International Travel with 11 Month Old

Updated on May 05, 2008
C.Z. asks from Elizabeth, NJ
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Hello! My husband and I are planning a trip to Greece in September. Our baby will be 11 months old at the time and I have questions! We are looking to book our tickets in the next few weeks and I see that the tickets are the same price for the baby as the adult ticket (if he gets his own seat). The price is only 10% of the adult ticket if the baby is in the adult's lap. The flight is almost 10 hours going and almost 12 coming back. How does a baby sit in your lap for that long?? Has anyone done this? Also, where do you change the baby? The bathrooms are not big enough for that so I can't see where you could possibly change a baby. And how do I handle the time difference with his eating and sleeping schedule (it's a 7 hour time difference)? If anyone has taken a baby around that age on a long trip like that, please help! THANKS!

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answers from Albany on

The flight to Greece is grueling. I would get baby a seat you will all be happier.

I have flown internationally with my children. Use your carseat, change diapers DISCRETELY in your seat - not on the tray table. If it is a messy diaper I would definitely take baby to the bathroom. There is just enough room on the sink area. Request special baby meals. Check your stroller at the gate.

Make sure you have a carseat that will fit in small european cars. Do not trust the european ones. They do not always have a 5 point harness. Some areas of Greece have the highest auto accident fatalities rates in all of Europe so a good carseat in imperative.

Regarding the time change, be prepared to be awake in the middle of the night to feed your child. This will probably only be the first couple nights. Your baby will adjust, but not completely, until you are just about ready to leave!

Have fun. Greece is an incredible place to visit and make sure to eat figs and baklava while you are there!




answers from New York on

Definitely get a seat for your little one, otherwise you will have to deal with a squirming or sleeping baby the entire flight, which gets very tiring. I just flew seven hours with my 15 month old son, and I was SO thankful he had his own seat. He slept in his car seat, and other than getting out to change a diaper and do a few laps down the aisle of the airplane, he was quite content. We played with a few new toys I brought along for the trip (definitely a must for a long plane ride), we colored and "read" the safety brochure of the airplane, he looked at some of his favorite books, and ate a good snack. No crying or fussiness. I think it was because he was in his own seat and was comfortable.

Most planes do have a changing table in the bathroom, but usually the flight attendants will let you change your baby in the galley area. As long as you are fast and discreet, they don't mind. And don't forget to request a special meal, or bring lots and lots of snacks.

As far as time change goes, be prepared to have a few rough days. Babies are pretty adaptable and should be ready to go in a day or two. The way over to Greece will be easier than the flight back, at least that was my experience.

Have fun!!



answers from New York on

I advise getting a seat on a flight that long. I have travled many times with my children on shorter and longer flights. And only one time did I purchase them a seat when they were under two.

It was when I traveled with my little one back and forth to Korea when she was 15 months old by myself. I was able to have her sleep in her car seat (you can order a car seat carrier that you can carry as an oversize backpack) much easier than she would have been able to sleep in my lap. Plus her tray was a fun "play table" where she could put toys and I put snacks on it for her.

Most airplanes do have a changing table that pulls down over the toilet...

The schedule was a little difficult (it was 12 hours different there) but she adjusted REALLY quickly each way. It took her about two days...much easier than it was for me to adjust.

Have fun!



answers from New York on


there is hardly any space as it is, trust me you'll need it.

My friend got the Jump seats so she had a little more room to play on the floor, and that was good so try and plan for that seat if you can.

Also Diaper changes, now your talk ing Rough stuff LOL

I like to just lay out a mat on the floor near the Bathroom,
and do a quicl clean up there, Frankly no one has ever said anything to me, and its a little more polite than in your lap,

plus the kitchen area is there lets you have just a bit more leg room.

Some planes Do have changing tables.but not all.

Bring plenty of snacks and diapers.LOL

Good luck


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