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Updated on April 01, 2018
C. asks from Littleton, CO
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Hi Moms,
Just spoke with a neighbor who uses melaleuca products (cleaning, beauty,laundry soap). I am wanting opinions (good and bad) and any other info about thier products. Checked out thier website...sounds like Amway. Are their products any better than name brand (tide, cheer, Lysol...)What about their shanpoos? Seems kind of pricey...Is it realy worth the extra money. My older daughter has asthma, and most all purpose cleaners cause her to cough. Just wanting some and any info others have to share. Thanks a bunch in advance!

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answers from Denver on

If you're doing it for health reasons, you'll be glad you did. We were, although, I never tried any cleaners.



answers from Denver on

I have been a Melaleuca customer for 2 years. My kids love the crackers and cookies but are not fans of the fiberwise bars. I love their laundry products, but am not a fan of the dishwashing gel for the dishwasher. It never gets my dishes as clean as cascade. I love, love, love the access and and proflex bars. Their vitamins are great too. The shampoo is comparable to many others. Biodegradeable shampoo is not hard to find. I like the toothpaste, but is very different than Crest, Colgate and the others. It has a very different flavor but I love the way my teeth feel after using it. What I am finding hard now is that since I am a preferred customer, spending 35 points a month is getting more difficult. They do have great candles and gift ideas throughout the year. Hope this helps.

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answers from Pocatello on

I just switched to Melalueca' laundry soap, prespot, fabric softner and color safe bleach. I really like it so far. It seems to do a better job than the Cheer that I was using. My daughters and I have really senistive skin and I havent been bothered by it at all. Normally whenever I change the tiniest thing as far as cleaners, detergents we have problems but not with Melalueca.
I also have a friend that has been using the laundry products because her youngest son has terrible terrible excema (sp) and she had tried everything as far as laundry detergents so it wouldnt bother his skin but everything she tried whether it was dye free, for sensitive skin or whatever his skin always flared up. With the Melalueca he hardly ever has a problem anymore. My friend swears by the products.
I am also trying to be a little bit more careful with the products I use that have alot of "chemicals" in them. I am trying to go "green" I guess you could say.
Anyway I hope my advice helps.
Good Luck

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answers from Salt Lake City on

I love the products so much that I actually started enrolling members for them. The shampoo, soaps, and lotions are awesome but can be a little pricey. The cleaners are actually inexpensive because they are so heavily concentrated (they last a long time and since you are diluting them you create less waste). My husband loves the workout bars and my kids love the snacks. The only thing I haven't cared for is the tough and tender wipes. I love the company because not only do they provide us with healthier stuff, they have given me the opportunity to work from home! And that is priceless. Everything you order and try including the membership is refundable so it doesn't hurt to try. Good Luck! Let me know if you have any other questions or if you are interested in doing marketing for them for some extra $.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I really like the eucalyptus oil for like burns and also mosquito bites. The dog wash is also a great product. I also like the floor cleaning one and also the tub cleaner.



answers from Denver on

Dear Bonne,
How sweet of you to post your uneducated response to me on C.'s posting. You should have contacted me in person. I guarantee you, I have done my research and I will contact you with my entire response.

As for your daughter drinking the tub and tile cleaner… You have toxic ingredients in your house and you believe they were safe. Apparently, you didn’t think they were safe enough to NOT call Poison Control!!
Poison Control rates the Melaleuca tube and tile cleaner on the PH scale from 1.6 to 2.1 and that’s AT dilution at 75% which is the amount in the spray bottle!! At those levels, and acid base product can cause nausea and vomiting, but Poison Control would tell you not to induce vomiting due to the Tub cleaner burning the esophagus, mouth and tongue. Sound familiar??? Poison Control would NEVER make a statement about Melaleuca not poisoning your daughter. They would tell you to watch her closely, and if you see any indications of poisoning or allergic reactions to take her for medical help immediately.
Good luck to you and your inability to see both sides of things.

Hi C.,
Well, I can tell you that I made the switch to Melaleuca about 8 months ago. I switched because I wanted cleaner products that are healthier for my family and the environment. I will say I was very disappointed in the Melaleuca products and the company. I was shown by the person who signed me up the MSDS sheets from Proctor and Gamble, but I was never shown the Melalecua sheets. Melaleuca is not the "Wellness" Company it promotes itself as.

