Is Almond Milk Safe for 1 Year Old?

Updated on August 24, 2008
C.L. asks from Arcadia, CA
4 answers

My daughter will turn 1 in mid-September. Thus far she has been breastfed with some solids (mostly meats and cereals). I'm returning to work part time and need to supplement my pumped milk. I've read that cow's milk and soy milk are somewhat controversial for babies; would almond milk be safe even though it is nut-based (no known allergies in our family)? Does it have sufficient nutrition in terms of the fats and proteins that she needs? How much should I leave for her while I'm at work? Thanks!!

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I've heard good things about goat's milk. My son is just on regular (organic) whole milk and has been doing just fine so far. He's growing a lot better than when he was breastfeeding, too.



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I drink almond milk and love it but no, it doesn't have much protein in it. Not as much as I would like anyway. After one, you are fine giving her almond milk though. It is peanuts that are more worrisome. Cashews, walnuts, almonds - go for it! I'm with you on the milk and soy milk. I stopped drinking soy because I'm trying to get pregnant and it is just so darn processed. If I wasn't trying to get pregnant, I'd keep it in the house and switch off with almond milk. Your daughter can get protein from other sources besides "dairy". As far as how much to leave, maybe a cup or two. She can drink water and eat solids now. Providing her with a wide variety of foods will allow her to meet her daily nutrional needs, plus you are still giving her your breastmilk - great job!




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Go for the Rice Milk, it comes in enriched varieties with add vitamins and calcium and tastes great. There is also an organic enriched version by Rice Dream. My daughter had allergies and was recommended this by our doctor, allergist, and gastrointenologist. Her doctor is recommending it to all patients to omit cow's milk whether allergic or not. Almond is nut-based and they do suggest you wait till 2 to give them anyway.



answers from Honolulu on

CHeck with your Pediatrician... the "whole milk" standard for children up to 2 years because the milk fat is crucial for brain development.

Ask your Ped, how other alternatives compare... and in terms of the "milk fat" requirements.

Also, with Almond milk, since it is a "nut"... is that fine for a child this age, per allergies??? Ask Ped that too.

Good luck,

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