Is a Target Red Card a Credit/debit Card?

Updated on January 06, 2012
C.R. asks from Rowlett, TX
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I was offered on at my local target since I am a frequent shopper there. I asked if this was a credit card but couldn't really get a straight answer from the cashier. I passed and wanted to find out more about it.

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So What Happened?

Thanks for clearing that up for me!

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answers from Minneapolis on

I think they have both. I got the debit card. I use my banks debit for groceries anyways. This way I get 5% off.

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answers from Washington DC on

I have the Target credit card - can only be used at Target. Save 5% every time I'm there and since I'm shopping there anyway it seems like a win/win situation! Thanks Joy, for providing the info on the schools. I didn't know I needed to register my card to get the 1% for my daughter's school (duh, how else would it get there?!) I personally don't like debit cards cuz I don't ever want cash sucked out of my savings account - in case my wallet is ever stolen or missing or whatever.

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answers from Kansas City on

Humm. . . . I always thought my Target card was a red card, yet I use it for everything - everywhere!

I have a Target Visa which is red. The 5% off everything is nice although I kinda miss the old days of my 10% off after $1000 purchases. I also designate the 1% donation to my kid's school.



answers from Chicago on

They have both - one is a 'Target red card' which means you can ONLY use it at Target, like any private store card Gap, Macy's etc.

They ALSO have a Target VISA.

Typically if you are told you are "approved" without doing anything they are going to give you a "Target Red Card" to start out with. I had one with like a $200 limit. I used it for purchases there because you get discount days and rewards etc. After a while they converted my Red Card to a Target VISA that I can use anywhere.

Every so often you get $10 gift cards to Target as well as 10% off days. I think the interest rate varies if you don't pay it off each month, but I think it was kinda high - like 20%.


answers from Chicago on

Hi C.,

I couldn't quite understand what the cashier was telling me there either. (The cashier's native language wasn't English and she had some difficulties telling me.) Anyway... I found out after a lot of questions that they have both debit and credit cards. I got their credit card just a few months ago. I love it because I like their store a lot and you instantly get 5% off. Which is a little extra perk... you hear the cashier say... that will be $100 dollars and then you swipe your card and the price I actually was charge dropped to $95. I know it's only $5 for every $100 spent, but I like the store a lot and I am there a lot since they have groceries too. PLUS... 1% of your purchase goes to the school of your choice. So... it may sound like pennies but that's $1 for every $100 I spend there. And... that's easy to do with groceries, school supplies, clothes, electronics, etc.... YOU do NEED to REGISTER online for the $ to go to your children's school. (One time only registration required and it's quick.) I JUST WISH MORE PARENTS FROM MY CHILDREN'S SCHOOL DID THIS BECAUSE IT'S ANY EASY WAY TO GIVE FREE CASH TO THEIR SCHOOL. However, I checked on line and it tells you how much money has already been given to the school that you choose and for my particular school it was very low considering how many children attend my children's school. It's a topic I will bring up at the first PTO meeting in September.

I hope this helps!


answers from Washington DC on

there is a debit card that gives you 5% back with each takes the money directly from your checking account.



answers from Portland on

I have a Target Visa card which I can use anywhere Visa is accepted. It's red in color. They also have a debit card and apparently from these posts a credit card that is only good in Target stores.

You can find out about their cards by googling Target.


answers from Dallas on

Those who said both are correct. We just went through this inquiry with Target. We do all of our shopping at Target, so the 5% discount is a big deal for us, but we didn't want the credit card. We have no credit card debt, and don't want a store credit card. We signed up for the debit card a couple of months ago, and the 5% adds up pretty quickly. I wish we had signed up for it long ago. They do have a credit card option if that suits your needs better.



answers from Denver on

You can get either kind. They offer both.



answers from Miami on

They have both or they did have both. I'd just make sure you get the credit card. I don't think I'd like a Target debit card connected to my bank account

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