Infants Skin Is Dry

Updated on March 19, 2008
U.G. asks from Kent, OH
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My baby boy is 10 month old. His skin is exceptionally dry.He had Eczema for a long time.I applied the prescribed medicines and provided my home treatment and massage.Although the eczema seems to have disappeared,his skin is still very dry and no Johnson's lotion or oil seems to be helping.Are their any good dry skin products that I can use n his skin?

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So What Happened?

Thank you all!! I am gonna try all those products and see which one works for him!!

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answers from Canton on

I use Eucerin on my sons. Try either the "original" or "daily replenishing" lotions. I prefer the Daily replenshing just becuase it goes on easier.

On the face I use Eucerin "Aquaphpor" - much thicker. That keeps eczema in check for us most of the time.

Both of these were recommended by my pediatrician instead of using prescribed stuff because my sons' ezcema was not too severe.

Good luck!



answers from Cleveland on

Hi! My baby girl is 6 months old and she had the very same problem. I bathe her with Aveeno soothing body wash and use Aveeno soothing cream (not the regular lotion ~ it mentions eczema on the bottle). It really seems to work!

A friend of mine has an 11 month old with extremely dry skin. She figured out that he had a sensitivity to green veggies as well as her tap water. Just a thought.



answers from Cleveland on

See if you can get him drinking plenty of purified water. A tiny splash of raw cider vinegar makes it taste good to them. Be careful looking to juices, etc., for their fluid intake because of the sugars. Dry skin is often a first sign of dehydration. I would avoid all regular store-brand lotions and oils, since there are so many additives, many of which are harmful (yes, even Johnson's). Try plain virgin coconut oil from a health food store. I use this on my face and lips instead of lotion when it gets dried out in the winter... I even have a deodorant and a toothpaste that use it. It's plain and natural and can't possibly hurt! Plus, a little goes a long way so in the long run it's less expensive.



answers from Cleveland on

I have an 8 year old and 7 year old with extremely dry skin. The cetyl alcohol found in most creams and lotions stings their skin. I have found that if I apply Mary Kay's night emollient cream on them at nighttime, it takes away the dryness and does not sting. It has been the only thing that works for me.



answers from Cleveland on

Try Aquaphore. It is great for really dry skin. And it is recommended by pediatricians. It is made by Eucerin I believe so it is a bit expensive but I love it.



answers from Cleveland on

Try Eucerin. It's expensive, but it works well on my son's skin.



answers from New York on

My gf told my to try Cetaphil on my boy's dry skin. All three of my son's skin were so dry and nothing I would use or try would clear it up. I started bathing them in only the Cetaphil bath bar and using the lotion in the pump bottle and in 3 days their skin cleared up 100%.The bottle says it's unscented but to me it has a nice clean light scent. You find in in places like Wal-mart or the grocery store by the pharmacy.Good luck.


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