Introducing Infant to Water

Updated on June 08, 2009
L.M. asks from Irving, TX
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My baby is 3 months old. With the summer approaching, when is the best time and what is the best way to introduce him to a swimming pool? He loves taking a bath. We want our baby to enjoy the water as we enventually want to take him to the beach and snorkeling when he is older. Didn't know if the infant swim classes are recommended or should we teach him ourselves? Also, any specific swim product you'd recommend. Thanks!

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answers from Abilene on

When my daughter was about 4 months old we took a parent/child swim class at the YMCA. It was a lot of fun and just gets them used to the water. I would recommend this. Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

I don't know when the best time is - my girls didn't get in the water until they were 12 months old - but they did ok. We had a swim instructor (owns her own facility now) talk to our Multiples group - she commented that her classes start at 6 months old. You may find some private instructors who would be willing to work with 3 month olds. Also, check with your Parks & Recreation department and see what they have to offer or what they would advise.



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Infant swim lessons is the greatest way . Mine were both about 6 mo. My daughter got an ear infection and we had to quit and go again at 8 mos. I will tell you if you wait later like 2 and half they are afraid. I went back with my daughter at 2 and half and she would not do anything the instructor told her. As soon as the instructor was not looking she did and when they did a dive she refused. At 6 mos they really have no fear and there is a proper way to teach them and they teach you how to teach them. Ways they do not shove water up their noses and such. I highly recommend it. I do not however know where to go. My lessons were years ago in Seattle. G. W



answers from Dallas on

We just had a 3 year old great-nephew that drowned, and I had seen this type of water training before, but never thought to tell my nephew :-(. There is something out there called Tadpole training... that teaches babies when they fall in the water to just float. Here is a article on it. If you can find this training, I would recommend it. You just can't be to careful around water with the little ones. Good luck...



answers from Dallas on

Hi-I enrolled my daughter in a water babies class when she was 8 months old with a Y program. Then when she was about 15 months old we started her at Emler. In both programs it was mostly about getting the babies comfortable in the water. A lot of repetition, singing, playing and in both she went under water. I also have a 2 year old son and have decided to wait until he is 3 yrs old to start "formal" swim lessons. It really wasn't until my daughter turned 3 yrs that she really started swimming and retaining what she was learning. I enjoyed the water baby lessons with her. I have also been very pleased with what she has learned at Emler and I would highly recommend them. But, I think if you are really comfortable in the water, then you could do a lot of what is done on your own (as far as games, playing, singing, exposure). I think (not too sure where I read/heard this) that the new recommendation for "swim lessons" by AAP is 4 yrs old. It used to be 3 yrs old.

Also, I am not sure if you are aware that babies under 6 months shouldn't have sunscreen/block applied. So, be sure to keep him out of the sun!

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