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Updated on October 04, 2007
R.J. asks from Chandler, AZ
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I was just wondering...(((( please read the question ))))

How long did you use your infant carriers?

My daughter is 10 months, will be walking in a few months and she weighs 18 lbs.


I want to use a carrier for hiking and I am thinking of buying a child carrier.

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So What Happened?

Here is what I decided to do. I have a Jeep carrier that I do not like at all and I was considering buying the Bjorn Active. Since my daughter will be walking soon and my primary goal was to find a product that would last a few years and be useful for hiking, I researched child carriers. Consumer reports found that the Evenflo Cross Country was the best and the next in line was a Chicco. I visited Babies R Us, tried them both on and wasn't pleased. The Evenflo was entirely to long for my torso-I am 5'3 and the Chicco wasn't designed to keep my daughter from kicking me and trying to be baby Houdini. I researched the ERGOBABYCARRIER.COM a bit more and found that it looked like what I wanted. I found 2 stores in Arizona that carry the product and went to visit Jenny at Every Baby and Child in Mesa. (see her posting below) I tried the Ergo on and I was sold. I bought one and the backpack attachment and hip pocket attachment. I got home and immediately put my daughter in the pack and walked to the mailbox. She was bouncing up and down laughing the whole way. So far, I am really pleased with the ERGO and I would recommend this over any infant carrier you could buy in any major retail facility. Check it out before buying a snugli or bjorn.

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Hi R.,

We have a Bjorn Carrier Active that we used for everyday stuff until my daughter was close to a year and started walking. We probably used it more than we used our stroller(s). It never once bothered our backs and my husband is 6’1” 185 lbs. and I am 5’2” 113 lbs., so there is quite a height and weight difference and it was comfortable and easy for us to adjust. My daughter was also pretty small at 18 lbs. 2 oz. at her 1 yr. check up. To take its place, we purchased a Deuter Kid Comfort II Kid Carrier backpack that we absolutely love!!!!! It distributes all of the weight to your hips and absolutely none to your back and shoulders. It adjusts perfectly for both myself and my husband as well and was worth every penny. I believe the maximum weight on it if 45 lbs. Good luck :o) !

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Hi R., while I've never used a carrier, my brother and his wife got a Bjorn and they love it. It's comfortable on baby and Mommy and Daddy. Good luck :)



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Hi R., I have a beautiful hiking back pack that I've used once. I do love it! It's from REI and it's a Sherpani--color is Lavender! If you're interested, I'd let it go for a reasonable price. Not sure where you live, but you could email me at if you're interested!



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Hi R.,

I have a Snugglie & a Bjorn with my first two kids and like your JEEP they all hurt my back after a 1/2 hour or so. I have a new ERGO Baby Carrier for this baby (now 25 pounds) and I LOVE IT!!! Most of her weight is supported by the large waist strap she sits on top of, so there isn't too much on my back. The shoulder straps are crazy comfy compared to others I've tried. You can try an ERGO at Every Mother & Child in Mesa ###-###-####. (i sell them too.) *grin*

Any other ERGO fans out there?

Good Luck choosing - J.



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Hi R....

Here's what I plan on using for our baby with hiking and traveling- - You can carry up to 55lbs (not that you would want to do that, but just in case!) The only issue I have with the Bjorn's is that they carry the baby by the crotch- and I don't know about you, but I'd rather be in a seated position (better for hip development, etc.) than to be hanging by my crotch. Also, some baby's have issues with circulation in their legs because of the way they are held in the Bjorn's. The Ergo can be worn with a front carry or a back carry (great for hiking)- and the baby stays in a seated position- it even has a little hoodie for putting over baby's head if they fall asleep or just need a little privacy. I've already got mine- and the padding for the shoulders and waist belt are identical to my pack that I use when doing "big" hikes (Grand Canyon, etc...)- I know the support is better and a lot easier on your back and shoulders.

Ok, that's just my 2 cents- I'm not a fan of the Bjorn's too much, I think there are better alternatives- especially as your baby gets bigger. I think the Ergo would let you continue to do hikes with your daughter on your back for quite awhile- much past what other carriers will hold.

Here are a few other options...
However, I do believe for hiking, etc... the Ergo is the best!!! ;)



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I believe we used ours about 9mos because my kids are big and tall! But I just carried them at that age because it was way easier than lugging that entire thing around! I only carried them in it as an infant when they could not hold their head up.

OK I am sorry i thought you were talking about like the car seat! Sorry I can't seem to erase my response so I thought I would add to it since you may be thinking I make no sense!

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