Info Needed on Preschools & Kids Activities (Like Museums)

Updated on November 06, 2011
N.O. asks from Chicago, IL
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Hi NYC mamas,

A friend just moved from South Africa to NYC a month ago, with her 2 young girls (2 and 5 years old.) She's living on the upper west side (near Trump Plaza) and it is pretty intense trying to figure out the new culture, schools, weather etc.

She's finding it very difficult to get her kids into a nursery or preschool - everything seems to be full! It's possible she doesn't know all the ones in the area - can you recommend any schools around there that she might try to apply to?

Also, aside from the obvious, like the Children's Museum of Manhattan, are there are any places you can suggest she take the kids, or even get memberships to, that would be fun for them? For e.g. a arts & craft studio for kids (like Make-A-Messterpiece in the Chicago area). Coming from a warm, outdoorsy lifestyle, home with a pool, etc, in South Africa, the thought being cooped up inside a small NYC apartment with 2 young girls is a tad overwhelming...

Any help or advice would be much appreciated!

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answers from New York on

I'm no longer in NYC, but we just visited two weeks ago and went to the Transit Museum in Brooklyn - it was really cute and the kids seemed to be having fun. I've also heard that one of the upper floors of the Natural History Museum has some great interactive activities for kids. Not sure which floor - sorry! Of course, Central Park Zoo before it gets too cold. Even the Metropolitan Museum can be a fun place for kids, in small doses.

I've always heard the 92nd Street Y offers all kinds of programs. She should also check into Chelsea Piers and see what kind of programs they offer for kids.

No clue on the preschool - sorry. That's why I left! :)



answers from New York on

She should check out Play Together NYC. It's not one of those ridiculously competitive and overpriced preschool programs, and I believe they still have space.



answers from New York on

That's sounds about right re: preschool. UWS is very competitive. She might look into some enrichment classes like music or art. The YMCA is a great place to start. Also have her sign up for the big city moms email alerts. They have great info on events.
Good luck!



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This preschool has openings:
Preschool of America
Upper West Side
2109 Broadway, New York, NY 10024
[email protected]



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There is soo much to in the city do kids my sister lived in a studio apartment with her kids and she was never home to Feel cooped up. She should subscribe to time out NYC kids it tells u all the ins and outs of the city and all the free events they have every month. St. Vartans has a nice play group and park and school where my sister met a lot of other parents and friends also I would suggest joining the wwf for the central park zoo it provides free admission yearly and parking to the Bronx zoo, central park zoo, queens zoo, and Brooklyn aquarium which is great to go to in the summertime and go to the beach which your there and they also have a wonderful playground right on the beach also pick up great Russian food or hotdogs at nathans for the kids. Also the ny public library has all sorts of free events for the kids I would have her check that out. In addition their are a lot of free or discounted theatricalevents for children every week. There is too much to write here there is sook much for kids in the city. Time out NYC will definately help and don't let her kids miss when they blow up all the balloons for the thanksgiving day parade the night before in front of the natural history museum. They should find that cool! Good luck it should be fun!

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