Is 60-70 Degree Weather Too Cold for Pool?

Updated on March 17, 2013
S.S. asks from Los Angeles, CA
15 answers

My husband thought it was a good idea to take our 23 month old son in the pool yesterday and it was 60-70 degrees outside and windy. I was cold standing there in my jacket and pants but he said the water felt warmer than outside so he thought it was ok. Is he right or am I?? It's hard to tell b/c my husband never gets cold and I'm always cold so I feel like both of our internal thermostats are off =P Thanks! I just want to know for future reference...

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answers from Anchorage on

Depends on a ton of factors. For one, 70 here is about the warmest it gets and it feels so nice we will swim in glacier fed streams. A heated pool at 60 or 70 I would think was way fine, but if someone is used to much warmer weather it may feel too cold to them.

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answers from Dallas on

My mom always had an 80 degree rule. But, if you're kid's lips didn't turn blue & you weren't the one expected to take him, I think no biggie.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

75+ is when I'd maybe START thinking about getting in a pool...

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answers from Honolulu on

Brrr! That would be too cold for me!


answers from Sacramento on

How warm is the water? My kids have been swimming in our pool for the past few weeks, and we're a few hundred miles north of you. But, we turned on the pool heater as well, so the water itself isn't super cold.


answers from Dover on

I know that I wouldn't want to get in a pool at that temperature, but my 10 & 11 year old kids would in a heartbeat. How did you son seem? Did he shiver & say he was too cold once he got in? Maybe he's hot-blooded like his Daddy!



answers from Phoenix on

Yes, it's too cold. Not to mention, the pool is usually colder than the outdoor temperature. I live in a hot climate, and we don't normally use the pool until it's at least 100 degrees out, consistently & the water is at least 80 degrees.


answers from Jacksonville on

I really really hope this is a legitimate "I don't know the answer" and not an "I told you so" question. LOL

But yes, it is WAY too cold. Something hubby may not have thought about is that little ones's body still hasn't matured (duh, that's why they're still little, lol) and that includes their internal thermostat. They have a harder time regulating their own body temperature. So sticking them in a too cold pool, or even just outside without the proper attire on a cooler day, can be hard on them. They may not shiver as quickly as you would even when they are cold, because their system isn't mature yet.
If he was shivering AT ALL he should have immediately been put in dry clothes and warmed up. The water may have FELT warmer to your husband, but was there a thermometer that gave the actual water temp? Too much below normal body temperature will cause a small child to rapidly(!) loose body temperature. Even 75 degree water can be rather chilly. That's 23 degrees below normal body temp. That is what the coastal waters around here are right now. I wouldn't be out swimming in it.



answers from New York on

Whether it's "too cold" for a grown-up is totally subjective. But I would be mad if my husband took a small child in the water in that weather! (Which he would probably do, too.)

Ultimately, I guess it depends how your son reacted. Were his lips blue? If he had fun, then I'd say it's OK.



answers from Jacksonville on

Well it depends on the weather the past few days at my house it was about 55-65 the next day 65-70 and the next the same and my pool was fine to get into so if your Weather was anything like that, your good!!



answers from Dallas on

Wait...seriously? The weather here is on average hotter the LA. The water here is WAY too cold for anyone to swim in. There is no way he should be taking your baby.

People keep saying "their children" swam in cold water. Your child is a TODDLER, not a child. Their body regulates differently. Adults responding saying they swim in cold water, should not affect your choice. An ADULT is NOT a toddler.



answers from Boston on

For a baby....yes but I remember being 5,6,7..... And my aunt and uncle opened their pool memorial day no matter what the weather was and all of us kids had to be dragged out of the pool for lunch and some must have been chillier then other years because there are pictures of us marching in the parade with knee socks and sweaters on.


answers from Kalamazoo on

How warm was the water? If the water was warm and they weren't out too long, I think it's fine.


answers from Dallas on

Umm, yes, that is WAY too col for the pool.


answers from St. Louis on

Well....I sure hope so cause the pool was at 68 degrees when my kids first got in. :p They also wouldn't get out so I assume they were having fun.

If the child started crying or complaining then it was too cold, if not he was just fine.

Funny but true the water was so much colder than the outside air the water in the air was condensing on the outside of the pool. I have strange kids. :-/

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