Is $0.13 for One Diaper Too Much?

Updated on October 14, 2010
T.T. asks from Philadelphia, PA
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I have to take care on budget and try to save money where I can. And why not on diapers? I am currently using Pampers Baby Dry Size 1 and each one cost $0.13 (50%off w/ coupons and membership over I am curious if I could save more. Are there any diapers which is cheaper? How much do you spend (Size1)?

Any advices are really appreciated. Thank you.



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answers from St. Louis on

Not at all - the ones I buy are the Pampers through and I get a discount so I think I spend around .19 per diaper. However, I will only use Pampers because my son leaks through everything else. I'd try the cheaper ones and if you like them and they work for you, go with those. Why not?

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answers from Dallas on

Depends on the size. They get more expensive as they get bigger. I was paying 11 c a diaper for the biggest size at Walmart just before my kids potty trained last year. The WalMart brand worked just fine.

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answers from Topeka on

Go Cloth!!! You will spend a little more money you can just get a dozen at a time and build up your supply . Once you have the cloth diapers and covers are going to save TONS of money every month and you will be much more environment friendly!!!
You can look at various places online that have used diapers for sale at much cheaper prices. ( I Know...the idea of used diapers is sort of hard to wrap your head around but both of my daughters use them on their sons...and once you wash and sanitize them they are just fine!!!). You will also want to look at the great covers that they have daughters are particularly fond of fuzzibuns and bum genioius . I found one sight called diaper swappers that looks like it would be a great source.
The nice thing is that you can save these and use them on the NEXT little one at your house with no additional expense on your part!!! I used cloth diapers on all three of my girls, and as I said, both of my daughters are using them on their I can tell you how great they really are!!
In the mean time...make sure you are looking for coupons to use on your diapers. Figure out whether it is cheaper to buy one big box of diapers and only use one coupon or if you save more per unit by buying smaller packages and using multiple coupons.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Samantha is right they do get more expensive the bigger the diaper. Try the store brands. I used to use either the Sam's Club Member Mark or Toys R Us Especially for Baby when my kids wore diapers. They did not leak for me and I did not feel I had to change them more often. I know a lot of people swore by the Target brand but I think those other two brands were cheaper. Compare and see what works for you.

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answers from Provo on

Cloth diapering is a good alternative. Most people think that they hike up your water bill. Not true. If you do the math it comes out for 2 washes a week for two years it's a $14 extra. If you would like more info you can message me or check out my blog.

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answers from San Antonio on

I used to buy Pampers, but have switched to LUVS. I found that they were cheaper W/O a coupon than Pampers were WITH a coupon. Not sure how much each they are. I signed up on and got two coupons in the mail, which made the first two packages I bought a lot cheaper.

Hmm. I just got out he calculator. 13 cents sounds pretty good. But what size are you buying? The size 5 luvs cost about a quarter a piece.

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answers from Sharon on

try the store brand name... my local wal mart brand is parents choice and there 5 or 6 dollars and my local grocery store is gernaric diapers are baby basic and there 6 or 7 dollars but try that

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answers from Austin on

If you sign up for Amazon's Subscribe & Save and Amazon Mom the diapers are $0.11, free two day shipping, no tax. Not sure how you got $0.13 on Amazon as the diapers would be $0.16+ at regular cost. Here is the link for the one's I found:

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answers from Minneapolis on

I think 13 cents is alot on a diaper. I have tried the cheap diapers which cost less but figured out I was actually spending more cause I had to change them more often so we were using more diapers. I love pampers but at am trying to be more frugal so we switched to loves. We are only on day two but so far they seem to be working.

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answers from Chicago on

I'm a diaper expert! LOL! I have found that the cheapest and best bets are Target brand/UP and UP and the Parents Choice brands. You get the most diapers for the price if you buy the box. Parents choice just changed their design and improved their diapers to compare to Pampers. I used the old versions and they sucked. The new ones are great! If I had coupons, I would buy Luvs...but only with the coupon. Overall, those two listed above are the best for the money.

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answers from Atlanta on

Quit using the name brands! I use Kroger Comforts and Target Up and Up and they have been just as good (if not better) than all the Huggies and Pampers I spent TWICE as much money per box on with my first child! The store brands are literally about 1/2 the price of the name brands, and they work very well! I've also never had to change the store brand diapers any more frequently than the name brands.

