Is Flavored Water (Artificial Sweeteners) Safe for My 2 Year Old?

Updated on December 13, 2006
K.C. asks from Hyannis, MA
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Of all the questions I asked at my 2 yr old pedi visit this time, I forgot the one I meant to ask first.

So of course I think I'm doing the right thing by giving my daughter flavored water (Propel, Fruit 2-0)instead of juice, because it has no sugar, and she loves it. I gave her nothing but for about a whole month.... but then a friend tells me what a bad idea it is because of artificial sweeteners, and that not enough studies have been done to determine whether or not it's REALLY bad for you, and/or babies. I know there are some much more expensive options for special waters, but I don't know of something affordable enough to stock up on. For now, I've gone back to 100% fruit juice watered down 50%. Any suggestions, or should I stick with regular old watered down juice? Thanks in advance for any help you might offer!

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answers from New London on

i don't know about propel, but fruit2O is sweetened with splenda (sucralose) which is derived from sugar and *so far* hasn't shown any of the bad things that aspartame and the other artificial sweeteners have been linked to. that's all my 16mo old drinks besides milk and the occasional juice (i also water down the fruit2O like i would juice, don't ask my why lol) and other than juice boxes with meals it's what my 3yr old drinks too. sorry i'm not more help than that

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answers from Lewiston on

Your daughter doesn't need to drink anything really but water, milk, and the occassional juice (it's recommended to limit juice to no more than 4 oz daily bc of the potential for dental issues (natural sugar is still sugar) and obesity (high in calories and no fiber to make it digest slowly like with whole fruit). On the flipside- flavored waters with artificial sweeteners is unknown territory. You've been told of aspartame's probs by someome already. Sucralose (Splenda, sugar alcohols) can cause diarrhea in some and is derived from sugar and CHLORINE. We can't be sure of the long term affects yet- but do we want our children to be the guinea pigs, suffering as adults? Stick with watered-down 100% real juice (watch out for "juice drinks" and "made with 100% juice"- both claims mean they only have to have a tiny bit of juice and may contain lots of corn syrup). Read the labels- they sneak in fillers like corn syrup and it's hard to catch sometimes. You're doing a great job!!



answers from New York on

Hi K.,

You want to check my site out
this is all environmentally safe products for your home and children.

They have a drink called sustain in three flavors - no sugar!
need any help let me know



answers from Rochester on

I think that it is VERY important for EVERYONE to realize that aspertame turns to pharmaldyhe in your body (that is what they embalm bodies with!)
These artificial sugars are linked with short term memory loss, increased allergies and liver and kidney damage.
These are the KNOWN problems. No one should be drinking these "fake" sugars especially children!
-Dr. Heather



answers from Portland on

Hi K.... although I'm not sure whether or not these beverages are safe for your child, I have read something about the possible dangers of artificial sweeteners. As for Propel, it contains both sugar (and lots of it... it is the second ingredient after water) and artifical sweetener, so I would say the watered down juice would be better. Hope this helped!



answers from New York on

We have given my son fruit 2 O since he was 1. I drank alot of it while I was pregnant with him because I was diabetic and you and only drink so much plain water. I'd stay away from large amounts of 100% juice. It gave my son diahrea, even cut to 50%. I avoid aspertame because it can cause headaches, especially in people who have migraines (which I do). Also check the dates on what you give her, as aspertame turns to poison in liquid over time. Never give anything that is outdated. My mom cuts the fruit 2 O at her house by 50%. I buy fluoride baby water at Walmart because we have a well.



answers from New York on

both of my boys (4 and 9) drink fruit2O and crystal light alot. both their pediatrician and dentist aprove of both.



answers from Buffalo on

You have to be very careful about artificial sweetners and children. For example, aspertame, found in many "sugar free" products, has been known to cause seizures in children. Actually, because of the chemicals and the unknown risk of artificial sweetners, you're actually better off giving them things with real sugar, and just being very conciencous about limiting the sugar in the items she eats, such as in diluting her juice.

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