Is Adoption the Best Thing to Do?

Updated on November 20, 2009
O.C. asks from Orlando, FL
4 answers

is it the best thing to do be giving your baby up for adoption if you can afford to raise her financially?please help me out my baby for adoption.he is 1week now and i am a single mom who cant afford for the baby s welfare.please help me at

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answers from Orlando on

Children don't get cheaper as they get older. If you are truly struggling and questioning your ability to raise the child now, that isn't going to go away or get easier. You are guaranteeing that both you and the child will be financially limited for years to come, plus you are raising the child as a single parent rather than as a intact family. This is an additional loss for the child.

I don't say any of that to be hurtful. I know that this has to be one of the hardest choices you've ever considered in your life. You are being unselfish and loving to consider this option as it likely is the best thing for the child.

I would not go through the state social services if you want to place the child for adoption...that can end up with all sorts of negative consequences for both of you (placing the child in foster care, abandonment charges for you, etc...things never go smoothly with that route.) However, I can recommend a wonderful adoption agency that has offices in Tampa and Orlando. They are caring and kind, and make sure that the biological mother is cared for and gets counseling. They will do open adoptions so you can remain a part of the child's life if you choose.

Bless you for being willing to put your child first and truly be a mother.
(If you use this agency, I highly recommend you ask for Nicole Ward.)

Best wishes and I will keep you in my prayers.



answers from Orlando on

I have placed a child for adoption and am now a Mother of 3 and I would be happy to be someone you can talk to. I would be able to tell you a little about what you can expect. Maybe I can also help put you in touch with some resources that can help you take care of the baby if that is what you want to do. Please email me and maybe we can privately exchange info. [email protected]



answers from Elmira on

Either way, it is definetly a tough decision to make. Only you would know if you are financially able to raise the baby and if not, I do think adoption is a great way to go. There are a lot of people out there that are looking to adopt and could make sure your baby is well taken care of and loved. I wish you all the best with your decision.



answers from Chicago on

I would contact the social services office near you. There is no reason you should have to consider adoption. Your baby is one week old; how sweet! They can help you get free formula if you're not nursing (or free food for you if you are), health care, etc. You should be able to get everything your child needs.
If financial problems are the ONLY issue, and you are raising and bonding with your baby, it would seem so sad to turn to adoption. First check with social services. If you cannot find the phone number, you can try the local police department non-emergency number, and they can probably direct you and help you find the correct number.

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