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Updated on March 04, 2007
A.B. asks from Carrollton, TX
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Hi All,
I want to have Lasik done and wanted to know if any of you have had experience with it. I have gone to Lasik Plus, Boothe Eye Care and Dr. Mazaheri. Any input on any of these doctors? Any other doctors you would suggest or stay away from? Any and all input would be appreciated!
Thanks, A.

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So What Happened?

Hi All,
Well I had Lasik this morning and it went great! I decided on Key Whitman and loved the place. I would highly recommend them. I walked out of there able to see without glasses or contacts for the first time in 30 years. What a miracle! Thank you for all your advice and recommendations.
=) A.

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I am going to Dr. Tylock next week for my intial exam, and hopefully can schedule the Lasik for the very next week. They have been really helpful so far, and very friendly. I can't wait to see!

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I highly recommend Key Whitman. After your lasik if you go back for an eye exam every year with them, if your eye sigh worsens they will do the surgery again. Its been 4 years since my lasik and I am still seeing well. I never had any of the bad side effects of lasik. I would recommend Key Whitman to anyone.



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A., I haven't personally had lasik but my husband had it from Dr. Boothe in February 2003 and he had a wonderful experience. I know he feels it was the best decision he ever made (and it was the BEST birthday gift that his mom has ever given him). Like the other lady said, they get you in and out, the actual procedure for my husband took 19 seconds one eye and 21 seconds the other and then Dr. Boothe was off to the next guy in the next chair (LOL). I remember after we left the appt for the procedure, we stopped off at Luby's for dinner (he had to wear his mosquito goggles I called them) and he was truly in awe of how well he could read things far away or see people sitting across the restaurant. The whole way home back to Denton, he "raced" me to see who was the first to read the names of street signs that literally 90 minutes before he wouldn't have been able to read. I know he would say go for it and trust Dr. Boothe if he's on your list.



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Hey there,
I work for a group of ophthalmologists and I hope this info will help. Boothe is ok..It's a zoo there, but I will give him 80 percent good props. Mazaheri, he's not that popular and I've seen some of his results. Personally, I wouldn't go there. The best in town are "The Cornea Association" - near Dallas Presby. They're pricy but very worth it. It's also really depends on your prescription and age. If your prescription in like -5.00 and under, usually the price should be cheaper. If your RX is in that range, then I would recommend you checking into a doc name Robert Selkin, M.D. He's in Plano and his price starts like 300 bucks per eye.. He's real good. But if you have a really complicated RX - for example, high minus number with astigmatism then go with Cornea Asso. Lasik is really great for people under 40..Meaning, you get to enjoy it longer. For example, if you're 35 and decided to have lasik, you will go into reading glasses when u hit 40. So, it makes your money worth for 5 years only;unless the doc decided to under correct one eye then it's a different story.Sorry,it's hard for me to try to explain everything regarding Lasik in one page for you. I would suggest that you get a consultation with the Cornea people and they will answer all the question for you and the visit it free. Hope this will help and good luck..



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I had my lasik done by Dr. Boothe 2 years ago. He did an excellent job, as my eyesight was very bad and it only took one surgery.

Dr. Boothe's office is definitely like an assembly line and the wait can be rather long. I had better luck when I scheduled follow up appointments in the morning rather than the afternoon. Also, they use standard prescription printouts, so if they verbally tell you to take drops more often, you might have insurance problems with refills. One of mine they told me to take it every 30 minutes, but the prescription was for every 2 hours. They helped me fix it with my insurance, but it was a little hassle.

All the doctors for follow up visits were very thorough and saw me extra times as they saw fit.

As a word of caution on lasik in general, we all focus so much on the actual procedure that we usually don't hear about the recovery as much. Be prepared to put a lot of drops in your eyes and you'll need to be very cautious about touching them for a few days. There are multiple follow up visits, so keep that in mind if long waits bother you.

My experience might be a little more extreme because my eyesight was so bad and I had a lot of inflamation because of that, but I definitely don't regret it. I love not wearing contacts or glasses!

Good luck!



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My husband had it done 3 years ago and his only regret was that he didn't do it sooner! He used Dr. Brad Bowman. He goes to church with us. Nice man and fabulous doctor. My sis-in-law just had it done last week at Boothe. I don't think you could go wrong there either. Good luck!



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I loved Dr. Boothe, I felt like the after care routine was very thorough and kept infection issues away. Yes, it's a bit like an assembly line but he's very good and everyone there knew what they were doing.



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I had lasik in January with Dr. Smith at Lasik Plus. Went to a few other places but liked them. The free consultation included SEVERAL eye tests and a MD actually told me I was a candidate, rather than a sales rep. The long part was waiting to go in. They were very busy the Saturday I went in. Saw great the next day. Right after my eye were blurry from the drops. Best thing I have ever done! No regrets!



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I had Lasik done in Feb 2004. I had very bad astigmatism (4.25 in one eye, 3.75 in the other). Typically 5.0 is the cut off when lasik cannot be used to get correction.

I had mine done at Key Whitman. Both my sister and BIL had their eyes done there prior to my surgery. My entire experience was fantastic. It was not a "cattle call" as I have heard with some others (Booth, Tylock, etc). It was calm, they explained everything that was going to happen. I was given medicine to help relax me and I remember thinking the ride home was like floating on air (it was valium they gave me).

Dr. Whitman performed my surgery. He has been named one of the top 100 doctors in Dallas by D magazine for the last 4 years. I had been warned that with the severity of my astigmatism, there was a high probability that I would need a second surgery to get my eyesight where we'd want it to be. However, as it turned out, they got me to 20/20 in both eyes the first time! I just did my annual check up and still have perfect vision.

I paid around $4K in total. However, between glasses, prescription sunglasses, and speciality contacts, there is clear savings in the long run.

Key Whitman has offices in both Dallas and Plano (15th & Coit). I highly recommend them.

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