Infant Failed Hearing Test

Updated on December 29, 2009
A.R. asks from Knoxville, TN
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My sister's eight week old baby failed his hearing test. Anyone else have this happen? I am worried about him and just want him to be healthy. I tried to get him to responed to noise but he really was more interested in falling asleep on me repeatedly (which of course I didn't mind since I drove 600 miles to see him). He appeared to responed to singing and he would smile when I would talk to him while he was starting to fall asleep.

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So What Happened?

He is hearing just fine now. The doc said it is likely he just had fluid in his ears.

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Not being able to hear, does not make him not healthy. Many children and adults lead full lives even if they are deaf. He may have responded to the vibration of your chest when laying against you. Stay positive and if he does turn out to be deaf, learn sign language. He can eat, breath, are blessed. God bless.

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answers from Charlotte on

My daughter failed her test too, the first time. They will do it again. And even IF the child doesn't hear perfectly, he will be able to have a great life anyway. I know, my sister is deaf.

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I understand how you feel. My daughter is 5 months old now and she failed her newborn hearing screen when she was in the hospital. We've been to an audiologist and an ear/nose/throat dr. She appears to be hearing things very well right now. Keep talking to him and giving things to him that would stimulate his hearing. We were told with our daughter that there could have still been fluid build up in her ears which could cause sounds not to be getting into her ears. I hope all works out for you, your sister and her baby.



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Hi A.,
My daughter failed her hearing test at the hospital and then passed it a few weeks later. There are a lot of things that impact pass/fail for the hearing test: the person giving the test, how quiet the room is, whether or not the baby is awake/asleep, if the baby still has junk in its ear from being born, etc. It kind of freaked me out when our daughter didn't pass the test. The pediatrician was very calm about it at the 3 day visit and said not to worry, a lot of babies fail the test for one reason or another. In our area, you can get a free evaluation from the school for the deaf (our pediatrician seemed much more inclined for us to take our daughter there rather than the people who evaluate the hearing at the hospital). Best of luck to your sister and her baby! And don't worry, either way, I'm sure her baby is wonderful!!



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Did he fail it in the hospital or at 8 weeks?. my daughter failed hers at the hospital they said that its really common. now shes super sensitive and hates loud noises lol



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hi, your sis should go straight to and ear,nose,and throat (ENT) right away. if there is a problem they will know where to go from here. god bless, mom of 7, R.



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My daughter failed a hearing test at the hospital after she was born. The nurse explained to me that sometimes it happens when the test is not done properly (too much interference from other sources). They re-tested her a day later and she was fine.

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