Is Anyone Else Feeling Rather Shocked That a Grand Jury Has Been Called Already?

Updated on October 12, 2011
S.M. asks from Lakeside, CA
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Being from the KC Metro, I am talking about baby Lisa. All week long the police have been releasing statements saying they have no leads and that the parents are not suspects. And yet, all week long the behavior of the parents and the police have said another thing entirely. BUT, I just kept reading again and again, the investigation is turning up nothing, we need the parents, now we may be focusing on this or that, but it always comes back to nothing... THEN WHAM, a grand jury is called. My understanding is that a Grand Jury is supposed to review what they have and decide if charges will be filed. But don't they have to have a particular person in mind to call them? Or, can they really call a grand jury and have them conduct a fishing expedition?

I'm glad I'm not on that jury.

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So What Happened?

I do know you are right about the police withholding info. But then why issue press releases at all? I have a few friends, current, and past daycare parents on the force, as well as a couple fathers on the force now. My police dispatcher mom says that they won't tell her anything either. In the past, I've learned things from one of my daycare parents since I've always had quite a few contacts on the force. But not this time.

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answers from Austin on

Police always know a lot more than they will ever tell the media.. They are also very savvy about looking at a crime seen or an accident and seeing things differently than the rest of us.

Remember these are people that mainly graduated from college have studied Psychology, criminology, and see lots of things the rest of us will never have to deal with.

Once they are detectives, they are considered some of the best of the group.

They also know how to use the media.. They sometimes can give out the least amount of information and the press will dig up other things.

The mom is actually married to another man. The media discovered this and found the guy.

The Police are doing their job. To keep it all legal they are in no way going to share those parts and lose the evidence or let someone know they are under investigation.

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answers from Youngstown on

The police know a lot of things that they do not tell the public. They can't or the investigation will be comprimised. I don't believe a grand jury can be called for no reason. The police have a lot of evidence that they are not telling the public.

I am always a little suspicious of the parents in these cases. This case has never added up in my mind. It is a parents job to protect their child, and they have the most access to their child. Any time a child goes missing, unfortunately, most times it IS the parents that did something wrong. I pray that little baby is found safe and sound, but after a whole week, its not looking good.

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answers from Boston on

The police know a lot more then what they tell the media so no I'm not surprised.

Edited:fox reported that mom is expecting to face charges.

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answers from Topeka on

They just announced on Fox news that they have video of the Mom, with an unidentified man...buying party supplies, to include a case of wine, at a local store...not sure exactly relationship to the disappearance of this precious little girl...and I am not saying that it proves anything..but it looks more and more like she may be somehow involved in this. I hadn't heard anything about the grand jury...and I for one am grateful that your police contacts are not sharing any information with you or anyone else...they certainly do not want to compromise this investigation!!! I just checked on WHY a grand jury is says that they look at the evidence and decide if there is enough evidence for charges to be filed against my guess is that the police have a lot of evidence that they have not shared with the public...and they are narrowing their search down to a specific person. Unfortunately, to me, it is starting to look a lot like the Mom ....she is the one with opportunity...and sad

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answers from Bloomington on

This whole thing makes me sick to my stomach. Missing baby....UGH!

I don't know what scares me more, baby SNATCHED from her crib by a stranger or a mom that has done something with her own baby.

I hope they find this poor baby immediately and alive!

Calling a grand jury makes me think they found evidence that the baby was harmed. Gag.

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answers from Dallas on

Yes, the purpose of a grand jury is to see if they have enough evidence to indict. Yes, they have to know who they are looking at in order to make that decision. I also agree that it can be used as a scare tactic to break people into confessing. I truly hope this sense of urgency means they think the girl is alive somewhere and could still be brought back safe. Otherwise, the rush job would seem like less than a thorough investigation has been done.

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answers from Washington DC on

It can also be used as a tactic to force the parents hand if they think they are cooperating. 'The police have enough to charge you, they've called a Grand Jury, etc'.

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answers from Columbia on

The mother is involved. Why would she stop cooperating with the police? I says that she'll be indicted shortly. The local police say that arrest is not imminent, but it's the FBI doing the investigating. The FBI doesn't have to tell the local police anything.

In one of the news stories, they stated that all of the families cell phones had been "lined up on the counter to charge" and were gone.

Uhm...the father just walked in from work at 0300 and he didn't have his phone?

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answers from Dallas on

The grand jury is being subpenaed to look at video footage of interviews, and review inconsistencies. The police did NOT do a press release, the press got wind of it. From what I've read, it's not to achieve an arrest warrant. Th reason for having a grand jury watch it (that I read), is so that the police can say they aren't tunnel visioned, and that other courts/agencies, see inconsistencies. The family has accused the police of only focusing on them, and in fact, the police just came out and said THEY never told anyone an arrest was imminent. Just like when the woman told the press she failed a lie detector, but never was shown the results...the FAMILY is saying an arrest is imminent. THEY are using the media as a tool, to try and show the police are only looking a them, and not looking for other suspects. That makes them look more guilty, in my opinion. (They looked into leads in Californian, with a homeless man, with a girl next door, and various others.) The woman is simply preparing her deference via the media. The police are using a grand jury, to refute that.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

It would be best if the media stayed OUT of it entirely. And if the police stood up to the media, when it's CLAMORING for facts, minutia and a scapegoat. But that's not the way the world operates. :(
Let's just hope that they DO have someone in mind (I'm sure they do) and that there's enough evidence to move forward...

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answers from Kansas City on

Gosh, I woke up this morning and felt like the KC media did not report on anything else but Lisa. Which I'm glad they are covering her dissappearance...oh no they really aren't they are too worried about her sister on GMA, her actual husband in the middle east, her blah, blah, blah.

At this point, whoever did whatever with this sweet baby girl needs to be found and if terrifying the mom is what it takes to get to the truth then so be it. But what if she's not involved? Then this baby snatcher is thinking they are off scott free.

Timeline wise she and some mysterious man were seen on video buying boxed wine and some other items about five hours before she put Lisa down in her crib. Or so (I think it was) Fox News was reporting.

The polic know more than they are letting on, but this whole media frenzy and the national news media have really, really lost all my respect...they didn't have much before but certainly lost what was left. Even the media here is playing games.

Ok I'll get off my soap box.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

They have someone in mind, they are just not announcing it so that person can run, provide an airtight alibi, or hurt someone else.

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answers from Kansas City on

There is so much information on the news that we really don't know what to believe. I for one usually have correct gut feelings about these cases when I hear them. And my feeling is that the parents did NOT do this. I sure hope I am not proven wrong. But I have a KC CSI friend that is working the case and I was told last night that it is not looking good for the mom.
My CSI friend said this case is really keeping them busy and they are tracking all the tip from the "crazy" people calling in.

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answers from Washington DC on

Whether one of them did anything or not I do not know.
I still think they are being persecuted by the media. How many people in KC are going to have no clue about this case? Ony those who live in a bubble.

Has Nancy Grace got ahold of them yet?? I don't watch her.

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