Infant/toddler Carriers Front and Back Facing

Updated on April 23, 2011
T.R. asks from Claremore, OK
6 answers

I'm looking at infant/toddler carriers and wanted some experience...

the one I'm looking at the baby always faces parent, baby can ride in front or behind parent but not face out. I like how it looks, how much support it has for baby and mama, But is it ok to have your older baby or toddler riding behind you? Is it comfortable? How does this style compare to the one where baby is always in front and can face either way?

What style carrier do you recommend the most?

Thanks so much for all the advice!

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answers from San Francisco on

With my 4 children..I finally FOUND one (with my 4th child) that I's the Moby. I have bad back problems after my 1st child was born. I've tried the regular carriers and they hurt my back and didn't seem comfortable. I could use it for front or facing or you facing your baby. My husband has tried the backpack carrier for our toddler. I'm not quite sure of the brand because it was a second hand item...I don't like it just because I'm a 5" women and it looks like it weighs me down and back would hurt. I've used the Moby for my 10 mth old AND my 2.5 year old. You can also adjust it to your fitting...and that seems to work for me. So..I vote for the Moby. Good luck! :)



answers from Miami on

hi timberose.
loved my ergo!!!!! it faced front or on the back as well. It was healthy for the growth of his leg area...more than the baby bjorn....
hth. jilly



answers from Washington DC on

My friends have an Ergo, which in retrospect is what I would have bought had I known. It's versatile and can carry their baby front, back or on the side. I have a backpack carrier for DD now that she's too big for the Bjorn. She loved to be snuggled facing me as a newborn, but as an older baby she wanted to see out.



answers from Birmingham on

Ergo is #1 in my book. 2nd best would olives and applesause which is the same style as ergo. Both are a bit pricey, but soooooo worth it. My toddler is 2 and he is a tall boy, he weights 41 lbs and I still carry him in it when I have long grocery store shopping to do or if we are out and he just gets tired and my back never hurts. I personally like carriers that can be used front or rear facing. Good luck.....


answers from San Francisco on

I love my Ergo Baby Carrier. That one you can carry them on your back. You can carry them in the front but they just can't forward face. Supposedly now with it you can even side carry. I love this one because of the back support. When I was a first time mom I had the Baby Bjorn. Terrible idea! That doesn't support your back at all! My husband though has the Infantino baby carrier where he can forward face. He likes the back support on that one. I hope this helps.



answers from Boston on

The carrier you're describing sounds a lot like the Ergo. It's a very good, comfortable carrier for both you and the baby. I carried my son in it on my front starting at around 4-5 months and now still use it often, carrying him on my back all the time(16 mo.)'s VERY comfortable and my son loves it.

The one thing I did not like is that the baby can't face out, once he was holding his head up as an infant I felt like he preferred to face out and see the world. Luckily, a friend let me borrow a Baby Bjorn carrier, I found this carrier to be the best for the first 3-4 months, after that he started to get too heavy and the Ergo was much better, especially on my back and shoulders.

If there's a carrier out there that's designed like the Ergo but allows the baby to face in or out on the front, that's the way I'd go.

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