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Updated on May 04, 2010
V.B. asks from Mesa, AZ
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What is your favorite type of baby sling? I'm not really looking for a front pack (baby bjorn style) more like the slings that cradle the baby. I don't really want one that I have to learn how to wrap around me, unless it is WAY EASY to use. Does anyone have a favorite and where did you get it? (FYI my daughter is 3 wks, so I'm looking for something for an infant, but it would be great if it worked for a while)
I've looked at the HugAMonkey ones, has anyone used one of those?

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answers from Phoenix on

I know you are looking for more of a sling, but I have an Ergo and I love it! It has an infant insert that can be used early on, but it can hold up to 30-40 pounds which means it can last for a couple years instead of just a few months. I have a 14 month old and we still use it! It can be used on the front side or back. For a front carrier its great because they face inward and can just snuggle with you. My son would fall alseep right away and the my back never got sore. Good luck finding something you like!



answers from Phoenix on

Just to throw in that Infantino just had a recall on some of their slings due to infant deaths while being carried in the sling. Here is the recall notice:
In these it seems like the positioning of the very young seems to restrict the airways.....


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answers from Phoenix on

Hi! My husband knows a business associate who has a local company called Sunshine Baby Slings. The web site is and the phone number is ###-###-####. My kids are 10 & 8, so I have not used the sling (we did the Baby Bjorn), but I hope this helps in your decision making.



answers from Phoenix on

I love my moby wrap and it really wasn't difficult to learn to tie. Their website has videos and tutorials to help you. I love that you can use it from the newborn stage all the way to toddler age. I have found this is the most comfortable for me to wear and my baby is snug and supported. I would suggest borrowing several different carriers from friends to find what works best for you before purchasing. Best of luck!



answers from Yuma on

Wrap n Wear. They have a website. It is a wrap but is VERY EASY to use. I have used mine since my daughter was a newborn. It comes with a DVD that explains a bunch of different holds from infant to toddler.



answers from Bloomington on

i have used and made many slings and baby carriers. my favorite by far is my mei tai carrier. but that's not a sling...

i made a great t shirt carrier out of two t shirts. i cut off the sleeves and shoulders so it is just a big loop, then to wear it loop one over each shoulder and snuggle the baby in. super easy to make, and it's really really comfy. great for naps, nursing, carrying, walks... etc. the reason it's sooooo great is it really spreads out the weight evenly on both shoulders and across the back.



answers from Washington DC on

I've used several slings as I've worked as a nanny and I have NEVER found one I was comfortable with! I felt like they don't really support the baby and I still needed to hold the baby so it didn't really free my hands up at all. I also don't like how the fabric covers the baby. One of the leading causes of SIDS is rebreathing and I just feel like there isn't enough air circulation in the sling.

However, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the front carriers and used mine with my son until he was 8 months old.



answers from Phoenix on

I LOVE slinglings. They are like the peanut shell and hot slings, but you enter your measurements and they fit you perfectly! My son loved it. He is 38 pounds so he is too big, but he loves to sleep with it as a blanket. He was really attached. Good luck to you.



answers from Nashville on

To fit those criteria, I recommend a hotsling. It is not as comfortable as a two-shoulder pack type, and you won't be able to use it as long, but it was easy and handy and I did like it. I had or tried a few others too, and they are all good for different things. A good compromise to get longer use out of one and be more comfortable would be a mei tai. Not bulky like most packs but it is two shouldered. It is nothing like a Baby Bjorn, those are really uncomfortable to me. I got my hotsling at a maternity clothes boutique, but I believe they carry them at Target now too. They were the same price at the boutique though, and they were able to help fit me. I went online to hotslings website and did the find a retailer thing. The mei tai I used was just a borrow situation, so I don't know where to buy those. You should be able to find either of them somewhere in Phoenix, I am sure. You could google babywearing Phoenix retailers or something like that.

In response to the other post, yes certain types of baby slings were recalled and are dangerous. Babywearers have been pushing for the recall of that type of sling for years. I read this article a long time ago when looking at slings, and I was so glad to see the bag slings get recalled. It explains the difference between the recalled type and a hotsling/peanut shell pouch type pretty well. The reason for the recall was that baby's head gets forced down toward their chest in the bag sling, cutting off their airway and they suffocate. A pouch sling positions baby differently. Personally, I will still use my slings with my next baby, as far as the information goes right now that is out there. I will check again before I use one since that is likely to be a few years. But what I have read currently makes me feel they are ok. The top link is the article, the bottom is a great resource for info on babywearing in general. Babywearing is something that should be done with a little bit of knowledge and safety should be kept in mind. You don't just stuff baby in a pouch and go.

