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Updated on February 23, 2015
M.A. asks from Redondo Beach, CA
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Hi Moms
does anybody know a reasonable infertility place for IVF or Iui?
does Insemination have successful result or just go for IVF?? if anybody had Insemination with positive result, I will really appreciate any help.
I have my right fallopian tube blocked and I am trying to get pregnant for 14 months, I talked to infertility specialist to unblock my tube with surgery but he said he doesn't recommend to do that, he said he can do that but he doesn't recommend for me and he suggested IVF, but it is really expensive. anybody has surgery to open her tubes?? any suggestions??

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answers from Los Angeles on

Hi, Mimi:

I have a son and one on the way--both IVF. I would recommend Pacific Fertility Center in Westwood. We saw Dr. DeUgarte and she's the best b/c she doesn't push you into IVF unless you really need it. (Both of my tubes were blocked when we wanted to try for another child.) With my first son, we went to a clinic in Beverly Hills. They were very good, but I got more special attention with Dr. DeUgarte.

With one tube open, I'm pretty sure that means IUI (artificial insemination) is a viable prospect. My guess why your doctor does not want to try surgery is b/c every time you get opened up, it causes more scar tissue, which could mess you all up again. (That's what happened to me after a c-section.) But of course you should see a professional. Best of luck. S.



answers from Detroit on

Hmmm... I am not sure of your area, but I personally have had results with my clients trying to conceive.
You may want to check into Reflexology and Massage. As some women focus on wanting a child (or another baby), the stress for this goes up considerably and that too, can be a block.

I have had four clients that came in to see me have success after and that WAS their intention for the sessions.

Just a thought (and it is less money and less painful from what I hear for fertility treatments.)~

Good luck and stay positive, but focus on something else so you are not placing all your energy (and attention) on trying to concieve.
I do tell my clients to see it as it already has happened or to speak positively of the situation. (meaning not trying to be pregnant, but will be pregnant.) Allow yourself time, put the thought out there and it should come. Bodywork truly enhances this experience... at least it did for my clients and me.


answers from Louisville on

I honestly thought I would never be pregnant - I almost fainted when I got my BFP and even repeated the test 11 times (and probably won't stop being anxious until my first scan). Please don't think just because of my experience it won't work for you or you will have to go to IVF - I know lots of people who did fall pregnant on clomid (the brand name for clomiphene). Tamoxifen works in a similar way, they are both tablets you take for 5 days a month at the start of your cycle. If you have wacky periods like I did then you can use the metformin together with it as they both work in different ways. There's not a lot of evidence about metformin helping the situation - doctors really are divided on this one. What really helped me to get pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy until now is the method from and I'm so glad I found this.



answers from Los Angeles on

I think IUI is an option... but only if you're ovulating from the side that's not blocked. I wouldn't do surgery because as someone else has mentioned it could cause more scarred tissue. I think you should speak to a few different doctors and then decide. We did IUI with Dr. Mark Surrey and I'm pregnant now. I don't have blocked tubes but I was having problems ovulating regularly. He's not pushy at all. He may suggest you do IVF right away but it's completely up to you. IF he tells you that surgery should be considered he IS the best surgeon you could find. He has a few offices so one of them might be closer to you. About the cost--I know I don't blame you but they have amazing financing you can choose to do, and they're really nice about it. He's been named one of the top ten infertility specialists in the country. That's gotta say something.

I wish you luck and hope you are pregnant very very soon!



answers from Los Angeles on

If you're on the younger side (e.g., under 35) and don't want to spend a lot of money (at least not initially), or if you have insurance coverage, IUI is a good way to start. Even though you have only one open tube, the reproductive endocrinologist should be able to monitor the development of follicles in the ovary on the open side. I have several friends who have gotten pregnant via IUI. However, if you are a bit older and have the financial means, I would recommend that you go straight to IVF (if you don't choose the surgery route, of course). IUI success rates are pretty low for older women, so may not be worth the time to wait through one or more IUI cycles.



answers from Los Angeles on

My friends are currently battling the same thing, and have started acupuncture therapy to help move things along-- you might try that?

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