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Updated on December 21, 2006
C.Y. asks from Grand Rapids, MI
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I have never boarded my dog before and we are going out of town. We are new to the area and my husband selected Barrington Kennels. Does anyone know anything about them?

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answers from Chicago on

Hi C.. I have used Barrington Kennels
2 times since we moved here this year. they are
quite good--you can have them give extra time to the dog
every day--for a fee. But, it is worth it.
They are very nice, quite busy.
I have boarded dogs for many years at many places
and I am a trainer, so I look for very good kennels.

Hope this helps.



answers from Dallas on

We are fairly new to town and several people recommended Barrington Kennels to us. We've used them several times and have been pleased. The only thing is that each dog is in a 3'x5' kennel at all times, 4 times a day they go to the outside 3x5 kennel while the inside one is cleaned. The kennels are all on cement, and they only allow a sheepskin rug in the kennel, which they provide. No beds or cots. If you don't pay for play time, $3 for each play, then they never really get to run around much, especially on grass. I do think they seem pretty organized and my dog never acts like she's scared when they take her back to the kennel.
Either way, it's always hard to leave a pet behind, I shed a tear almost every time! Good Luck!



answers from Champaign on

I am not sure about Barrington Kennels, but we board our dog at Oakview Kennels and we have really been pleased with their service. They are out of Wauconda in the country. Their # is ###-###-####. Hope this helps!



answers from Chicago on

Hi Caremn,
I have not used Barrington Kennels, but have used Hogan Kennels in Volo. The owners are nice and live on the property, which I like. their number is: ###-###-####

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