Melaleuca does NOT disclose all the the ingredients on their labels. Especially fragrances!! If you are at all concerned about Asthma, check out the fragrances in products. Yes, you can get the laundry soap unscented, but that's one of the only items you can purchase that way. Also, call the Poison control center. Their cleaning products are toxic. Maybe not as toxic as some products, but not as good as they would like you to believe.

The makeup is horrible and contains Parbens and toxic ingredients. Even the toothpaste contains SLS. The cleaning products work ok, but Melaleuca will not disclose the ingredients, and there are warnings on the labels. I found that if you make your own products (i.e.: vinegar and water for window cleaner..etc) it's better for your family, the environment and your budget. You can even make dishwasher soap out of Borax and Baking Soda, and it will cost way less than store bought. Best of all, no fragrances and you know what ingredients you are using.

Also..keep in mind that you have to order 35 points a month which never cost me less than $70 with shipping and tax.

In all, I don’t think company is that great either. I had a horrible time trying to cancel my membership, and they auto ship you products if you don’t order every month and charge your credit card. You have to write them a letter to cancel the membership.
I wish I would have known about that before I signed up.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do.




answers from Denver on

I've been using Melaleuca for about 9 months now and love them. What I like is that they don't use the toxins (bleach, phosphates, formaldehyde (spelling?), fiberglass and other fillers (in some laundry detergents, etc. in their cleaning products. This is unhealthy for us as well as where the products go when they are rinsed down the drain. The other thing is the products are concentrated, so I don't feel like I'm contributing to the plastics nightmare as much. Best of all, I wind up saving money too. Our airtight homes have worse air pollution (hardwood floors, carpets, paints, cleaners, molds, mites, etc.) than even outdoor air pollution.

As a Nikken Wellness Consultant, who focuses on decreasing the toxins in our air and water and food for health, using Melaleuca to not add toxic chemicals to my home makes sense. Happy to provide you with some info on a great HEPA air unit that gives off negative ions without ozone and how it has helped others with asthma.

Keep in mind if the monthly order commitment scares you, partner with another friend or neighbor. The other great thing is they have a return policy if you try a product and do not like it for any reason.

Our bodies are designed to effectively process toxins, but through the years our environment, food and water supply have all greatly increased our toxic load. If you can do little things to decrease the toxins your body has to deal with and to make your family healthier - why not?



answers from Denver on

I have used melaleuca products and I loved it! I was a member until I became a stay at home mom and could no longer afford to buy their stuff monthly. The laundry and all cleaning products were excellent. If I could just buy the stuff from someone I knew without having to be a member and pay the "at cost" price, I would certainly do it.

Yes, it's a little pricey, but it last for a long time! When I go back to work and can afford the monthly cost again, I will certainly sign up again..



answers from Denver on

I love the Melaleuca products so much I became a rep for them. The cleaning products are concentrated so they really make 4 bottles. That makes them very reasonably priced. I don't use the shampoo because I think they are a little pricey. If you use Aveda now they are comparable. I use cheap shampoo. I use their laundry products, cleaning, toothpaste, etc. You can email me privately if you want to know any more.




answers from Denver on

Hi C.,

To find out in on products and safety go to (Eviromental Worker Group)

As far as Melalueca, they do have great products, but just place and order with your neighbor. If you sign up(they will ask for your social security number).....they have monthly miniumums, and if you don't place your monthly order, they WILL send you products even if you don't need it.

We have been using Shaklee products and love them (even Oprah uses them) There are no minimuns and I just call and place an order every 5 months or so. The dish washer soap is concentrated and I use 2 bags a year. As a matter of fact, everything I use is concentrated. We use Basic H, Basic G, the hand soap, dish soap and the laundry detergent. I am highly sensitive and the products have been great.