You should see if there is a babywearers group in your area. Check yahoo groups and They can be a great resource for learning the benefits and proper ways to wear baby, and sometimes you can try on other mom's slings and get a feel for them before you buy.



answers from Honolulu on

Baby slings, in a recent study, was found to be harmful for a baby... they do not have the structural strength to hold themselves up... or to be in that position for long periods, per their skeletal structure. But it is still debatable.

Here is a link about it:

You can also research it online... "dangers of baby slings"

all the best,



answers from Albuquerque on

I have 3 kiddos and have used my Beanababy sling with all three! You can get it from and it will fit your little one for quite a while. My youngest is 9 months and she loves it. I used it with my middle little guy untill he was 11/2...good luck and I hope you find one that you are happy with!



answers from Flagstaff on

I tried a sling (one-shoulder) carrier, but switched soon afterward to a mei tei. I found the mei tei much more comfortable than a sling - I could comfortable carry my baby for hours. It is not as complicated as a wrap - quicker to put on. I have a wrap too, but haven't used it enough to get a comfortable tie every time.



answers from Phoenix on

If you get a cradling sling, make sure you check the safety - some of those slings have been recalled lately. Having baby upright in a sling is much safer than a reclining-type.

I loved my Moby - it is a wrap-around but probably the easiest to use. You can see them at "Baby, Mother and More" in Mesa (if you're local) or at other breastfeeding shops.

A friend of mine swears by her Bjorn, and I know that they're quite popular.


answers from Barnstable on

I teach babywearing for doulas and breastfeeding centers. By far, Babyhawk and Moby Wrap and the most loved ones. I travel with my Babyhawk and it is always in my car!




answers from Phoenix on

I have a HugAMonkey and love it, but I only started using it when my daughter was 11 months old. It's super-easy to put on and she loves to sit on my hip in it.
I had an Infantino sling, which I used once and wasn't comfortable having the baby in it because it felt like she didn't have enough breathing room, and they've subsequently been recalled due to suffocation issues.
I always used my Baby Bjorn with her, starting at about 3 weeks, and use it to this day when shopping. It's really comfortable, easy and quick to adjust so my husband and I can switch off, my daughter loved it as an infant and still loves it now and I always felt like she had plenty of room to breath in it.
Hope this helps!



answers from Houston on

Baby slings are not the culprit, improper fit and use are the problems a previous user mentioned. Just like any piece of baby equipment, it must be used in the proper manner. There are just as many studies showing that front carriers are bad for baby joints.

I used a Slingling when my baby was tiny, but didn't love the way it restricted movment in one of my arms. But it was super easy to put on, get the baby in, and rolled up super small in the diaper bag. Even after I moved to other carriers for regular use, this is the one I kept in the bag for quick trips into the grocery store and for a back-up. I even sprained my ankle and fell once while walking with her sleeping in it...she never even woke up.

When she got just a bit bigger, I moved to a Moby Wrap. It looks more complicated than it really is. I used this for more than a year and then she got a bit too long for a front carry to be comfortable...I never did master a back carry with the Moby. It can be a little warm in the summer, but not any more than anything else.

Then, I moved to a buckle-type Mei Tai carrier called a Calyx made by Mama by Design. I primarily used it as a backpack carrier and it has been fantastic. It worked great for airports, shopping trips, when my daughter just wanted to be held when I had chores to do. My daughter still falls within the weight limits and I keep it handy just in case.

Whatever you decide, carefully read the instructions and follow them. Get some outside help. Maybe Google "babywearers association" and see if there is a group in your area. Those women are experts and will have many types and brands to let you try on.



answers from Phoenix on

I LOVED my peanut shell! I bought mine at Babies R Us, they also sell it at target. It fits the baby like a sling, like you are looking for, and cradles the baby as a newborn. It can be used three other ways as your baby grows. I also didn't want to learn how to use one of the wrap ones, and the peanut shell is so easy.

They come in several sizes, even for a plus size momma like me.

Hope you find what you are looking for! :) And congrats on your new little one!



answers from Houston on

I had a Peanut Shell one. They sell them at Target. Very easy to use and versatile enough that it can be used in different ways as the child gets older (but, you don't have to tie it.....just learn the different ways to position the child). There are even instruction videos out on Youtube for this thing! Worked well for me, although I really liked my Baby Bjorn (other than the size of it.....not easy to throw into a diaper bag). I had both and used them for different things. Good luck and congrats on the new baby!



answers from Hartford on

i like sleepy wrap and urgo

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