Install/uninstall SQL Dumper Can You Help? FYI ALSO>>

Updated on April 15, 2009
C.H. asks from Framingham, MA
5 answers

The computer has become such an important part of managing my home it is running VERY slow, FYI:I got rid of a virus by using free virus removal
I am getting a message that sql dumper is messed up. Windows xp home premium. Any tech support is appreciated.
I have checked out the internet and i find it very scary not knowing what is good info and what is evil. :{

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answers from Hartford on

We apparently had one of the "worst" viruses on our computer to the point where our pop-up blocker, adaware, etc. could not nip it. Spyhunter solved our problem. It isn't free, but it was worth it to me! Hope this helps you.



answers from Hartford on

Hi C.,

There is a very reputable forum that I use when I have computer problems at . You have to register (for free) to post threaded requests for the members to answer your specific problems, but it's well worth the two minutes it will take you. The techies there will probably be able to help you very quickly; usually they ask you to download Hijack This! or a similar program used to check out your registry, running programs and such; you run it, then post the log back in the thread you created and they'll tell you what to do from there. They have helped me a lot over the years.

Word of Caution: DO NOT GO TO GEEK SQUAD!!

I took the computer (still under the purchased three year extended warranty) to the Geek Squad because it was just all messed up. Geek Squad told me I would need to replace the hard drive (covered under warranty) because the old one was corrupted. I trusted them and I did, only to find out the problem was MY TODDLER STUCK TWO DVDS IN THE DRIVE AT THE SAME TIME!! I found this out because when I went to pick the computer up two weeks later, they said, "Here's your discs," and I said, "What Discs?!" They never bothered to check the DVD drive before they ran their diagnostics! Granted, I probably should have too, but I'm not a paid, PROFESSIONAL TECH! I not only lost all the data I had on the old hard drive (which I was able to get back, more on that privately if desired) but a lot of the programs which were on the original drive. And, they renamed the new hard drive "H" instead of "C"!

So, if you must go to a professional (if the guys at cannot help you), DO NOT GO TO GEEK SQUAD!!

Good luck,


P.S. While there are a lot of very bad, corrupt free spyware/adware/malware scanners and removers out there, there are good ones too. Spybot - Search and Destroy, Adaware, avast!, Advanced System Care and many others are free (or offer free versions as well as enhanced paid versions) and perfectly safe for your computer. I've had Spybot pick up trojans that Norton ignored (the Tea Timer feature is great, too, for when sites try to change your home page and whatnot) and Advanced System Care has really helped speed up my computer by optimizing my registry. Expensive doesn't necessarily mean better; sometimes free works great!



answers from Boston on

I'd look for spyware removal software on line as well. This is the one my husband recommended to me (he's my computer guy).

I don't know anything about sql dumper though.



answers from New London on

Hi C.,

I reccomend that you purchase Anti-Virus software, instead of using the "free" versions on line. There are too many fake "free" anti-virus software out there, that when you use it, it actually installs spy-ware instead of cleaning it. I've never heard of the free virus removal program you used, but ther are so many. I use Norton 360 Anti-Virus software. You can go online to their website, and install and pay for it on the spot. You then only have to pay for it 1ce a year. The version I use is $80 per year, but it's the all-in-one version. You can opt for the $40 version, if you can't the $80, which is the Anti-Virus software, with spy-ware protection. You have to run it manually every time you want to check for viruses, it's not automatic (the one I use is). There are many differences, but if you can afford the $80 (+tax) once a year, then the full version is best. You can look at the differences on their website. Here's the website:

Also, the website to install the software that will check for spyware and ads that you were given in a previous post is one that I use too. Good advice, but it's something you use AS WELL AS anti-virus and spam protection not as your ONLY protection. The biggest issue you might be facing right now, is that you may have the virus that the news has been talking about, if you haven't had virus protection thus far. If you do, then you shouldn't shop online. Go purchase the software at a store instead, and then install it using the CD.

There are so many other things that you need to do to improve your computer's performance, like: run Windows Updates, defrag, check disk...things that you might not know about. I live in CT, otherwise I'd have you bring me your computer (I actually did this for a living). Meanwhile, shoot for some anti-virus software. If you like, email me directly, and then we can exchange #'s so you can call me, and I could guide you as best I can over the phone.

Good Luck!




answers from Springfield on

C., I could not live without my computer for running my home & businesses. I don't know how we did it before. I agree that you should definitely purchase good virus removal/protection and not use anything free off the internet. What about taking it to someone who knows what they are doing? I did that once when I had a virus I couldn't get rid of (before I kept everything up to date) and it was so comforting to have a pro tell me what was wrong and fix it right. I remember it being quite reasonable for giving me peace of mind and fixing something that was so vital to me.

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