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Updated on October 24, 2006
D.W. asks from Frisco, TX
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Hello Moms,
We are interviewing a couple of girls (collage age) who we HOPE can be our babysitter for evening outings (dare I say the words 'date night'). Our kids attend day care and the only other person to baby sit have been friends. I'm not sure what questions to ask, if I should obtain her SS# at the first meeting to run a background check? Where do I start? My boys will be present during the interview so I can see how she interacts with them and vice versa. Please give me a few pointers. Thank you.

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That would be the first thing is to run background check,you just never know these days. Ask if they have CPR training, if they have ever watched kids before and maybe even call the people they worked for and ask them how they like the girl watching there kids. Make sure they know the rules around your house and for your children. If they have a good car incase something happen and they needed to take you child to the ER. And ofcourse see how well they get along with you kids. Just a little advice hope it helps

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Definitely do the background check. I'm not sure what you need, but I think SSN and driver's license number. Find out before the interview.
There is a fee for background checks.
Get a list of references who you can call, then go with your gut instinct.
Having multiple meetings is also a good idea. I might even schedule some time for her to come over on a "mother's helper" basis a couple times so she can get an idea of house rules, etc. Host a get together at your house and have her keep track of the kids while you entertain guests. Or have her come over for a couple hours while you deep clean the house.

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I always use for background checks. It does cost a membership but it's not much. You can find out just about anything you would know if you paid for a background check. I would caution about references.... they don't always tell the truth. Their friends could be their references.

I personally would ask them to watch your children once while you are doing some work around the house ... just to see how she handles your kids and what your kids think of her.

A. Lynn

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Interviewing Teenage Babysitters
If you don't already have it, you'll want to obtain some basic information from the babysitter, such as his or her full name, age, address and phone number, and at least two references with whom you can speak. You will already have most of this information if you found the babysitter on Additionally, many babysitters put one or two references in their profile, allowing you to contact the references directly before you interview the babysitter. Interviews with young babysitters are likely to be a bit less formal, but the following are questions you may want to ask, either in your initial phone contact or in an actual interview:

Do you have any younger brothers or sisters that you babysit for? What are their ages?

Have you had experience taking care of other children? If so, how old were they and over what period of time (and/or how often) did you babysit for them?

Have you completed any babysitter training, first aid, or CPR courses?

Tell me about school. How are your grades? What activities are you involved in?

What do you do in your spare time? Do you have any hobbies or other jobs?

How do your parents feel about you babysitting?

What do you like best about babysitting and being with kids? What do you like least?

What kinds of activities do you enjoy doing with children?

Do you know what to do in case of an emergency?

What is the most difficult situation you have encountered while babysitting? How did you handle it?

How much do you charge and what hours are you available?

Do you have any questions for me?



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I think the tips given to you are great. Be sure to get their cell phone to. Undoubtedly they have one and more than likely will answer that one more than home! :) Also, my advice is to make sure they know what you expect from them. A lot of High School students are wonderful, especially if they know what is expected of them up front. This doesn't entirely mean be a "meanie"; with my experience, high school students like you to be honest and straightforward. In no way should you lower your expectations. Good luck to you.



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Always trust your instincts. An internet background check can be faulty and is always secondary to a mother's intution, in my opinion. Meet her and see how she acts with the kids and if you get a good feel for her, try a trial date(just a few hours) and see how it goes. Your kids are old enough to know if they like her or not, so trust their opinions. Also, try to meet girls who have been referred to you by close friends, neighbors, family, etc. They always seem to work out best!



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Check references, check references, check references! I cannot stress this enough! Also, Mom's Best Friend (a nanny agency) will do a background check for you.



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All these are GREAT pieces of advice. I would also ask her situational questions such as if a specific emergency would come up, what would she do?

Another great tool would be a nanny cam. I would recommend that for anyone who has someone else who watches their children.

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