I hope that helps.




answers from Fort Collins on

I really like their products. The Sol-u-Mel (stain remover) is pretty pricey but I haven't found anything that works better. I even use it in my laundry. The only product I wasn't happy with was the daily shower cleaner. I didn't notice a difference but my shower is old so maybe its beyond hope of being sparkling clean!! I only use the cleaning and laundry products so I don't know much about the other products.



answers from Denver on

I love this company - I have been a customer for 3 years and it is the best decision I have ever made. They are safer and work better than anything I have ever used. I plan to shop with them indefinately.. It isn't pricy at all - these products are concentrated so they will last you longer - Before Mela my daughter had allergies really bad.. We converted our home and in 1 month her allergies were gone. I have never looked back - my thought is - you can't put a price tag on good health. Melaleuca is a amazing company built on integridy like nothing I have ever experienced before. They actually care about their customers - If you would like to hear a full presentation on the company I would be happy to share it with you.

Hope that helps!



answers from Denver on

I used their stuff for a number of years, really loved some of it and other items I could take or leave. It is a multi-level marketing company as is Amway but I NEVER had the whole pressure thing that I associate with Amway. In fact, after I stared to use it, the gal that got me going made one brief mention of the possibility of my getting into it sales-wise, and when I said I wasn't intersted... that was the end of it! I don't know if that is true across the board, but it was my experience. I only stopped getting it because I got tired of having to order stuff and would sometimes run out, etc. But the products are mostly really good.



answers from Denver on

My understanding is that they used to be Amway, but that doesn't mean you can't get their products and use them - try getting things through your neighbor.



answers from Denver on

I've been using Melaleuca products for about 4 years and I really like everything I've used. It can get a bit pricey, I think, but one bottle of whatever stuff you get lasts a really long time. I've tried many of their products and really love most of them. Nicole Miller does the makeup line and the only thing I didn't like was a Nicole Miller lip stain. I love the other Nicole Miller stuff (the skincare and makeup). Although I would never argue that Melaleuca is better than the brand name stuff, my personal opinion is that it is, in fact, better and I'll keep buying it for my family.



answers from Denver on

I personally have so many allergies to laundry and other cleaning projects. I tried the laundry detergent from M through a friend and am totally hooked on it! It really is not expensive because it lasts forever. I also used other cleaning supplies now and have turned my home into "green". We did try the toothpaste and were not happy with it at all.

Homemade Gourmet, "Bringing Families Back to the Dinner Table"



answers from Boise on

Dani A
EASY! No need to be mean. This is an open chat, right?
Good luck with your mission.

Dani A
I am sorry to hear that you are not happy with melaleuca. Melaleuca always discloses the ingredients you just need to know where to find it.

I will not try to keep you enrolled and purchasing with Melaleuca, but I will say that 95% of Melaleuca customers purchase each month . That tells me that something must be working when it comes to the products.

My daughter drank my tub and tile from melaleuca and I called the poison control center and they stated that my child would not be poisoned by Melaleuca's products.

I guess, please just do your research before you turn others away from an amazing company that saved my daughters LIFE.

Thank you

Anyone that wants more info on my daughter and tub and tile please contact me


as for your question about Melaleuca, here is my question to you, What did you think? You are the one that knows what will work for you and what will not work. I am here to tell you that Melaleuca has helped me out in many ways.
#1. I am not sick anymore from the smells when I clean.
#2. My daughter and son are not being poisoned by the chemicals in my home.
#3. I am not causing long term damage to my children. No more poisons, infertility, cancer. (Strong statement I know.
#4. Residual income for me and my family for the rest of our lives. I can stay home with my kids and help my husband out with the bills.
#5. the Grocery store does not pay you back every time that you shop.

Again, it is your choice, and it is refundable. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. You hate it return it and get your money back, again, the grocery store will never do this.




answers from Denver on

Hello C.,
What a discussion!!
I can tell you of my personal experience with Melaleuca. I too had a neighbor who was trying to get me interested in the “Wellness Company”. Finally, I took the time to listen to her pitch and the products sounded great. I asked her if I could see the MSDS sheet on the cleaning products, and she didn’t have them and told me should would have to get back to me. So, I did some looking on my own and I even called the company. They will not release the MSDS because the products aren’t rated for commercial use. I checked online and found nothing.
My son has sensitive skin, and I try to stay away from products containing a ton of fragrances. My neighbor didn’t care about researching the ingredients I was concerned about and I felt my neighbor was more interested in signing me up for that monthly check. I’m sure not all Melaleuca people are like that, but she even had her higher up try to convince me the products are completely safe.
I looked at the labels online and the products my neighbor let me borrow. My son broke out with the lotion…I can’t remember which one. I tried the Solamel?? It was ok, but it has a very heavy scent and I didn’t think it cleaned very well.

