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Updated on May 28, 2011
K.G. asks from Miami Beach, FL
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Hi Again! I would like to introduce water to my 8 month old and was wondering if you have any suggestions. I am still exclusively breastfeeding and once pumped and tried to give him the milk in a bottle and he was not interested at all.

I am also wondering if I should wait until I stop breastfeeding or if I should begin introducing water now (I am not sure if it is even necessary yet since breastmilk is almost 90% water)

Also, when I do give him water should I buy the nursery water or regular spring water?
Thank you!!!

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answers from Orlando on

Try a sippy cup. I exclusively breastfed too. My kids never got bottles. I started sippy cups with them at 6 mos. It was so cute to see this little baby drinking out of them too. It took a little bot of time for them to get it though.

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answers from Honolulu on

Water does not replace breastmilk.
It is 2 different things.

Babies get hydration from breastmilk.

Not all babies will take a bottle.
My daughter never did even though I tried many time and many ways.
My son would.
Each baby is different.

It is not imperative, that you give a baby water at this stage.

Just ask your Pediatrician.

I just used purified water.

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answers from Santa Fe on

He should not need water - the breast milk is enough for hydration.
That said, you could start introducing water - but I would do it in a sippy cup and not a bottle. (No need to learn to use a bottle at this point, he is old enough to try using a sippy cup.) I'd guess that he would treat it as a toy for some time, but would gradually get the hang of it. Getting him used to the idea that he can drink from something other than mom is a good idea. :) At this point he is just learning how to do things, not relying on this for all his nourishment.
As for what kind of water? I have always just given mine anything that I would be willing to drink. :) Just my opinion though. :)
(Oh, and if you start introducing juice at any point - then water it down 1/2 and 1/2 juice and water. My kids still think this is how juice is, ages 5 &3. They don't need the sugar, and will get used to however you give it to them. :) )

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answers from Seattle on

I served water with meals of solid food at that stage. My daughter never drank a lot of it, but it was a good habit to start at that time - even if they don't drink a lot of it and get most of their liquids from breastmilk.



answers from Kansas City on

As long as you are exclusively breastfeeding, he needs NOTHING ELSE!! The foremilk (what comes out first) is waterier and quenches thirst, and the hindmilk (what comes out after the foremilk) is fattier and more filling. This is why you are supposed to fully empty one breast before switching sides. There is no need to introduce water until after at least one year.


answers from Rochester on

You can introduce a cup. It's not like you're doing it for hydration purposes...but to get him interested in a cup, and another liquid, since you won't breastfeed forever. I would absolutely start now. I started around six months, and am happy I did, because my one year old will drink water. Not a lot, but she'll drink a few ounces with a meal.

And this is just my opinion, but it's definitely not necessary to buy special water...especially nursery water. I use tap water. Of course, I know that my tap water is clean...maybe if you live off well water, etc, you'd want to buy water. But most bottled water is tap water, regardless, and most of it comes from the same place and is sold to different labels.


answers from Fort Walton Beach on

I nursed my babies but started them both on water bottles in their first years. They are now 17 and 19, and water is always a top priority for them.

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answers from Miami on

Get the new Gerber water. It doesn't have fluoride.


answers from Sacramento on

give him the water in a sippy cup or out of a glass that you are drinking from. I give purified is not necessary to give them water - but you can if you want to.



answers from Los Angeles on

Make sure you only give him small amounts to avoid water intoxication. My baby is 9 months and breastfed. I give her water in a sippy cup to get her used to a cup and help with constipation. I measure it and make sure she does not get more than a few ounces in a day. She is getting pretty interested in it now.



answers from Phoenix on

I introduced my little one to water by this age as well. I used nursery for my 1st distilled or boiled water for my 2nd and now my third is whatever one I have on hand. I did a little bit at a time and did not force the issue. I never replaced this with formula just added to it as another item she could have. If you are not comfortable you can always speak with you pedi


answers from Santa Fe on

Just start introducing a cup and a sippy cup over and over and eventually your baby will get it. (Hold the cup for him though!) I think our daughter was 12 months before she was starting to get good at it. She is 19 months now. She never really liked sippy cups but she will drink out of them a little. She has one brand that she likes but the others not so much. She does like using a regular cup and she LOVES drinking with a straw! I just use our regular tap water (which is good where we live)...just use whatever water you drink. You can start now (just a teeny bit for practice though). At 12 months I'd say let him have normal amounts of water or milk from a cup.


answers from Austin on

Noooo water for infants under 12 months, because it can cause 'water intoxication'. A baby's kidneys aren't mature enough to filter water or water-based liquids out of the blood. Can lead to swelling of the brain, seizures and death. Only formula or breast milk until 12 months.

Google 'infant, water intoxication' for more information.

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