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Updated on April 28, 2007
C.E. asks from Hephzibah, GA
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I am requesting some information on the new ADHd patch called Daytrana. My son has been taking Adderall XR since he was 3 when he was diagonis. I have done some reserch on it. But it will be nice to get feeback on parents who have had a child that was on it or used this product. Or also from a nurse or Dr who have worked with kids on this. My son hates to take the pill. He takes the capsule so I have to mix it with applesauce so that he can take it. My son is a 6 year old who is full of life. But I think that the patch will be better for me and my son. And I read that is last up to 9 hrs. That is longer than what he is on now. Please help.

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answers from Atlanta on

My son tried the Daytrana patch for one day. We didn't continue because it takes an hour to start working, he was having trouble in class, and our psychiatrist doesn't particularly care for the patches. His concern is that kids can pull them off too easily. He thinks it's a big marketing ploy.

They can also irritate your skin. Daytrana offers a free trial where you can get a card that pays for the perscription. Ask your doctor about it. I think it's worth a try if your son is interested.



answers from Atlanta on

My sone is 6 going on 7 in August he was taking Focalin XR from July '06 - Jan '07. We had to open up the pill and put it in apple sauce. He lost a few pounds with it but it helped him focus about 1/2 a day lost it's power once it hit 1:00 on the afternoon his doctor retired went to a new psychiatrist he gave his the Daytrana patch and wow it helps him all day he gets out of school at 3:00. It's made a big difference and he's even gained weight 2 pounds while on it. He seems to eat a little better on this med. He had ADHD. Don't do what some parents do give them the medication only on school days. It messes with their emotions I listened to a parent theat said just give it to him on school days. I had a child crying every sensitive and this was both medicaines I tried skipping doses. I talked to his doctor about doing that and why he gets so emotional his doctor explained it to me that, that was a bad idea and not good advise. Talk to your pharmiacy about the patch it's very interesrting the difference in how the body processes the medication on the patch vs. a pill. In a pill your liver and kidneys have alot more processing do do and you uninate alot of the miedcation out. Well, anyway remeber one thing medication works different on each of us like every anitbotic or insulin doesn't work the same for everyone same with this. Give this patch a try I think if it works for you child you'll see great results and a happy person. Good luck to you. Oh, and group that has helped me with my childrens special situations is called FOCUS Families of children under stress the website is They are really nice folks and have some great programs they are non profit give them a call they've helped me out many times and it's great to have some folks to get some info from b/c it from all around ga. Before I foregt my son understands not to take off the patch and he doesn't only after school and I remind him at first it really took 3 hours after the patch was off beofre he could really wind down but I find right after school about 4:00 patch off he's able to go to bed around 8-8:30. take care.



answers from Savannah on

My son (10) was prescribed it today. The Adderall is causing too many side effects for my comfort. The clinical study on it (Daytrana)concerns me a bit, but all these drugs have similar results (in the studies). We're going to try it. I'm desperate to find something that helps him, but doesn't prevent him from sleeping and being happy. This will be our 3rd med for ADHD. Keep your fingers crossed. I'll let you know what happens.



answers from Atlanta on

How did you ladies feel putting your children on meds? We just found out my duaghter is ADD and I haven't decided what to do yet. My whole family is against me if I put her on meds which makes my decision even harder. She is only in 2nd grade, but I don't want her to do bad in school when she is very intelligent, but just can't stay focused and get distracted very easily.

Did you have a hard time making your decision?

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