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Updated on March 24, 2010
K.L. asks from San Jose, CA
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My husband is thinking about taking a job in Santa Monica, California. We are currently located in the San Francisco Bay Area, (CA). Does anyone live or know anyone in Santa Monica? We don't know anyone who lives in the Santa Monica area , or even anyone in southern CA for that matter! All our family is in Northern California. I love the bay area (SF) because it has parks, museums, and most important, my mom's group is here. I really rely on them for support (as well as you all on Mamapedia).

Does anyone know if Santa Monica, CA is "family friendly?" Are the schools there good? My daughter will probably start preschool next year (Fall 2011). Are there parks, zoos, children's museums, etc, etc... down there in Southern CA? I know there's Disneyland but just wondering what else there is. I'll do some internet research now as well about Santa Monica, but I was hoping to hear from anyone who actually lives there and how their "quality of life" is down there. The job is pretty hard to pass up, but we're just trying to weigh in the fact that we'll be away from family and friends, (although we can make new ones) for his new job opportunity and financial stability/possible gain. Thank you for your input!

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answers from Albuquerque on

I'm sure Santa Monica has a website like most cities. You could google it and find out about the zoo, parks, museums, city centers... As far as getting support from other moms, check out You could find a group in Santa Monica and "join it" (it's free they just close most groups to none members) and ask them about what there is to do. Let them know you are considering moving. I'm sure they would be full of knowledge.

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answers from Atlanta on

Hey There,

I am a SoCal native. Santa Monica, CA is gorgeous. There are tons of different cultural things to see and do there, with no shortage of preschools for your little girl, as well as restaurants up and down Santa Monica Boulevard for just about every palate.

This having been said, Santa Monica is at least, if not more, expensive that San Francisco, CA. Well, really, all of CA is overpriced, which is why my husband, daughters and I left CA and moved to GA. It was a definite culture shock at first, but we really do like it here now. of the highlights of Santa Monica is the pier, which is just plain cool. There is an amusement park right there that has an old-fashioned ferris wheel and lots of other stuff. There is no shortage of fascinating subjects for people watching. Real estate wise? Probably very little difference between SF and SM. I believe SM has rent control, so if you are renting in SF, maybe you might be able to find something good there, and have the rent controlled.

If you're feeling adventurous, why not take a weekend and visit?

Good luck!


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answers from San Francisco on

I grew up in the Bay Area, but moved to Los Angeles 13-years ago. I think you'll find the "Westside," and specifically Santa Monica, one of the best places to move to in Southern California. While parking may be limited, you're close to the beach, there's a ton to do in the area & it's just plain beautiful. Santa Monica has a great biking trail that starts in Malibu & goes all the way down to Venice - and lots of nearby hiking trails for the little ones. There are of course zoos, museums & parks in the area, but be very careful of driving on the freeways any time near rush hour (they don't joke about the traffic there - it's heinous)! That's actually why it's best that you live in an area that has almost everything you need nearby. Some good kid friendly places nearby - LA Zoo & surrounding parks, Kidspace Childrens Museum in Pasadena, La Brea Tar Pits, or The Grove or The Americana for outdoor shopping with kids. These would be MUCH closer to you than Disneyland, and like I said, close is good in LA traffic.

Best of luck to you in your move & if you'd like additional info, let me know!!

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answers from San Francisco on

Santa Monica is beautiful. It is very bus friendly and walkable. Parking is horrendous. The weather is very lovely most of the year. The ocean front keeps it cool on the hottest days. The beach is right there, but the SM beach is not the best one. UCLA is not far but the prices in SM keep students further east. The Promenade - an outside shopping district, is by far one of the best things. They have a wonderful weekly farmers market. SM tends to be a pretty affluent area so their schools are pretty decent as well. Check out for an idea of what some other parents think. Good luck!

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answers from Miami on

I was born and raised in Santa Monica, though I don't live there anymore. It's certainly a great town for beach lovers! I think you can access some good information online on the City of Santa Monica website. I'm a realtor and would be happy to help you find a home if you're planning to buy one.

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