Is Air-duct Cleaning Helpful?

Updated on January 21, 2009
R.J. asks from Plainfield, IL
4 answers

I was wondering if getting my airducts professionally cleaned would reduce the amount of dust and allergens? Has anyone had this done and noticed a change? If so, about how much did it cost?

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We moved into a new house, and due to a problem with a main sewer backup we had to have our air ducts cleaned. I can only tell you that they stuff they pulled out was absolutly disgusting. To think air being pumped into our house would go through that stuff first before coming into our home, it had to improve our air quality... I don't remember how much it cost, but I don't think it was outragous. There are also coupons in local ads frequently. Good luck and I hope this helps!



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I have a friend who works in heating and air-conditioning that has told me it is unneccesary and a waste ofmoney.Here is what I was told to do:
*take a shop vac and clean out your vents often, intake and out take vents.
*do not use the really expensive air filters on your furnace. Use the really cheep EZ Flow ones from Walmart and change them monthly.The expensive filters make your furnace work harder than it needs to, and are not as efficient as they say.
*have your furnance serviced often. When they service the furnace, it is cleaned out and vacuumed by a professional
Hope this helps:)



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I take it you're trying to help someone in your house with dust and allergens? Have you tried a powerful air purifier? Many air filters on the market do not do what Shaklee's airsource does. Three powerful technologies are combined to eliminate all sources of air pollution or irritants including airborne mold, bacterial, viruses, odors, VOCs, and the list goes on. It is silent and requires the change of a light bulb once annually so no messy filters to clean. I love it as it makes it smell like we have the windows open in the house. If I hadn't become a distributor, I would never have realized how serious indoor air pollution is. Because of all the chemicals we bring into our homes (and fumes we cannot avoid from carpet, furniture, dry wall, etc.) our indoor air pollution is now said to be 2-5 times worse inside than outside! It's no wonder we're developing allergies and sensitivities.

There are also other things you can do like reduce those indoor air pollutants. Switch to non-toxic cleaning products. Shaklee's Get Clean line is awesome and the products are concentrated so while it typically costs you more to go green, these eventually cost you a lot less. And they work - not something all "green" brands can actually do.

Let me know if you'd like more information.




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Robin, To limit the amount of dust you actually need to have your furnuce cleaned by a heating and cooling person, just cleaning the ducts would be a waste of money because it is coming from the furnace. This will help greatly with dust issues. Also with the allergen problem getting a furnace filter just for that helps as well. Good luck.

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