Is a Double Stroller Worth It?? New Britax Reviews?

Updated on January 21, 2010
S.S. asks from Jackson, WY
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Hi. I am getting ready to have our second child in a few months. My kids will be 3 years apart. I am wondering about getting a double stroller. I kind of like the idea of the side by sides so both kids can see. I saw one the other day that you can put the carseat in which would be really nice (not a side by side). I know how much I loved using the car seat/stroller combo with my first kid. Just wondering what you all have found that you like.
Also I was thinking about getting the new Britax car seat( I have the last version still from my first child which is in pretty good shape). I love the changes they made to the stroller that goes with it, everything I didn't like about my old one. Problem is they are about double what I originally paid for my seat and stroller! I hate to spend that much and then wish I would have just got a double stroller instead. Any works of wisdom would be helpful! Thanks!

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answers from Denver on

When I had my third baby, the middle one was just over two years old so I got a double stroller that is awesome. It has a regular stroller seat in the front and a stand up or sit down seat in the back. It also has a hook up for any car seat you want to challenge it with.

My son is now 4 and the baby is 19 months and we are still using it consistently. It is nice for the older one because he can get in and out and explore when we are on walks. The stroller also holds a lot of gear below and if the older one doesn't want to sit the extra space is perfect for additional bags and coats.

The actual name of the stroller is Baby Trend Sit-n-Stand LX. I got it at Target for about $200. The best deal I could find.

Good luck with baby #2. = )

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answers from Denver on

I have the perfect double stroller for you! It's a front-to-back and can hold a car seat as well. It's perfect for two little ones because it's sometimes hard to hold onto your oldest if you're carrying the baby. I will sell it to you for a fantastic price and that way if you decide you're not in love with the idea you haven't spent much money on it! Email me and I'll send you a photo to look at. J. - [email protected]



answers from Cheyenne on

Yes, Yes! I finally got a double stroller for Christmas and I love it (before I was using my single stroller and placing my 26 month old in first and my 4 month old- who sits up already- in his lap per se with the tray on...not the safest or most comfortable, but it did it's job when needed). I got the Baby Trend Deluxe Sit-and-Stand and absolutely love it! The deluxe is so cool because it has 2 seats to start with and both seats will take the car seat (I have a Graco car seat) pretty well, so my son can decide where he wants to sit...and then when he's a little older (he tends to not want to sit on the little bench right now so he still needs to be buckled into the other seat...the bench seat does have a seat belt, but my son is so small, it doesn't fit him well right now), I can pull the back seat off and it becomes a sit-and-stand model...very convenient! The only thing I do not like is that when both seats are in, it makes accessing the basket a little more difficult, so I end up carrying the diaper bag for now or just throwing one set of diapers and clothes in the basket and leaving the rest in the car...not a big deal, but thought I would warn you. With your almost 3-year-old, you might be able to just go straight to the sit-n-stand or get the regular sit-n-stand model. I think it would be worth it to you!



answers from Denver on

I would highly recommend that you get a double stroller it will come in handy in many situations. You may not need it for shopping and other daily quick trips to the libary etc... As far as cost I would get a used one. I have gotten a wonderful Graco Duo, great basic double stroller for $15 at a garage sale and it has lasted years used to the park and back daily with daycare kids, to the zoo and I have used it to travel- wonderful to put the large items in the back seat. (3 kids, 3 car seats traveling by myself it was a life saver)
When I had a newborn and my other kids I found it more helpful to put the newborn in the Baby Bonjor(sp)-front pack for grocery shopping, walks and other activities rather then using a double stroller.

With our 3rd child I got the Phil and Ted with the doubler and I LOVE that stroller so much. It is so quick and easy to setup get in and out of the car and is nice to shop with. I have had no problem putting our infant carrier on the front when she was little and having the older child sit in the back seat.


answers from Casper on

One thing you might want to consider is baby wearing, which is great until they can sit up well, and if you do it a lot they will still like it beyond that. Another is the sit n stand strollers, which look very neat but I have never owned one. Then there is my favorite, stroller boards. They attach to the stroller that you already have, and when your older child gets tired of walking, they stand in front of you on this little foot board. It's a great way to transition from semi-baby to independent child. I like the ones by Lasca, the kiddyboard, or the buggyboard. They are around $80. Which seams kind of high for such a small thing, but the wraps are about the same and a whole new stroller would be about double if not more.
Good luck finding what is right for you.
I just thought of something else. I loved having the infant car seat stroller frame. It is a stroller frame with a basket underneath. You just put the car seat in it and strap it on. It is very light weight. I just kept it in the back of my car for whenever I needed a stroller. you could also attach the standing board to this one. It too is about $50-80.
I wish you luck with all the decision you are about to make:)



answers from Provo on

My kids are 3 years apart. My youngest is almost 2 now. I only have a double stroller because my oldest broke his leg when my youngest was about 3 mos. old and it is impossible to carry a 3 year old and a baby at the same time.
I have used the double stroller on a few occasions since then, but I'm not really a stroller person and my kids love to walk (and hate being confined). My double stroller only works for me now because the second seat is a sit/stand area.
So, if you use a stroller a lot ask yourself:
Does my older child like to walk or ride?
How important is it that I can use the carseat with the stroller? (it was essential for me)
Can I control my older child in public places without confining to the stroller or is he going to be happier confined to a stroller while I shop/walk/etc.

