Infant Swim Suit?

Updated on March 30, 2011
S.G. asks from Pottstown, PA
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We are going to Great Wolf Lodge this weekend. This is not our first time, but will be the first time with an infant (10 mos). And unfortunately we are only staying 1 night. So those of you who have been there before know how much of a pain it is because of the late check-in time and early check-out time...and basically having to haul all of your stuff into the waterpark. But that is neither here nor there...

My question, is what should I do for my infant son? Do I spend the money to get him a swim suit that he will outgrow by summertime anyway? Or can I get away with just putting him in a onesie to "swim" in? Any mamas have any suggestions to solve this dilemma?

And I'll also take any advice or tips from those who have gone to GWL with an infant. I feel like I am packing the whole house for just 1 night!

Thanks in advance!!! :)

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So What Happened?

I opted to go the swim diaper and tshirt route. Worked great. And he had a blast!!! I have a little froggie on my hands. Should be a fun summer at the pool with this lil guy.

Thanks for all the advice!

PS - I came home from our trip to find Grandma went shopping over the weekend and bought him swim trunks...looks like I have my summer dilemma already solved for me! ;)

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answers from Dallas on

Ditto on the swim diaper.

If you see a swimsuit and rash guard for a good price, I would just buy that in a 12-18 months. Its ok if it is too big now - they have a draw string and/or you can roll the band over.

When my son was 12 months, I bought 18-24 month swim trunks for him because they were on sale and had a matching rash guard. He wore them two summers in a row and looked super cute the first summer in his giant bathing suit.

You could also borrow a swim suit...

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answers from Dallas on

I would just grab a swim diaper and a pair of shorts. :)

EDIT: FYI when we were there (Grapevine TX) they closed the infant/baby area about four times in two days for infant accidents - the swim diaper is a MUST;)

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answers from Sacramento on

Just put him in a swim diaper and a swim shirt. No trunks needed (although they ARE pretty cute) :)

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answers from Dover on

I would get him a pair of swim trunks, maybe a little big with a draw string. Be sure you have swim diapers for him.

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answers from Chicago on

My suggestion is buy him a sunshirt/rash guard for the summertime - it won't be THAT huge on him, but will cover him to help keep him warm in the water now and use a swim diaper. You can buy the matching swimtrunks now for the summer too, but they may just slide off him. So perhaps skip using them on this trip, but use them in the summer to protect him from the sun.

I think JC Penney already has there summer suits out. Old Navy does not. Lands End has WONDERFUL swimwear that I really trust to last all summer, not stretch too much and really protect in the sun - which I view as ESSENTIAL for babies especially. The are more expensive tho.

And as for packing, less is more, esp for one night!

You can ask the hotel to keep your bag or just leave the biggest bag IN the car. We bring in a big "swim bag" with our pool essentials - swim diapers, suits for everyone and a coverup/big sweatshirt for the baby. When we are getting ready to leave, my husband checks us into the hotel, brings up the bag while I slowly get the baby ready and start heading towards the room.

That way HE takes the luggage up and is waiting there for us with the pack n play set up too!

Have fun!

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answers from Dallas on

Ditto the swim diaper.

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answers from Norfolk on

Considering the chlorine and how sensitive a baby s skin can be, I'd keep him out of any pool till he was older. But that's just me.

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answers from Toledo on

I've always just done a onesie until they're walking. Its just easier to hold onto a wet baby when they have something other than their skin. Plus, swim suits are a PITA to get on and off of another person, especially when you can't tell him "pull your arm out," etc. Plus, the onesie dries super quick, unlike a swim suit.

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answers from Milwaukee on

Maybe just a swim diaper?

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answers from Saginaw on

I'm going to the GWL this weekend too and also just for one night. :) Never been and kinda excited.

I would just use a swim diaper also. And I think if its one night try to remember you don't need everything. Just bring the basic necessities. Pack N play, food and diapers. Good luck and have fun!

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answers from Fort Wayne on

We just went the GWL in Sandusky. All the babies were wearing swim suits and swim diapers. You HAVE to have swim diapers. I would buy him a pair of trunks that are a little big so they'll fit him the whole summer. I always buy stuff like that just a little big.

Honestly, I would recommend finding a sitter for the little guy. At 10 months, he's likely to be very overwhelmed by all the noises and people. We took my daughter to Kalahari (an indoor waterpark similar to GWL) last year. It was a disaster. She cried almost the whole time. She didn't have any fun. It was so much work for my husband and I too. We went to GWL this year (the one is Sandusky is tiny) and it was MUCH better. My girls are 4 and 20 months now and they were able to have a lot more fun. 10 months is just too young, IMO.

This is what we did: We ordered pizza from Pizza Hut for dinner the night before we left. We opted to eat at the restaurant for brunch. We made sure we filled up! Then we stayed at the water park till roughly 4:00. We ate cold pizza in the car before we left. It saved us money on food.

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answers from Detroit on

Swim diaper and maybe some shorts. or even a onesie..

have fun--

we went 2 yrs ago... and our daughter was 1.5 kind of a waste of money when they are that young. i think mom n dad had more fun then the kids..

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answers from Boston on

Just put him in a swim diaper. I never put trunks over them

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answers from Oklahoma City on

My daughter wore her infant swim suit until she was 4...once the diaper was gone it fit her again and she just got taller. Our boy has his little one too.

I say just put him in a little swimmer and go for it.

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