Is Aspartame Safe to Consume During Pregnancy?

Updated on August 19, 2008
S.K. asks from Crystal Lake, IL
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Hi Mamas!
I just found out I am pregnant and am wondering if aspartame is safe to consume while pregnant. This is my 3rd pregnancy and I stayed away from it with the other two, but I have just read that it is FDA approved. I have a very tough time drinking plain water and know that I need to drink alot to stay hydrated. I just want to use the crystal lite packets in my water bottles (which I already dilute big time) and splenda in my decaf coffee.... a diet caffiene-free coke every now and then would be nice too.

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Congrats!!!! I am so excited for you!

I do not know 100% for certain if it is safe or not but my Dr allowed me to drink it- so I would assume so. I drank 1 bottle of Diet Mountain Dew a day until I switched to Diet Coke, and about 3 or 4 bottles of water with the Crystal Light To Go packets in it. I also do not care for water- plain anyhow!

Toward the end of my pregnancy I decided to drink more water with less in it because of the heat and all. I started putting oranges and lemons in it which was great tasting- if it was cold enough.

The biggest thing my Dr kept telling me is that if it is done in moderation it is fine!

Good luck to you and many blessings!

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What is wrong with Raw Sugar?? Anything artificial has been tampered with, not natural. Why risk it? If you want to watch a very eye opening clip on Aspartame, email me and I will forward it to you. Brew some tea and add some raw sugar if you need a change of pace.
N. - Nutrition Naturally

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I think I just sent you a response re: bowling. And... this is the first time I've ever responded to any of these questions. So, I'm glad I can help I guess! :)

My doctor says artificial sweeteners are okay. But... keep in mind that Aspartame is a different sweetener than what is in Splenda. And, I do believe that Splenda is still a no-no for pregnant women. It contains Sucralose, which is different than what is found in Diet Coke or Sweet and Low. Sweet and Low contains sacchrin, which is another artificial sweetener.

I don't use much sweeteners, but I know aspartame is safe.
I still drink a diet coke/day and my doctor says that is fine! Sometimes I even have a regular diet coke (with caffeine) which is fine too. American Pregnancy Assoc. says caffeine in moderation (less than 200 mg/day) is safe for you and the baby. Each regular diet coke has only 36mg. So, it's even okay to have a regular diet coke once and a while if you like.

Bottom line, stay away from Splenda. Aspartame, which is found in all types of diet coke (and crystal lite packets) is okay. So, continue to enjoy your D.C. and flavored water.

I've asked my doc about all this -- and I recommend you do the same.

Good luck!

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I had gestational diabetes and I had to limit my sugar intake. My doctor told me to use Splenda insead! It is made from real sugar without the "sugars." The best part was that it tasted like the real thing. I also drank Crystal Lite and Caffene free Diet Coke. My daughter is a healthy, active 17 month old. I know my doctor wouldn't have reccommended Splenda if she was not 100% sure it was ok.

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I have been using artificial sweeteners almost all my life -- since I was 11. I could not find any definitive research about the impact of Aspartame (Equal) or Sucralose (Splenda) during pregnancy. Everything was extremely speculative, and much on the internet was actually alarmist without any scientific fact base!

I decided to abandon aspartame and stick with sucralose -- and my OB also preferred the use of Splenda over Equal. Luckily, Diet Coke makes a version with Splenda, as does 7-Up. (But I can't remember if the Diet Coke with Splenda is caffine-free.) Look at the cartons closely at a major grocery store.

I, too, got sooooo sick of drinking flat water! I found that a great alternative for me was sparkling water with a touch of fruit flavor (but no sweeteners, no calories, no coloring, no caffeine, no sodium, etc.) I found 2 liter bottles at Jewel in the Jewel brand.

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I am a firm believer that it's NEVER safe to ingest aspartame. There are too many cases I've read of aspartame poisoning for adults themselves - I wouldn't risk it while pregnant if you can avoid it. One drink here and there is not a big deal, but to be drinking it on a regular, daily basis is awful for you. Natural sugar is much less harmful than you think as long as you limit it. I wish I had the info. to back it up, but I'm sure you can google it and find some good facts on the matter. Good luck!



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I would really consider not using aspartame. If you really check it out it's not good, like all artifical sweeteners. Use either real sugar or stevia you can get at the health food store. Also, I read someone's response that Splenda is close to sugar and that is false. Splenda's chemical makeup is closer to clorine than sugar. Doctor and like follow the FDA, who really don't even have the research on the effect years down the road. I hope this info helps and will invite you look deeper!



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I think everyone should watch their intake of artificial sweeteners. You have to remember anything you consume your baby consumes. You can ask your doctor but I would stay clear of all the artificial sweeteners.

good luck on your little one


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