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Updated on September 14, 2009
L.O. asks from Clairton, PA
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has anyone ever had a job that they caused them so much stress...they quit without a back up plan?
- I'm talking a job that causes sleepless nights...anxiety attacks, moody, and basically walking on eggshells all the time...and I've been doing this 7 years...

If you did it...Was it worth it...?

- Were you scared you were going to hurt your family financially - even though you know you weren't being the mother and wife you wanted to be with this job...

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So What Happened?

I've decided to give my boss a chance to fix things...I'm going to come clean and tell him all that has been going on...we will see how that goes!
By the way...I've never ever quit a job before without having another job...I'm not the person that makes it everyone elses fault...Actually to be quite honest I've quit this job 3 times, but my boss wont let me go! he always sweetens the least thats what it seems at first...but then I end up right back here...ugh! One More Chance!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I can't say I've quit a job that was making me miserable...but just wanted to offer a diferent perspective. I was "downsized" after 20+ years at a good job and let me tell you, things work out for the best. I had already adjusted to a PT salary after the birth of my son. (My choice to go to PT status). Then I was laid off and took a job at half the salary. Guess what? We survived (or should I say 'thrived"!?) Then I was offered my old job back at my previous salary. My point is too short to live it in misery. If you are THAT miserable, I'd leave. You will find something else. You could start sending out feelers now. But personally, I wouldn't stay in a job that caused me physical symptoms for any amount of money.
Another way to look at it is to calculate the savings you would have if you didn't work at all. Would you save on a car payment, child care, etc? Believe me, you can live on a lot less than you might think. Think of other areas where you can SAVE and you may find that (if you wish) you can eliminate O. income completely. Best of luck to you. Be well.

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answers from Philadelphia on

I tend to agree with the other responders that say that life is way too short to be miserable, especially if it is effecting you physically and mentally and you are bringing it home to your family.

With that said, I would definitely give a 2 week notice before leaving since you have been there for 7 years. You don't want to burn any bridges and you want to be able to put the position on your resume!

Obviously, the best case scenario is having a replacement job first but as long as you discuss it with your husband and can cover the bills for a while, you should be ok.

You're on the right track! An irresponsible person would never post this, they would fly by the seat of their pants and do something irrational!

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answers from Allentown on

work on back up plan now first if you need the money. Talk to hubby about your feelings as well.



answers from Erie on

HI, I know i'm probably late responding and i'm not sure my advice is relavant to you or not.
I have watched my sister be misesrable since she graduated college and started working, no take that back she was miserable at her part time job in High school. She can't get along with other people and can't be flexible about anything,To hear her tell it, it is never her fault, and the system is so corrupt what ever. So she has moved jobs a few times, but the same problems follow her.
I'm not at all insinuating that you are like my sister, but can you Pin point what makes you so stressed about your job, so that you can avoid working for a new place that is the same as what you are leaving??? If you can do that then i think you will be fine, but don't trade one set of problems for another until you've resolved the basic issues.
Again, sorry if this doesn't apply to your situation, just something for you to conisder.



answers from New York on

Hi, I've had jobs in the past where I felt that way sometimes but not all the time. If you feel that way all the time then it's time to move to another place, no job is worth doing that to you, it takes away from your life and enjoyment of all the blessings you have.



answers from Pittsburgh on

My husband quit his job for similar reasons to what you are describing, and unfortunately this was right around the time that the economy went into recession. Now, over a year and a half later, he has only been able to find a part-time job with very limited hours and is paid a small fraction of what he used to make. I was pretty upset with him because I felt that I was not really consulted in advance about this decision, which of course significantly affected not only him, but also myself and our daughter (who was just over one year old at that point). My salary is not sufficient to cover all of our monthly bills, and so we lose money every month and have only managed to stay above water financially because of our savings and a few lucky breaks (such as inheriting some money last year).

So I guess what I'm saying is, please talk this over with your husband so that together you can be sure to make the best decision for your family, whether that decision is quitting the job now or waiting until you can come up with a backup plan. Try to realistically assess your household's ability to cover your essential bills without your income, keeping in mind that you may encounter unexpected expenses (e.g., need for an emergency house or car repair) and that your search for a new job could last much longer than you expect. If once you have done this, quitting right away still appears to be the best option - or the least bad option, anyway - then do what you have to do.



answers from Tallahassee on

I left a very stressful job, but fortunately at the time, had a backup plan. However, while I was working there, I started discreetly looking for another job. In this economy, it's tough to walk away from a steady paycheck, but it is always easier to find another hopefully better job while you already have one. People do it all the can you. Life is short. Don't waste it being miserable. You spend 8 hours or more a day being unhappy at your job and now you're taking it home with you so you're basically spending the majority of your time stressed out and miserable. This can also make you unhealthy. Stop the madness now!

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