Is Costco Roasted Chicken Good for You?

Updated on September 11, 2010
J.C. asks from Newport Beach, CA
8 answers

My family loves the Costco roasted chicken, so I probably should not ask this question? But do they pump it full of something that is bad for us to make it taste so good?

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answers from Los Angeles on

Oh I sure hope so because we eat it pretty often!


answers from Los Angeles on

unless youre buying organic free range chicken, it will have those growth hormones.
the drugs dont really make a difference in the taste. its the seasoning that youre tasting! plus roast chicken is so much better than baked boneless skinless.
also the bones in the chicken do add more to the flavor!
but if you are worried about the growth hormones, you might try buying a whole free range chicken and roasting it yourself with the costco spices and see how that turns out.



answers from Los Angeles on

Hi J.,

The chicken always smells so great when you walk by it!

The problem is Costco places the chicken in the plastic container while hot. Have you every had your chicken smell like the container (plastic) or taste like plastic when you went to eat it?

When the plastic gets hot it leaches carcinogens into the food, the carcinogens have been linked to cause cancer. That goes for microwaving anything is plastic as well. So now my girls 10 and 11 walk past the great smelling chicken these days and we do not buy it any more.

Have you heard about water bottles in the sun. The same thing happens the bottle gets hot and carcinogens are left behind in the water.

Sita Helms
Executive Director
Helping Hand World Wide
Advocates for Children



answers from Los Angeles on

I buy them too and I'm almost positive it says on the container their are no growth hormones used.. lood for it the next time you're there.



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I'm not sure if they are bad for you however they DO tend to UNDERCOOK their chickens which you will see for yourself in the pink areas near the bone. We buy Costco chickens all the time but after we cut off what we want to eat, before eating we microwave for a full minute or 90 seconds on high until the chicken is no longer pink. This will prevent you and your little ones from getting salmonella.



answers from Los Angeles on

Here is what I know about most chicken:

In the 1950s, it took 84 days to raise a five-pound chicken. Due to selective breeding and growth-promoting drugs, it now takes an average of only 45 days.(2) To put the growth rate of today’s chickens into perspective, the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture reports, “If you grew as fast as a chicken, you’d weigh 349 pounds at age 2.”(3) While this rapid growth increases profitability, it also aggravates health problems among chickens.

You decide.

Family Wellness Coach



answers from San Francisco on

In California, the Costo stores use Foster Farms chicken, which (supposedly) have no growth hormones, additives or saline solution injected into it. Costco does marinade the chickens in a brine, so it would tend to plump them up a bit, as well as add a lot of salt. Sometimes the chickens can be salty, but this is because they have been left in the brine too long.



answers from Bakersfield on

Of course they're pumped full of fat inducing, salt-licking ingredients. That's the only way they taste so good.

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