Infant with Milk Allergies

Updated on March 13, 2008
S.T. asks from Cleveland, TN
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I posted a request previously because we found out that my 2 mo. old son was allergic to milk. I did not realize that milk intolerance and allergies were so different. After doing some research and ready the responses I received I discovered how different they are. So I have eliminated all dairy and soy from my diet and we are just waiting to see what happens. If anyone has any suggestions for receipes or replacements that are dairy and soy free I would appreciate it. I should be able to slowly add soy back into my diet after the 4 weeks and see whether or not he is affected by it. Apparently the protein in milk and the protein in soy are very similar.

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So What Happened?

Thank you for all the responses! We now know that my son is allergic to milk not just intolerant of the lactose. I am eliminating all dairy and soy from my diet for the 4 weeks and hopefully I will be able to slowly add soy back as long as he does not have a reaction to it. Apparently the protein in milk and the protein in soy are very similar. Who knew!?! I found a lot of great information on if anyone is interested. There are a lot of great receipes and wonderful information concerning ingredients in packaged foods.

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I don't know the difference among milk allergy, lactose intolerance and milk intolerance, but my daughter (noww 18 months) couldn't handle milk products either. Tofuti makes GREAT cream cheese and sour cream. Rice shreds (I've been told) are great shredded cheese substitutes. I've made a veggie lasagna that was dairy-free and my dad couldn't tell the difference. Good luck!



answers from Lexington on

wow, you have to give up soy also? that is a very extreme milk intolerance. they do make a rice or veg. shred that could replace cheese. also have you tried kifer? they make a shake type drink that tastes like a strawberry drinkable yogurt. also you can substitute chicken broth for milk in some things like kraft mac and cheese, and packaged foods like that.



answers from Johnson City on

Hi S.,

My daughter had terrible food allergies as an infant and young child. The good news is, she did outgrow some of them. I found The Parent's Guide to Food Allergies to be an invaluable resource. I also use the Food Allergy Network ( They have a ton of resources: Books, recipes, groups, etc. I hope this helps.



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As was mentioned before, Rice milk is good. Also Goats milk is suppose to be the universal milk. Many baby's who are alergic to the lactose in cows milk can drink Goats milk. And for you the cheese is wonderful.



answers from Lexington on

My sons were both milk intolerant in infancy. I found that goat milk worked wonders. I could use it in recipes. I also found lots of great uses for goat cheese.

My kids had problems with Milk, but not soy. Why do you have to give up the soy as well? just curious.



answers from Nashville on

I have 3 children and my middle child has a dairy intolerance, while my youngest has a dairy and soy intolerance. I nursed both successfully by eliminating those foods, though for the first month it was more difficult than it is now. After awhile, you really just don't crave the same foods. Advice: Rice milk is good on cereal but not a great drink! I buy Rice Dream Enriched Vanilla flavor. You can find it now in most grocery stores (they've come a long way since I first had to buy it!).

Personally, I HIGHLY recommend that you NOT add the product back into your diet until your son is on solids - just because it takes so much longer to get out of his system when he is strictly breastfed, and if there is still a problem with the food intolerance, you will both suffer much longer the earlier you try! Also, too much soy can contribute to raised levels of estrogen (which encourages cancer growth), so you really don't want to ingest too much of it anyway.

Okay, that is my 2 cents. :)

Sorry this is so lengthy! I have been thru this issue so much more successfully than many others I have talked with, and there is not much support for it! So many moms just put their kids on formula at the first sign of a dietary restriction! Good for you for hanging in there!




answers from Jackson on

Have you tried Goats milk, or Rice milk? These are good alternatives. Also something like ensure may be an option. I am sure the ensure company has reciepes and shakes;give these a try.....who knows maybe you will write a book/cookbook!!!

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