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Updated on March 05, 2008
V.H. asks from Chandler, AZ
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Has anyone or does anyone belong to Curves? I am thinking about joining because it is a full body workout in 30 minuties and I know I can't do that on my own or afford a personal trainer. Any pros or cons would be helpful and does anyone know the hours they are open. I live at Chandler Blvd and Cooper. Thanks so much. V.

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answers from Phoenix on

What a great question and awesome feedback too.
If I was to join a gym it would be the Lifetime Fitness
because of all the classes and attractions.
However, the YMCA is also available and very affordable.

Please let us know which gym you choose.


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answers from Phoenix on

I felt like I didn't achieve as much weight loss as I wanted. I did gain muscle, which is good, but my weight didn't go down, even with eating right. But, I did meet women there who it worked wonders for. I liked the only women atmosphere and getting everything done in 30 minutes, but for me...I needed more cardio.


answers from Phoenix on

i went to curves for a year & loved it! since its all women theres no pressure on you. its a fun enviroment.



answers from Phoenix on

I have never belonged to a curves, but I have worked there a few times in my life. Both were great times! My body really started to show from my work outs and I met allot of great people. Make sure the curves near you works with your schedual. The morning is usally a cool group of women. I have found that most at that time are fun, and work out hard. Its nice to have that encouragement. I would love to answer questions you might have, although i dont work there any more. Good luck!



answers from Phoenix on

I went to one in Tucson. I didn't like it because there was no childcare and the hours were not convenient to my schedule. They closed early and also closed for a couple of hours during the day. I belong to Bally's now and I love it. They have childcare and yoga classes. I pay the same a month as I did for curves! Oh, another thing I didn't like about curves was all the machines were in a circle so I felt like I was being watched (I'm too shy) by the person across the room from me.



answers from Phoenix on

I tried Curves for one year, but found it hard to get there due to the fact that they didn't have childcare and it was hard to coordinate with my husband's schedule.

I did loose a few inches in a month, but not any weight. I also found that some of the other women liked to chat a little too much and it affected the amount of reps I did. It was a good experience and fun, but it wasn't for me.


answers from Phoenix on

V., I belonged to Curves for a short time, and I didn't care for it. In my opinion it's best for people who are obese or elderly. I didn't find the workout to be "enough". The other issue is no child care.

The gym I currently belong to is Lifetime Fitness. They have an amazing childcare facility and you can swim with your kids or climb the rock wall with them not to mention there are a bunch of classes kids can take (those are extra). Kids can be in the childcare for 2 hours per day. If you have a day where you want to workout and go sit in the sauna or jacuzzi you's a nice little break.

I find that if you commit to taking 3 or 4 of their fitness classes per week, you can get into good shape. Also...the locker room is amazing. There is a steam room. There is a jacuzzi and a dry sauna too. I love that gym. J. Romo



answers from Phoenix on


If you are looking for a great gym that you will actually see the results IF you follow the program that is. check out, Epiphany Fitness and Beauty Centers. they are located on the SEC of Priest and Southern in Tempe.

The gym itself is Female's only, the trainers are absolutely the best in the valley. I have been working out for 20 years and this is the BEST gym I have ever belonged to. I feel good about myself, the women that go there are amazing and right now they are having a two-week free pass. If you are interested let me know, and I will meet you there with the pass.

Trust me you will never find a workout that is only 30 min and you actually get a workout!

Let me know,


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