Is 2 Yr. Old Too Young for an Event

Updated on April 23, 2009
T.M. asks from Panama City Beach, FL
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Hey moms,

We won two tickets to the Bob the Builder Live event here in PC tomorrow night. My son is only 23 months old and doesn't even know who Bob the Builder is. Do you think he would enjoy this show, or is he too young to sit that long about something that he has never even seen before? We may end up selling them for a reduced price when I find out where the seats are located and how much they are worth, depending on all your advice. If anyone is interested in buying them, let me know along with your other thoughts.


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So What Happened?

Thanks so much for all your positive encouragement. We went to the show and he did like it, but it was VERY loud and we had to put tissue paper in his ears to drown out some of the loudness because we were sitting so close. He didn't act overjoyed, but pointed to the stage as we were leaving and said more, more. That's how I knew he liked it. Thanks again for all your encouragement.

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I have an almost 3 year old son and we have been taking him to Disney on Ice for about a year. He is not the bravest of kids and starts to cry at the beginning because he is scared but them gets into the show. My daughter on the other end is 15 months old and she enjoyed the show when we went a month ago. She behaved good until the 15 minute brake came. After that she wouldnt stop moving around but atleast she wasnt scared. I guess it all depends on his charater.

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You'd be surprised what a 2 year old will comprehend and enjoy. I just took my family to a rod run car show in Tennessee, (my dad's idea) and my kids are 6, 5, 3, and 23 months just like yours and my 23 month old had a blast! He loved looking at all the old antique cars. He associated them with all the programs that have cars in them, so if he saw an old 1930's car, he would call it "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" because that's what it looked like, or one that looked like lightening McQueen from the movie cars, well, that's what he named that car. It was really neat to see how excited he got.
I think you should take him. Before you go, you can show him a few videos of bob the builder, (I'm sure they have them at the library) so he can know the song, and when he goes he can associate the show with the programs he's seen. It'll be fun for him!
Take care!

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I took my son who was 19 months at the time to Disney on Ice. The only Charter he really knew was Mickey and Mickey did not have much time on the Ice. First, they did Cars, Then the little Mermaid, then The Lion King, then finally all the Fairies like Tinkerbelle. He LOVED it! He has never seen any of those movies, just the music and the theatrics was all he needed, he stood most of the time watching it and would dance here and there. We got him some popcorn and he was set. I say take was free! Worst case scenario you leave early, it is fun to take them to things geared to this age. After all they are only this age once, when he’s 8-9 he won’t want to see bob the builder, but he would be more able to sit threw it. A little culture never hurt anyone...Just Go and have fun and take tons of pics!!! (their faces are priceless!!)



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I say you are the only one who know if you child can sit for that long? He most likely would enjoy the show and pick up a new "hero" that he can now follow along and watch. But just curious.... If you don't take him why would you sale tickets that you yourself won? You don't have any friends that have older kids that might really enjoy the show? Before you entered to win the tickets didn't you know what you would be winning? I say saleing something that you didn't pay for is very distasteful. Just a littler curious, I hope you do decide to parttake in the show and he enjoys it!



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Dear T.,
Give it a try. You have to start somewhere, and you'll never have an easier venue then Bob the Builder. You'll be surrounded by babies and kids. Since the tix are free, you have nothing to lose if you decide to leave. Stop by Toys R Us or Target and get a couple of plastic Bob the Builder figures, so he'll have something to play with. Have fun!



answers from Charleston on

I say go for it. I brought my 2 year old to disney princesses on ice shortly before her second birthday and she loved it. We've also brought her to the movies. At both places there were a lot of kids and it was interesting to look around at them all because they were all so into, there was very little screaming or throwing fits, at least I didn't notice any.



answers from Mayaguez on

These shows are very lively, colorful and full of music. They are produced for children. He'll enjoy it even if he's never heard of Bob the Builder. Guaranteed. Have fun!



answers from Orlando on

I think he will love it!!! Give it a try. If he doesnt, leave early. Not like you paid for the tickets:)
Have fun!



answers from Boca Raton on

Hi T.! Well, it depends on your sons personality. We brought my daughter to Sesame Street Live when she was around that age...and she was mesmerized, thrilled, and overjoyed! She LOVED it. She is also not a very big Sesame Street it was similar to your situation. If I were you, I would go for it..It is something special..and there is so much noise, even if he screams, it won't be obtrusive. I am sure they have lots of I think it sounds like fun. If you think you might be stressed out if he is too rambunctious...then maybe sell them..but I say go for it!
A. :)



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I think your son is old enough.There are going to be a bunch of little ones there, my son went in kindergarten and thought it was such a good play.Id give it a try if it gets to bad and he doesnt seem interested you could always leave.
Good Luck and Have fun if you do decide to go !

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