of the household.



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It is a good idea to have it looked at. Eyes are not something to be leisure about. It definitely could be pink eye...every time I have gotten it it was only in one eye. It very well could be allergies too, but until you know your child has allergies...I would check it out. Once you know, then you will not worry so much.


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