Is It a Virus??

Updated on July 23, 2011
N.L. asks from Asheville, NC
6 answers

My DH last week had a virus... coughing, throat sore and phlegm...Lasted like a week.... A few days later my son (17 months old) started with runny nose, phlegm, started to cough (mostly at night and as soon as he wakes up) and because of the phlegm he was throwing up. He is throwing up once a day for the last 3 days... He is in a good mood, no fever.... Just today he doesn't want to eat... just milk, He vomited really bad yesterday night... I called the ped just to check but she is not in and I'm waiting for another ped to call me... (I called and hour and a half ago and I'm still waiting for his call - I really do not like him - had a bad experience before) so I just wanted to get your opinion.... I think it;s just a virus and it will go away soon... nothing to worry about... he is also teething (3 eye teeth just cut 2 days ago)
Thanks mommas...

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answers from Richmond on

Go to the pediatricians office, soon. My son had ALL the same symptoms (19 months) and it was BRONCHITIS. He's just now getting over it.

Hope everyone feels better soon!!


answers from Dallas on

Its always best to see the pediatrician, best to be safe. With teething a fever usually is there and lack of eating, but not vomiting.

My 2 yr old got terribly sick 3 weeks ago. She started coughing, sneezing and throwing up everything. I stopped giving her milk and only gave her clear liquids (soup, broth, jello, pedialyte etc.) Later the fever came so i began the tylenol and gave sitz bath. Took her to the pediatrician and found out that there is a virus going around; the doc prescribed some pills for nausea and told me to keep doing what i'm doing.

My 2 yr old got better with a week, then my teen got it and then my husband. I was lucky, I didn't catch it...why? kept good sleep, took a benadryl once a day to make sure i didn't get it. I hope your son gets to feeling better soon.


answers from Kansas City on

is there an immediate care you can take him to??? my son gets bronchitis easily and also he now has strep, an ear and sinus infection. better safe than sorry, sometimes things that seem minor can turn into something very serious in a short matter of time!



answers from Los Angeles on

Just wanted to chime in that my 22 month old DOES vomit with teething. He had the exact same symptoms as your little guy, but it doesn't hurt to check with your pediatrician. Seems like for my son the extra saliva (although he doesn't drool at all) is maybe a little bit acidic, he gets nasty diapers, a fever of about 99-100 and with his molars he's been vomiting. I actually cancelled a playdate the other day not sure if he was coming down with a tummy bug or something else. The following day his top 2 year molars popped through---and he was back to himself!!



answers from Dallas on

It could be krup. I would wait to hear from the ped. His throat maybe sore and that is why he doesn't want to eat. Try a little Tylenol to alleviate some of the pain, even though there is no fever.



answers from Miami on

MIlk would make me throw up too! Do not give dairy while a child is congested. In fact most kids GET congested from dairy and cannot stay on it. Give SMALL amounts of liquid at a time and wait an hour after the child throws up so their stomach can reset. That way it will stay down.

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