I think it really depends on the temperment of your older child if a double stroller will work better for you.



answers from Salt Lake City on

I use our double stroller all the time for my 3 1/2 and 1 1/2 year old. I bought it when my youngest was born, and it has been a life saver. I bought the Baby Trend Sit n' Stand Deluxe. It's great because it can be a regular double stroller OR a sit n' stand. It's only $120 at Walmart, and you can have it sent to a store for free. Here's the link: Good luck!



answers from Boston on

Our kids are 2.5 years apart; with the snow and wintry weather we haven't been using the stroller in the last month or so, but certainly for the first year it was terrific to have the side-by-side. Definitely saved a lot of hassle. We have a McClaren side by side (Twin Techno), and love it - we haven't met a doorway too narrow yet. Very handy in the mall. The baby went in the double stroller very early on - it angles back pretty far so that she was reclining, and the straps held her in the seat very securely. The McClaren seemed more easily maneuverable than the front to back models.



answers from Denver on

I have 3 kiddos all 2 1/2 to 3 years apart. I would skip the double stroller and go for the sit and stand kind. I never actually used either but your 3 year old will want to walk a fair amount of the time or even to stand in the back I am sure he will think is cool. I am sure my older kids would have loved the additional bit of freedom, and you will enjoy the covienence. BTW I said I never had either, I am a big fan of baby wearing so for the first 9-15 months baby was worn by me if we needed the stroller when we went palces (zoo, mueseum, etc.), just an alternative idea :)



answers from Colorado Springs on

I have had lots of experience with a double stroller. It has definately been a life saver for me since the last 4 have been 17 months apart. But for you, will it be worth the money? Is your oldest pretty independent and wanting to walk all the time, or does he like riding in the stroller? If you do decide to get a double stroller, get one that can hold the carseat. A used stroller can be great, just check the condition. Congradulations on #2.




answers from Salt Lake City on

With your oldest almost being three, I would look into a "Sit and Stand" stroller. Baby trend carries one. It's a carseat combo too. The older child can sit down in the back when tired, or stand up and hold on if they're not keeping up. OR, when they want to walk, you don't feel like you are pushing a huge stroller. So depends on what you'll use it for, but I love those ones.



answers from Colorado Springs on

I had an infant, a 2.5 year old & a deployed hubby-my double stroller was a lifesaver!
I lucked out & found a double stroller at a yard sale for $5. It was the best $5 I've ever spent (& when the airline broke it, the replacement was the best $150 they've ever spent). I weighed my side-by-side & front-back options & decided front-back would work better. It's easier to get through doors, easier to maneuver by myself w/o help (people aren't always at the push doors to help you). My mom & I literally opened, closed, pushed, inserted baby seat & then 2.5 year old, pulled them both out, did it all one-handed, did it not looking-the only thing I couldn't do was test it in a vehicle trunk... a lot of thought went into the process. I suggest you do the same, but take a friend w/you to help keep your little ones entertained while you're practicing opening & closing-that helped out a lot, we spent well over an hour at the double stroller section. I loved the one I found, the friend I sold it to loved it & I'm sure the person she sold it to did as well. Don't limit yourself to one brand, try them all out.



answers from Boise on

I agree with Natalie. I bought a great "Take Me Too" stroller when my second was a few months old. It really was great. My oldest was just over 2 yrs when #2 was born, and we used it until he was about 4. But we just had baby #3, and my very large (>97% for height, 85% for weight) 3 1/2 year old is already a few pounds over the weight limit (40 lbs). I wish I could buy a sit 'n stand, because he still gets tired and LOVES to ride in a stroller. Our Take Me Too is rather useless now. I don't know if they'r still making them, but they're awesome. There's a step for the child in the back to get in by themselves, and the back seat is higher so the back child can see. It won hands down over the Duoglider in my book!

My friend had a side-by-side, and she couldn't get it through our front door. I had to open our double doors to let her come in without taking her babies out of the stroller! She said it was pretty useless in stores, too. I tried a Combi side-by-side at a yard sale, and it didn't steer AT ALL so I didn't buy it.

I suggest that you go to Baby Depot inside Burlington Coat Factory if you can. They have floor models you can try out. Put your son in the front seat when trying out the in-line strollers, because they're harder to steer when there's weight in the front. I was surprised how difficult some of the strollers were to steer, even while empty. It made our decision very easy after we tried them out!

Oh, and as for whether a double is worth it, YES!!! I remember going to the mall by myself to let my B. play before I got the stroller. My 2 yr old got tired on the way out of the mall, and was sobbing for me to carry him. My infant was in his infant seat which snapped onto the stroller. For a while, I was giving the 2 yr old a piggy back while pushing the infant. Then I finally had to take the baby out of his seat, balance the car seat on the canopy (not steady!) and let the 2 yr old ride while I carried the baby. My husband didn't want me to get a double stroller, but after that horrible experience, I said to heck with what he thinks! It was wonderful after I bought it.



answers from Springfield on

My daughters are 16 mos. apart, so having a double stroller was a MUST. After a great deal of research, I bought the Graco Duo Rider (side by side) brand new (about $129). I LOVE this stroller because it is well made, has lots of storage underneath, which many of the lighter-weight and more expensive models/brands do not have. It has a wonderfully useful canopy with a sunroof window to check on them while canopy is up. They can recline, sit, whatever. It fit my Graco infant car seat just fine and there was plenty of room for both girls. It slides perfectly thru doorways and I'm sad to see it go. My 2 are 2 and 3 now and they insist on walking everywhere. So.... I'm selling it if you're interested and in Colorado Springs... just let me know. But regardless of which path you take, they're definitely worth it, to help you keep control over 2 little ones!! :)

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