Dani A is correct when she states that Melaleuca doesn’t disclose all of the ingredients in the cleaning supplies, however, they do disclose them in their other products I was able to find on the Melaleuca website.
When I go to Vitamin Cottage and purchase BioKleen or 7th Gen. they have all of the ingredients on the boxes. I would rather spend a little more money at Vitamin Cottage and now what I’m using than take a chance with my son. I feel so bad when he has a reaction that I could have prevented.

Bonne...I think you need to relax. This is an open forum, and Dani A. stated her opinion and you stated yours. I feel your statements are very strong and not entirely correct.
The products might work well and help you feel better. I never checked into the vitamins those could be wonderful. You sound more like my neighbor trying to sell me products I don’t want. But to make claims like curing infertility and cancer is a bit ridiculous.

C., I wish you the best in your decision. I have been there and to see your neighbor everyday with that pressure is not fun.



answers from Green Bay on

March 2012 I agree with a few of the others that you should try to buy some product through your neighbor before signing a contract. I love the product...the laundry soap and dish detergent, and other cleaning products but its hard to buy your total points every month. They need to expand their product list and they really need to place the chemicals used... on the labels. If they are all about safety they should know they have to stand behind that claim and give the consumers the chance to decide on their safety claims by listing all of the chemicals used. But it is definately worth looking into.


answers from Denver on

I have been using Melaleuca products now for about 2 years. I have never used better products. I have many product experiences that have been life changing, but one I will share.
I have been allergic to mosquitos all of my life...and any bite would produce unbelievable swelling, and would last probably 2 weeks. Many times they would get infected because the itch was unbearable. I cannot tell you the miracle the Melaleuca Tea Tree Oil has been. It is a completely natural oil derived from the Melaleuca Tree in Australia. Google and read up on the oil. If I get a bite, before I even touch it, I rub the Melaleuca Oil on it, and it literally disappears. Really, I am not kidding. You absolutely have to try it. It is a natural disinfectant, and is the ingredient in many of their products. You simply cannot go wrong with these products. I am a believer. Please contact the person who introduced you to Melaleuca. They will be pleased to tell you more about products that can change your life!!



answers from Denver on

Hey there! I've been a Melaleuca customer for over three years. I order 100+ pts of products every month. A friend recommended that I "switch stores" ... the whole idea of using eco-friendly home cleaning products (concentrated, so less plastics for landfills) appealed to me.

We are big skeptics;however, my husband and I had a very quick love affair with the products! One of our favorites is Sol-U-Mel ... it gets difficult stains out -- I even put a capful in my laundry when doing grimy baseball pants!

Another fave is the Womens Daily For Life vitamins. I have so much more energy ... the vitamins have a patented fructose-compounding delivery system.

There are over 400 wellness products ... vitamins, sports nutrition, weight loss, home cleaning, bath & body, skincare & beauty, pharmaceutical. And did I mention that the customer service is exceptional? They have a 1-800 line dedicated to new customers and can answer all your product questions.

I save money with better quality and longer-lasting products, improved health and the company's loyalty dollars program (up to 15% back in shopping dollars each month you shop -- more than covers shipping). Plus if you do refer, the company pays you as opposed to spending millions in advertising.

As for the back up order on file ... in 3 years I've only received one back up. You can always cancel by the 25th of the month and not receive the back up. The membership is risk-free -- 120 days to cancel & receive a full refund. Products .. 90-day empty bottle guarantee.

Six months after being a customer, I started to naturally refer friends! I'm a freelance writer AND own a home based business representing Melaleuca.

If you are at all confused by varying opinions, I suggest you ask your neighbor if you can sample some products or place a one-time order with her to see what you think.

You have nothing to lose ... and everything to gain!

Wishing you health & happiness ~


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