Information on Springfield Area Pre K?

Updated on September 02, 2008
J.A. asks from Springfield, VA
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I need some ideas on a good pre-k program for my 3 yr. old son. I know alot are in churches and that's fine...any info or referrels would be great!

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answers from Washington DC on

I think you should try Prince of Peace on Old keene Mill Rd.

I'm a grandmother now, but both of my children went there and my grandson. My neighbor's daughter is going there now.

They have always had a great reputation and you will enjoy meeting so many great families.

Welcome to Springfield.



answers from Washington DC on

Dear Mandy,
I'm so glad I read your problem. I wrote an article last year on the different Northern VA preschools! The only thing is that some schools are VERY competitive, while others may have opening they may be in the basement of a church. They are just as good though. Since it is very competive in this area, pre-k applications are done in Feb before the school year begins and spots at the GREAT places fill up quickly. So go ahead and tour these places and maybe your son could go when he's 4 if you find a place you love that has no openings.

1. St John's United Mehtodist On Baclkick Road in Springfield is a good school. In fact my husband went there when he was 3/4 yrs old.

2. Prince of Peace Lutheran is a great school! It's on Old Keene Mill Rd. I've heard nothing but good things and when we toured there for our daughter my husband and I loved it but she is going somewhere else.

3. Word of Life pre-k is also great but a little pricey. Located on Backlick Rd.

4. My friend's little brother went to Accotink Academy. Great school but expensive.

5. An acquaintance of mine, her sons attends the next church and they love it! It's a co-op pre-k where the parents are required to vounteer so many hours a year.

6. My friend Rachel just enrolled her 2 daughters at this next church pre-k.

7. I have sevral firends with kids enrolled at the TOT preschool. They love the program.

8. Grace Preschool

9. The Parkwood Baptist Wee Center is a great school. I wanted my 3 yr old to go there but they don't start until 10am and that conflicted with my schedule.

10. There is also a class at Gymboree at Springfield mall called school skills.

Hope some of this helps. Also if you're interested there is a great moms group called MOPS(Mothers of Preschoolers, aged birth through 5). Visit for local groups.
Good Luck!



answers from Washington DC on

Hi! I love Springfield, we just moved away from there and I miss the area and all of my friends. Friends I met through a wonderful preschool. My DD went to Grace Weekday Preschool for 2 years before we moved and I considered driving her there for her last year even though we now live in Woodbridge. (Couldn't do it as I had a newborn baby and it was too inconvenient)
The teachers are wonderful and the administrators are fabulous. My 2nd year there I even became a Parent Representative and went to meetings once a month. I highly recommend this preschool, check it out!!



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My son is at Minnieland in Woodbridge. I would check to see if one of the locations in your area have a pre-k program for 3 year olds. His just started today and its a 2 yr program for 3 year olds with licensed teachers to help prep them for kindergarten.



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Since you are in the AF, have you considered taking your son to the pre-school program on Fort Belvoir? It's at the Markham School Age Services Center on post. My kids have gone there, and it's a pretty good program. E-mail me at if you are interested in the program and the phone numbers as there may be a waitlist.

M. K

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