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Updated on April 20, 2010
M.R. asks from Draper, UT
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Do you have to ask a doctor if you change your newborns formula?? I know he is having problems with reg formula, and i hve been told by others to switch to soy based, or lactose free formula. How safe is it to just switch?

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answers from Salt Lake City on

If it was just changing brands, I'd say you don't need to talk to the doctor. However, if you're changing from regular to something else, like soy or lactose free, I would definitely talk to the doctor first. You don't know what is causing the irritability and playing around could make things worse. It could be something as simple as the iron (my daughter had a really hard time with the iron, but did fine on "low iron" formula), or it could be lactose intollerance, difficult-to-digest proteins, or something totally unrelated to the formula.



answers from Denver on

It is fine to change until you find one that works for the baby. Just keep in mind that you want to give each formula several days to see if it helps, switching constantly will only make the problem worse. You may find that you don't need soy-based or lactose-free at all, just a different brand of regular formula.

Good luck!

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answers from Boise on


You need to do some research on soy before you switch.

I used soy formula back 12 yrs ago. My child started getting ill at around 2 and is still ill at 13. She has hyperthyroidism and arthritis.

Soy is estrogenic and can mess up the thyroid. It depletes magnesium, which can cause hypocalcemia (arthritis) hypocalcemia (renal problems (which my DD had at 3.)

Also because Formulas are already highly saturated with Iron and vit D, do not add any more in supplements. They will cause disease.
There is data all ove rthe web to support this. If you need help finding links to support this, let me know.

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answers from Salt Lake City on

I've never had to switch to a soy based formula but I was told by our pediatrician that it can be a tough switch. I wouldn't do it without talking to my doc first. What if the switch is unnecessary? What if it doesn't go well? Sure advice from other moms is great but I feel the pediatrician might just know more and have more experience and knowledge about it.

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answers from Denver on

I wouldn't change without talking to your doc... also be careful with Soy and children. Study up on the subject... there are lots of questions being raised about too much soy in kids diets!
I would try a more gentle regular formula if you have not already. They are more pricey but worth it.
As their tummies get stronger you can always switch back.
Good luck

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answers from Redding on

It depends on what problems your baby is having and whether or not they are truly related to the formula.
I think for this reason, it would be a good idea to talk to your pediatrician before switching.
Your baby is a newborn and everytime you switch formulas, it's something new for their digestive systems to become accustomed to and again, you could be causing more tummy upset by the switching.
I would definitely talk to your doctor first so you can detail what you believe to be problems and go from there.

Best wishes! Congratulations on your new baby!



answers from Washington DC on

No you don't need to ask a doctor to switch and it is perfectly safe to switch to see which formula he is better on.



answers from Providence on

I switched without checking from enfamil to nutramigen.had no problems told my pediatrition at his next visit and the only thing she said was she would of had me try the soy first but the nutramigen worked so I have stuck with it with no problems.



answers from Nashville on

I would also ask if it were me. You certainly don't have to, but they can give you good advice based on what is going on. A lot of time people assume lactose intolerance or something, and that isn't what is going on. One thing to avoid though is a lot of switching around between different brands. The doctor can tell you how soon you should expect to see improvement also, so you know if you need to wait a little longer or not. One mom I knew switched every week or so trying to find one that didn't make her son spit up, and it wreaked havoc on his system, and he was only spitting up normal amounts and didn't even need to be switched in the first place. It's always a good idea to get a doctors advice on stuff like that.


answers from Fort Collins on

You don't have to ask. I would do the change gradually....mix it with his current formula for a couple of days, gradually decreasing the amount of the old formula and increasing the amount of the new formula. That will be more gentle on his system. Of course, if he is having serious problems you should consult a dr, but if it isn't bad you could probably just let your dr know at your next visit.



answers from Denver on

You can try different formulas if you want to - you don't need your doctor's permission to do that. But, I would tell the doctor about the problems your baby is having and see if they have any recommendations about which type of formula might be the best to try.

My older son turned out to be lactose intolerant and we tried several different kinds of formula before finding one that worked for him. We probably tried 4 different kinds in just a month or two, but I did let his doctor (or at least the nurse) what kind we were trying. Our doctor had a pattern they wanted us to try the new formula's in - I can't remember now, but they wanted us to go from one regular to another regular first, then try lactose free of different brands, then soy, etc because of the different kinds of nutrients and things that are in each type of formula.

It seemed like forever that my son was hysterical when he ate and we were all miserable, but looking back it wasn't more than a few months total. So, hang in there! You'll get him on the right formular soon.



answers from Los Angeles on

You don't need permission, but formula isn't cheap which is why it may be a good idea to ask. My pediatrician gave us free samples of formula to try.



answers from Atlanta on

I've had two on formula and I've never asked about switching it. I switched my last from dairy to soy-based formula and never asked. Neither of them have ever had any problems.



answers from Denver on

Alumentum? (s/p) is a really good formula for babies that have a hard time with normal formula.


answers from Denver on

Babies can spit up a lot on a switch, but we have switched with no other issues. If you baby has allergies that need to be monitored or was a preemie or had other issues, you may want to ask. You may also want to have him or her checked for lactose intolerance (this can be confirmed or ruled out).

Otherwise, if it were me, I'd try the soy and if it was about the same, I'd probably switch back.

What problems is your baby having? How old is your baby? All my babies spit up A LOT no matter what until they were about 6 months old.



answers from Madison on

Probably a good idea to check with your pediatrician if your baby is having problems. Certain special formulas are for certain problems. Your doctor would be best to get a suggestion from.

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