Infant Socks!

Updated on November 28, 2012
A.F. asks from Bellmore, NY
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This is a silly question but can anyone recommend infant socks that actually stay on baby feet? I bought size 0-6 months and they constantly fall off. The crew socks are the worse! Thank you.

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So What Happened?

Nothing happened yet but thank you for the advice. I think I have the socks one mom mentioned that fold over with a little decal like a frog or something. They worked the best. I will try the other stores recommended. A friend of mine loves Robeez and Pedipeds shoes. I didn't know they made socks too. Maybe I will try them. The Trumpette socks I looked up to me are too expensive. A few of my daughter's newborn pajamas or clothes came with socks that look similar to Trumpette. They look like ballet slippers and socks with shoes. I put them on to try them and they still fell off!

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answers from New York on

Socks for infants are tough- Carter's has a new version out that actually have worked pretty well for my son. They are not the "roll down" kind and they have good elastic around the top so they stay on even with walking and running around.

They came 3 pairs per pack and were pretty reasonable. Otherwise, this is a great time of year for "stretchies" and footed jammies!

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answers from New York on

2 things to try! One is Robeez - so cute and will keep little toes warm with sicks underneath. Pedipeds are similar.

Also, Hannah Andersson makes very cute moccasins. They stay on.



answers from Rochester on

Someone gave us Puma brand socks and they worked great. The crew style socks worked well for us, so I'm not sure what else to offer to try.



answers from Dallas on

These are what I bought for my daughter when she was that age and we had no problem with them falling off. I was so glad that they are still available to show you, lol...good luck!



answers from New York on

There is only one easily available brand that stays on. Trust me, my son was a wiggler!! Carter's. But not all the Carters socks stay on. You have to get the kind what fold over and have a little ribbon type thing visible when you fold them over and also a little decal picture right above the ribbon that goes around the ankle. I an sorry I don't know the name of the sock but you will see them in the store. The ones that are like booties will fall right off.



answers from Syracuse on

I am an Old navy lover for all baby clothes. They sell packs of Newborn socks that are 0-3 months, i never had any problem with these, and it's Old Navy, so they are reasonable priced. Once they get older they have turncuff socks with teh grips, these are great too.



answers from Portland on

Ugh. Brilliant question. I went on a sock hunt earlier this year since I was spending way too much time putting her socks back on her little feet. (I actually wrote about it here:

I found for my daughter's feet, Gap socks worked perfectly. She has narrow, long feet. Let us know what worked. :)



answers from New York on

try children's place too.. they are good. don't buy them from walmart or target.. they don't stay on as well.. good luck.. enjoy the baby time.



answers from New York on

yes! the absolutely adorable and completely overpriced little shoe looking socks by trumpette. you can find them lots of places, google trumpette socks.



answers from Dallas on

I second Deb's advice about Trumette socks. They are adorable, overpriced and work great!



answers from Atlanta on

I love Star Socks! They are new to the market. Designed by a mom with the same problem. They have some unique features and still look like a normal sock! You can get them on the Facebook page, And for only $4, they are a deal!

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