Is 2 TOO Young to Start Preschool and Montessori Vs. Other Preschools

Updated on February 13, 2008
I.D. asks from Antioch, CA
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I am really excited about my daughter attending preschool and having the opportunity to LEARN new things and MEET new people. With that in mind, I have started contacting local preschools to see what the entrance reqs are, etc and many have told me that they do not accept children until they are 3. Well, I really want my daughter to start and have opted for a 3-day a week program that would start when she turns 2 (Oct.2008).

My husband was on board until I told him that it would cost about $995 a month ($755/preschool and $240/daycare) vs. the $540 we pay currently for a home daycare. I LOVE the daycare provider that we have my daughter with right now, but it is more of a home daycare program with very limited activities and stimulation.

My god-daughter (age 9) has attended Montessori schools since birth and I have been very happy with the education and program that it offers. I haven't researched many other types of schools, but am interested to know what else is out there. PLEASE HELP!!!

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Hi I.,

Absolutely! I think 2 is a great age to start. Anything that gets them thinking, owning their experiences, socializing and developing their unique skills is great for development!

I honestly think that we hold our children back, assume that they're too young or innocent to start their education, when really it's only us as parents who want to believe that they aren't ready. More than likely it's the parents who don't want to let go of their child as a baby than the child's readiness.

Anyway, good on you, and I support you completely. I am 4 months pregnant and plan on getting my child in as early as possible.

Best of luck,



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Montessori is the way to go but do your research because there are very few authentic ones out there~!



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Hello I.:

Much of schooling depends on the personality of the child. If your youngster is outgoing and active, preschool will not traumatize her. If she is a non-talker and a bit of a clinger, you might want to wait until she is three. Most youngsters at her age do well with supervised play groups a couple of times a week as opposed to full time pre-school. Many of them still need quite a bit of the one on one care and attention. Good luck.

Retired principal



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Have you contacted any co-op preschools?
Education of the whole family.
The price is lower and value is greater

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