Information Regarding Permanent Teeth Coming in for 7 Yr Old Little Girl.

Updated on January 12, 2011
C.B. asks from Los Angeles, CA
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My daughter was a 25 week premature baby. Overall she is doing fine. The major delay we are experiencing is the front two upper permanent teeth have not come in since December when her baby teeth came out. The dentist wants to do a procedure to make small incision in the gums so they can come on through. I am a little nervous about this. Any tips on what we may try non-invasively to get them to come on down!!!!!!

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So What Happened?

Thank you all for your prompt responses. I have been a member for awhile and never participated. I am so glad that I remembered the group and sent the question. I will wait a little longer and I will ask the dentist to see my daughters xrays to see if the teeth are right there or not. Then I will decide what to do. I will keep you all posted. Thank you again for being a vehicle for mothers to communicate. Now I have some more questions I may ask.

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When I lost my baby teeth, (kindergarten I think) it took a full nine months for my permenant uppers to break my gums. That being said what is most likely happening is that the gums in that area are hardening. the teeth are trying to cut through and since the gums are hard it is not happening. My aunt has had the issue with several of her children and so she cut the gums herself! Now I am not reccommending you do it yourself per say but basically it really isn't a huge deal. She sterilizes a straight razor blade and cuts the teeniest tinyest slit on top of the gums. She has even done it on her babies when their teethe hadn't come in by like 10 monthz. the gums harden especially with babies because they have no teeth and chew on everything. Maybe check with your dentist on how long you can wait until you have "the procedure." At least at the dentist they will be able to properly numb the area. Also check to see what can be done to prevent it for future teeth. I know that chewing makes the gums harder so I really have no idea how to soften them. good luck.

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my child was 2.5 weeks OVERdue and we had to wait for close to 2 years for the front upper teeth to even show. when they came up they did so in a month and turned out just fine. he was taking homeopathic medicine called Cal Phos 6X and 12X alternating the two. at that time we were not in the mood to spend big $ on individual homeopathic treatment which probably would have significantly speed up the growth. so here it goes - on the economical side - go to Whole Foods and stock up on Cal Phos 6X and 12X. if timing is the issue find a homeopath to deal with that on the individual basis.
good Luck



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OMG! I had to respond because the same thing happened to me when I was her age. I lost my front teeth and the permanent still hadn't come in after a year! I was so embarrassed, and I couldn't bite an apple for over a year. I was going to an orthodontist who recommended the same procedure, looking back, they wanted to speed things up so they could get the braces on sooner. It was cauterization (sp?) where they actually used something like a laser (not a razor blade!!!)to do the incision -and they came in within a week. If the same thing happens to my daughter (she's 4) I would probably just wait. Unless she is traumatized by not having front teeth (doubt it!)or the dentist sees some sort of health risk (also doubt it) I would just wait for them to come in on their own. BTW, it took a while for all my teeth to fall out and come in, I have very healthy gums and teeth to this day, I think there is something to be said for "tough" gums!



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Hi C., I wonder if the xrays can show how close the teeth are to coming in anyway. The tissue will give way for the teeth, I worked for 25 years in dentistry as a RDH and I would wait. I know it seems ridiculously long at this point, and everyone must be frustrated, but that would be my question to the DDS. Can they show you the film, it's not that complicated to see the amount of tissue the teeth have to go, and mother nature seldom makes a mistake...
good luck remember all the teeth will be later, maybe less cavities!! good luck Deb



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My 7 year old had a front tooth that would not come in either. The dentist numbed the area and put a slit in the gum. We could see the edge of the tooth the same day its been three days now and her tooth is half way down. It comes in very quickly and while she was made about the shot for about half and hour after that she was fine. She never complained about pain, but I did give her Tylenol as soon as we were home.



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My son is 8 years old and still does not have his permanent upper four front teeth. Now wait here's the intersting part; he's been toothless since age 2 1/2! Due to tooth decay on his front upper baby teeth, his pediatric dentist gave us the choice to cap those teeth or have them pulled. Our insurance would only cover silver caps (yikes!) not enamel colored caps. So we chose to have them pulled. Less tramtic and way cheeper. I was insured that it would not affect his speech or eating, and that has been true. However since he was so young loosing those teeth, his gums have become toughened, preventing his new teeth from coming in. We actually have an appointment next Friday to have the incision done on his upper gums, as his permanent teeth are right there just beneath the gums. They should come right in.
Now as for your situation, your daughter's only been toothless for 9 months or so? I'd give her teeth more time to come in on there own. It's always best to wait and see as oppossed to rushing into a procedure that may not be necessary.
I have another boy two years older that had the same tooth decay. And we had them pulled also. But he was four years old. His teeth came in normally, same as his peers, about at the end of first grade.
I have been very fortunate to have a dentist that is laid back, and doesn't seem to be into doing procedures just to make a buck.
If we are in the same city, I'll recommend him, if you are not satisfied with you dentist.
PS I'll let you know how our appointment goes on Friday.

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