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Updated on September 01, 2010
D.P. asks from Villa Park, IL
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Good Mornings,
Within the past two years our credit score has gone down horribily. How can I find reasonable car insurance? It seems everyone wants a credit report. I'm not real sure about ones you see on TV like ( safe Auto). Can anyone point me in the right direction. Our last insurance dropped us because we were late with payments. Any help would be great.
Enjoy your day, and Thank YOu

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answers from Los Angeles on

A great insurance company that is not so widely known in the US is Wawanesa. They are a Canadian company but have high ratings with the Better Business Bureau and great rates. We switched to them from 21st century and we paid less for 1yrs coverage than we did for 6mths @ 21st century - and increased our level of coverage!!! Check and see if they are available in Illinois. You will have to pay cash/check up front for your coverage.

Good luck!!!



answers from Salt Lake City on

We've had horrible, awful credit for the past few years. We've shopped around for insurance, and there doesn't seem to be a huge difference now than there was before our credit took a nose dive (it's hard to tell for sure, since we have a different car now and I've had a recent accident). I think most companies still look more at driving record than credit record, even if they ask for it. (I don't know how much state regulation, and therefore variation by state, on this)

My best advice is to shop around. The "discount" ones they advertise on t.v. aren't necessarily any cheaper than the big names. And don't trust anybody's "this is what the other guys will charge you" stuff... they have a vested interest in making themselves look good. Settle down ready to make more than a few phone calls.

Lastly, I would advise going with something that has a local agent. The agent will take care of you better than any call center company. Our agent remembers us when we call, and does everything she can to get us a good deal; when I had the accident, we did have to go through the main office as well, but the agent was also there to help us. And we honestly don't pay any more now that we did with the 15 minute company.



answers from Chicago on

Our cars are not new so I don't know what the rates would be like for newer cars but we've had United Auto Insurance for years now. When I switched from State Farm I made sure that I had the same coverage. I've never had an accident (thank God) so I don't have any experience in dealing with them from that aspect but the point is that I do have full coverage at a reasonable rate. Their number is ###-###-####.



answers from Chicago on

I would call around to places to get the best coverage for what you need and can currently afford. If keeping up with insurance payments will be a problem you need to figure that out before going with another company, but don't drive uninsured get someone else to help you get to and from only necessary things like jobs until this is settled. AAA motorclub, Geico, Allstate, American family, auto owners, State Farm, Country, and many others. Call and get rates from all of them. However if the rates are more than you can be sure you can handle on your current incomes, time to take a look at all your finances and spending choices. Are you living close to the higher money makers job, are you in the least costly housing that you absolutely need, what extras are purchased, cable? lowest phone plan needed? internet? menu planning/carefully planned grocery shopping? Just some ideas.



answers from Chicago on

First off, go to and pull all 3 of your reports and dispute what ever may be wrong or soon to fall off your report due to the age of the delinquency.

Wait the 30 days and then shop around. I would stay away from the big 4 companies or any company that advertises (since you, the customer will be paying for the advertisment). I would also go with an A rated company and no less.

I personally go with AAA. They are an A rated company, but because they don't advertise, your payments will be cheaper from the get go. I'm not sure how insurance brokers work, but I would assume they do not work with A rated companies and/or will stear you in the direction of the company that gives them the biggest payback, not necessarily you.

But, most importantly, always pay your auto insurance on time and all bills on time, the more recent a ding on your report, the more points will be taken away from your score.

Research has shown that people who have bad credit has a tendancy to get into more accidents (could be because their mind is not necessarily on the road, but on their debt). So, that's why insurance companies have the right to look at your report.

Good luck.



answers from Chicago on

If you or any member of your family is in the military or is retired military you can get USAA insurance. The rates are the the lowest in the country because (I believe) they are a non-profit insurance company. My father-in-law was retired from the military and his son, my husband was allowed to purchase their insurance and my sons (my husband's step-sons) have their insurance too. It's incredible that they are so lenient. They are an excellent company with great customer service too! Good luck to you!


answers from Phoenix on

YOU don't need to "shop" around, an independent insurance agent does that for you. I'm an indep agent in AZ. Google "independent insurance agent in Villa Park, IL" and call one close to you. Almost all of the insurance companies base their rates on "credit". It does not actually pull your credit score, it does a soft hit on your credit and rates the premiums accordingly. So skip all the State Farm, Allstate, Farmers, American Family companies and have an agent that is licensed with many companies do the work for you. On average, I save my new clients at least $50 or more per month. My best savings were clients that had Farmers and I saved them $3000 per year on their autos! Good luck!


answers from Boca Raton on

A very reasonable insurance that we found was Safeco... Not sure if they have it in your state.. I'm also not sure about the credit check either but it's worth looking into



answers from Amarillo on

Call around your area. If you can, go into the agency and speak with the agent. Explain what you need, they can possibly create a plan that will help you and you can go back and add extra coverage at a later date. Being there in person might help your case than being on line where they can't see you. Good luck. The other S.

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