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answers from Houston on

Wow I think 0.13 is pretty good, but if you are willing to change brands you can do a bit better. I think for size one, the Parent's Choice brand at Walmart is about .10 per diaper. They have recently changed their diapers and they are so much better! When my baby was in size one though, I used Luvs because newborn, breastfed poo is so runny!! I could get a pack of Luvs for 6.97 which breaks down to about .12 per diaper. When my baby started on some solids then I switched over to Parent's Choice and I have been really happy with them. They are alot less bulky than they used to be and keep everything in well:) My baby is now in size three diapers and it is about .16 per diaper. So yeah you could save a little more if you want to. Also if you do go the Walmart route use a super store. We have a super store in my area and also just a grocery store. The grocery store has higher prices, usually a dollar higher on diapers. So you may want to watch out for that. Oh last thing, I tried the Kroger brand once because I just happened to be there, they worked great. The ones that have little bumble bees all over it. They were cheap and really effective. Good luck!!!

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answers from Gainesville on

I'm chiming in on the cloth cost issue. I used cloth on my first and now on my second and I'm not convinced it's cheaper because we are on well water and using the washer runs up our electricity bill. The diapers themselves, especially if you use prefolds and covers, YES, they will save you a ton of money. If you are on city water, then yes, I think you will save a ton of money. If you are on an electric pump for well water, not so much.
And I honestly think they are just as easy as disposables, and after the newborn stage I NEVER got a blowout. If I get a leak, which hasn't happened in like 6 months, I know it's time to strip the diapers, but I think "containment" is MUCH better with cloth.

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answers from Tampa on

Agree that if you are trying to be frugal, cloth is the best way to go...and you are not loading up a land fill. They really are easier to use than most people think. Good luck.



answers from Detroit on

I have tried every diaper they make.. and pampers are the best. If a cheap diaper leaks.. taht makes more laundry and more work.. not more savings..cheaper diapers also have to be changed more often.

After a while you figure out that you do not have to change diapers every hour. After I had 2 kids in diapers I changed them much less than when I had 1 kid in diapers.. Of course if there is poo.. that has to be changed immediately.. My kids alwasy wore pampers..and nver got rashes..

look for sales.. when dipes are on sale.. stock up... buy a couple of packs ahead.. of course you have to think about how long hte baby will fit in that size diaper. also compare the cost per diaper fro the big box adn the small pack.. sometime sthe big pack is cheaper somethime it is not..



answers from Philadelphia on

I'm also on board with the idea of switching to cloth. But it depends on your situation. The cheapest way to do cloth is prefolds and covers. You could get everything you need for less than $100. Your water bill/electricity bill might go up slightly, but if you line dry them it won't be a huge increase. If your child is in daycare you might want to go with a more user friendly option like bumgenius one-size pocket diapers. They are pricier, but you could still get all you need from now until potty training for under $400, even less if you get them used. Plus, as I'm discovering now cloth diapers often mean early potty training. We've been working with my son for less than a week and he is down to just one accident a day at 17 1/2 months. If you have questions send me a message.



answers from Topeka on

I use Luvs $6.99 for 27,or HY Vee Cliffords on the diaper they are $5.99 for 30 size 5 i'm sure the quantity will be more since your using size 1,or Walmart brand.I use to love Huggies lil movers but my goodness they are expensive & I used all my really good coupons all ready so my stock up is all used she is going on 2 & is interested in the pottychair & we do well with these diapers listed abouive that we use on her



answers from Binghamton on

thats a good deal i pay .18 a diaper huggies at sam's club. but my son is in size 3 so i get a few less than when a size 1.



answers from Tulsa on

Sometimes you get what you pay for and diapers are one of those, plastic trash bags being another.If you buy a good name brand that works for you, no leaking, no break throughs, no messes on the floor to clean up (those cheap diapers can dissolve and leave trails of little white pellets all over the house and trash bags that keep busting over and over and over and finally you can make it to the trash can but you have quadruple bagged the trash), these just don't save you any money and may in fact cost you more because you use up more of them.

Go with food quality for diapers.

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