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Updated on July 09, 2008
S.H. asks from Mansfield, TX
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I am looking for an OB/GYN anywhere in the Metroplex that would be open and supportive to the idea of home birth. Does anyone have any experience/suggestions in this area? Thanks in advance for your help!

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So What Happened?

Thank you all so much for your help - this is such an amazing resource! I was actually asking for home birth information for a friend, she is newer to this area and trying to get pregnant right now. I forwarded all of your replies and I am sure this will help her find what she is looking for - thanks again!

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Hi S.! I just had my fourth child (second one at home). I used Amy Allred with Family Birth Services ###-###-####) out of Grand Prairie both times. She is absolutely wonderful!!! She brought two interns with her, Kelsey and Peggy, and they are wonderful too! I was so pampered while I was in labor. I wouldn't do it any other way. They are incredible, and to make it even better, they prayed over me the harder it got. I was truly blessed during both deliveries!!! Hope that helps!!!

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Hi S.:

Three of my 4 children were delivered at home. I loved it because once you were finished, you were home. I used a midwife named Amy Allred at Family Birth Services ###-###-#### in GP. They do know of OB/GYN's that are open to midwifery. I don't know of an OB that will deliver at home, but just call the center and ask them.

My 3 homebirths allowed me to do what I wanted while in labor to make me comfortable. I did not have to push while on my back and in fact used a birthing chair for 2 of the 3 deliveries.

I loved it and commend you on thinking outside the box and seeking a better, less stressful experience.

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Hi S.,

I am giving birth with Dinah Waranch in Richardson. I know she does home births. She is a Certified Nurse Midwife. I just had my appt with her today and am really happy with the care she has provided. I am due in December so I haven't given birth yet.

Also, where do you teach yoga? Do you teach prenatal yoga? I may be interested.

I hope you find the healthcare provider that you are most comfortable with.

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If you are interested in a homebirth, I would recommend a midwife. Go and talk to some to see your comfort level. A CPM(certified professional midwife) is highly trained. They are so friendly too. I had a homebirth with both of my kids. I used Molly Germash who was out of Family Birth Services in Grand Prairie. She now owns her own birth center in Peaster, TX (near Weatherford). I love, love, love MOlly. Her website is If that is too far to go, the other midwives at FAmily Birth Services, were always awesome too. They did have dr. backup. I have several frineds that have used other midwives in the area and have been happy too. The names of thier midwives (at least the ones I remember) are Bonnie Kitchen & Ann Crowel.

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I'm pretty sure that there aren't any that would actually attend a birth at home. I used a midwife for my homebirth. She did a great job. Her name was Ann Crowell. Her web page is:

There were some people that I met through her that had moved from Chicago, where they had an OB attend their homebirth. They were unable to find a similar set up here.

One thing that seems to be somewhat unique about Texas is that the Direct Entry Midwives have to be certified by the state. All that I interviewed are extremely knowledgable about the problems that can come up with birth and what to do.

good luck!

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