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Updated on September 28, 2010
T.R. asks from Clarksville, TN
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My husband and I have been trying to adopt domestically for over a year. We are now looking into other options such as international adoption. We are currently thinking about Korea, but may be open to other countries depending on wait time, travel, money... We have been leaning toward an agency called AIAA, but have not applied anywhere yet (for international adoption. We have also considered adopting a special needs (correctable) or 1-2yr old. We would really like to complete the adoption process by Christmas 09. If any moms out there have experience with international adoption and would like to share or information about an agency that I should look into, please respond. I am open to any advise but would like to make a decision soon.

Thank you in advance for all of your replys!

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answers from Raleigh on

We have adopted twice from Russia and have had great experiences with Frank Adoption Center in Raleigh. My daughter's adoption took about 11 months and she came home at 12 months old. My son's adoption took about 15 months and he came home at 11 months old. Good luck. It's a hard process, but it's worth it in the end.

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answers from Hickory on

My husband and I adopted a beautiful healthy little girl domestically in less than a year. We went through Catholic Social Services (you don't have to be Catholic). This is not foster-to-adopt through Social Services - it is private adoption. We were open to infants of any race, and we had our daughter within three months of finishing all the paperwork and home studies. We looked into international adoption, but it was too expensive. Because we didn't expect a Caucasian baby, our wait for domestic adoption was much shorter. (It may have gone a little faster than usual because our baby was biracial and we are an interacial couple.) We had a great social worker and it was a wonderful experience.

Good luck with the adoption process.

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answers from Wheeling on

I know that Focus on the Family (an international Christian ministry) is advocating adoption through many means, so I'd give them a call. 1-800-A-FAMILY. I'm sure they can refer you to lots of pertinent info!

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answers from Louisville on

Both Southeast Christian & Highview Baptist Churches are HUGE Adoption advocates and have tons of resources available. Give one of them a call!



answers from Raleigh on

Hi T.,
First congratulations! Adoption is an amazing gift! We have two adopted children (internationally) that are the loves of our lives! Our kids were 12 mo and 14 1/2 mo old when they came home, and with that experience, I would no doubt adopt be open to adopting an older child. I will try to answer a few of your questions, from my experiences. First, as far as what country, I suggest doing your research and then quite your hearts and see where that leads you. Your baby is out there, and the country you will choose will be where YOUR baby is. I truly believe this! I have never heard of that agency. I know that it does help to be able to meet with the agency in person. Ours was about 45 minutes away, and that helped a lot. Carolina Adoption is a great agency I can reccomend. When you choose a country, there are usually yahoo group listserves (this might even help with the decision process). This is a great way learn about programs and gain support from other (mostly) women that are going through the same thing. Great support is a huge thing with adoption. With a preganancy you walk around with your 'belly' that announces to the world that you are expecting, with adoption, even loved ones forget that you are 'expecting'. Ok, here is THE most important part of this advice, and I think every adoptive parent will agree. The adoption process and timeline is different for everyone and there is no guarentee, just keep telling yourself that it will happen in the right time. Origianlly we thought we would have our babies home by Christmas, then a family members wedding in Feb, then our daughters birthday in March, then Easter, then Mother's Day in May, well they finally came home in June. The hardest part was putting those time goals and watching them pass....try not to do this! On the other had I know families who sped through the process. Like I said it's different for everyone! OK, one last piece of advice, learn sign language while you wait,that way you will be able to communicate with your child right away (babies/kids paick up sign language much quicker than verbal language). Good Luck!!!!



answers from Wheeling on

Hello T.,
I'm not a mother of an adopted child....would love to be. I have a friend who used the Great Wall of China Adoption Agency twice, as well as numerous other couples in our area. I am told they are nationally well known and recommended. Hope this helps you. If you need contact information...please let me know, as I will contact her to find out.



answers from Raleigh on

I don't know if you have thought about fostering to adopt but that is a great option. It only costs you the price of a lawyer to make it final. There are children in the child protective services system that are in need of adoption. The CPS knows which one will not be going back to their parents. There are a few classes you have to take and if you are already into the adoption mode then you have already had home visits, physicals and that kind of stuff. My sister and her husband had been trying to adopt for 4 yrs internationally. They chose an agencey and paid the fee to go to the seminar. Lots of paperwork and lots of information that was great but cost 300 dollars and could have been found for fee online. A friend that works at the court house in our home town mentioned fostering to adopt and that is what they are in the process of doing now. They took all the classes in 2 weekends. The head of CPS did a home visit. This started in Novemeber 08 and they will have a kid at the end of January 09 that they will be fostering. The adoption of 1 or more children could be final by June or July. They are looking for a sibling set of 2-3 kids with no child over 5. You can be specific like that. Something to look into where you are. Good luck!!


answers from Knoxville on

Hi T.,
A mom and dad of a school mate of my daughter's went through WACAP to adopt her son.He was 4 when they got him, but I'm sure you can get younger. He is from China. He did have a cleft pallet that needed to be repaired over here surgically. That was the reason he was given up for adoption. Isn't that sad? He is very sweet and is adapting well over here. They have a website. Just google WACAP. They will send you a free information pack in the mail too. Good Luck!
Oops, I forgot to add, the mom said they were a wonderful agency to work with, that it went a lot smoother than she had imagined. She had never adopted before at all either.


answers from Memphis on

T. - I have a friend that has just adoped her third Korean would probably like to visit with her.

I also have another friend that is working on her second international adoption.

How is the best way to connect you with them? If you visit and send me an email address for you (they are not members of MamaSource)...I'll forward it to them (copying the message to you) and you can go from there. These are two great people to meet and ask opinions of...



answers from Washington DC on

i would stay away from international adoption all together. i cant even tell you how bad it can go. there are no laws to protect you, and no one to help you once you get home. even if you adopt a baby the baby can turn out to have such behaviors that it literally ruins your life....and there is nothing you can do. domestic adoption has all the government support in the world for these issues that often happen. it is not worth the risk. just go to a support group for those who adopted. that will open your eyes to the realities you must become aware of before making such a life commitment. dont rush this, and dont do it blind. spend 9 full months of researching issues with international adoption....i am sure you would not do it if you knew. There are plenty of kids in america needing homes....pray and wait for the child God has for you.

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